Christie Brinkley Never Had So Much Fun Breaking A Bone On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

– How are you feeling, first
of all, from your fall? – I’m doing really well. It’s annoying, it’s my right hand. Where they did the surgery under here, I kept thinking my cast
has like a boulder in it, but it’s my arm is actually kind of got a boulder in it right there right now, so it’s uncomfortable, but it’s temporary. In another month I’ll have it off. – Oh my gosh.
– And so I can’t complain. (audience applause) – It’s so funny that it’s
like random when you get hurt. You’re just like, “Really?” I always wanna make up a
story like I saved a baby. (audience laughs)
I escaped a shark. – I never had so much fun
actually breaking a bone before. (laughing)
– Then you’ve never been the proper amount of drunk.
(laughing) I’m just kidding, I
don’t advocate alcohol. I’m just kidding, okay go ‘head. – No, but I mean I was dancing with Val, who’s so much fun and it
was actually the last time that I was gonna be doing the. “Uptown Girl” was gonna be my first dance. – Aww.
– And we had been practicing the rumba and at the very
end of the day he goes, “You know what, just one for good measure “’cause tomorrow we do
blocking and stuff like that.” He said, “So let’s just run
through one more ‘Uptown Girl’.” And it was at that point
that I started the song and I was just walking by and
I caught my heel of my shoe and I fell down exactly wrong. Like I just landed exactly wrong on my arm and the second it happened I was like, (sighs) “Oh no, I think I broke it. “I know I broke it.”

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  1. To this day Christie Brinkley and Cindy Crawford are still my favorite supermodels. They've aged gracefully & are still knockouts.

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