CHRISTMAS and NEWYEAR’S EVE celebration outfit ideas

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel here is Mamelo Finally the end of the year the holidays are coming up and it is not only the most wonderful time of the year But also the time that makes you stressing over what to wear That’s why today I’m going to show you guys some outfit ideas that I think could makes some differences this year first of all, say hi to sequin The top is from urban outfitters. I’m really obsessed with the neck detail and also the color It pairs so well with the second mini dress that I thrifted and also the thrifted blazer Let’s go to the disco party in the 1970 The second outfit could look somehow more formal but also more sexy With the same thrifted blazer and the thrifted corset from Orsay that I bought for like 5 euros or something. I’ve received a lot of compliments on that But the exactly item that I’m in love with is this corduroy pants from JustCavalli or Cavalli to finish the look is this pair of boot from the lost ink Damn I look like a successful business woman We have already had sequin so why not cleopard pattern pairing with another black corset Mini dress and these pair of boot from Topshop When you like piercing you don’t want to get hurt It’s so funny for me that those animals were patterns like cheetah or leopard to hide themselves Into the environment, but we as human decided to wear those to stand out I would say this outfit is an experiment I always feel that long dress made my legs much more shorter, even when I wear heels cause I’m only 5 feet one, you know, so I decided to pair this very markable folding black long dress from the lost ink with a super chunky pair of sneaker from buffalo and This chinese inspired backpack somehow I got from my grandma Lunar New Year’s coming too you guys The last outfit is very simple but also effective I think The top comes from Collusion, I guess in French there’s a word for that Cache-cœur or something like that, I guess The wide neck detail doesn’t show
a lot here because actually my boobs are awkwardly far from each other But that somehow is an advantage That it makes me feel least weird when I wear something will super low cut Also, I’m sorry that I didn’t have the time to iron the pants So that is for today’s video Actually, this is the first time I’ve ever done a vlog, so I was a little bit worried But I hope you guys enjoy it don’t forget to hit like and subcribe and also follow my Instagram. Love you guys Bye bye

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