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Top of the morning, lads and lassies, and
welcome to top fifteen things you’ll only see in Ireland! I love everything about Ireland
– Taytos, Guinness, the Toy Show, thanking the bus driver, leaving on the immersion,
being afraid of a wooden spoon, GAA, flat 7-Up, the bog, the homelessness crisis, Mrs.
Brown’s Boys, evictions, Leo Varadkar, Rory’s Stories, and of course, tins of Roses at Christmas
time! You wanna know what’s worse than opening a Roses tin and finding a sewing kit inside? Opening a Roses tin and finding the chocolates inside. Quality Street and Roses chocolate tins have
been a staple of the Christmas season since 1936 and 1938 respectively. These two are
family favourites in Ireland, but I can’t help but feel that they are generic and overrated,
and were surpassed by their successors. The late 1990’s saw the introduction of two
new superior chocolate tins in the lucrative chocolate tins market – Celebrations and Heroes.
My main gripe with Roses and Quality Street is that each chocolate is identified by the
colour of its wrapper, and you have to check out these guides on the boxes if you want
to know what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s take a look at these Quality Streets
– yeah, I have no idea what any of these are, and I don’t want to risk eating a coconut
or a peanut masquerading as a chocolate bar, so let’s take a look at the guide here – so
we’ve got a basic toffee finger, and there’s a deluxe variant, and a Big Bang Theory character
variant, we’ve got a Thanos chocolate, a swear word, and Orange Creme, which was my
nickname in secondary school. I’ve got no idea what this one is called, so I’ll just
call it “The Green Triangle” for now and I’ll check its official name here… Oh. But it’s all about the taste in the end, so what are my impressions on Quality Street chocolates? Now, don’t worry, pensioners – I’m not going to leave you out. It seems like the Roses tub has decreased in size yet again
this year, but that wasn’t my primary complaint. I spent a while searching for the guide until
I finally realised that it’s on the bottom of the tub, which is pretty inconvenient.
I know they finally included the names of the chocolates on the wrappers this year after
just eighty years of being on the market, but I still can’t tell what they are. What the hell is a signature truffle? We’ve got some classic mainstays here such as Strawberry Dream, Golden Barrel, and historically the only edible chocolate in the entire collection,
made with everybody’s favourite ingredients: milk, sugar, and sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Since I was young, it has been my instinct to disregard everything that isn’t a Dairy
Milk, but for this video, I’m going to try out something else for a change. You know, it can’t be that bad… Let’s move onto the two new kids on the
block – Celebrations actually features some beloved recognisable brands, including Milky
Way,, the best one, ew, Elon Musk, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2,
and why do you exist? Celebrations are best described as “Hit or Miss” – there’s
a lot of top-tier chocolates in this collection, but why is this still here? Anyways, let’s
open it up and see what’s inside… So this is what a typical finished box of
Celebrations looks like… Even if you were allowed to give chocolate to a dog, I wouldn’t give them this garbage… Anyways, let’s just move onto Heroes – so, in
my opinion, this is the cream of the crop… What does she want now? So, like I was saying, every Christmas season presents a huge selection of chocolate assortments
to choose from, but these guys are essentially the top four, and you’re guaranteed to receive
at least one of each every year. In my opinion, the only box that gets everything right is
Heroes, the youngest of the bunch. Every single chocolate here is a winner… well, except for this sh-t. With an impressive roster comprising of Dairy
Milk, Dairy Milk: Caramel Edition, Wispa, Twirl, Creme Egg, Fudge, and diabetes, Heroes
puts every other chocolate tin to shame. Everything about this is so much better than Roses and
Quality Street combined, but it seems like there isn’t anybody else in the country
who agrees. If you check out any surveys about Irish people’s favourite chocolate collections,
the list usually looks like this, when, in my opinion, it should be the other way around.
I know that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and everything, but these rankings
are completely berserk. Maltesers Teaser is a worthy winner here, but how are Bounty and
Snickers ranked above Twix and Milky Way? I will admit that the Heroes ranking is pretty
accurate – Eclair is in last place where it belongs, so I’m automatically satisfied
with the rest of the list. I find it confusing how Roses is the top-ranked selection tub
by a landslide, but there are people out there who unironically enjoy these crimes against
humanity, so I’m not too surprised. That is just my personal opinion of the best
chocolate tubs out there, but if you care about ranking chocolates as much as I
do, then you should probably sort your life out, and you can feel free to leave a comment
with your own opinion. In the meantime, I’ll be opening presents from my girlfriend. I wonder what this could be… So it’s not exactly the one I wanted, but there’s another present here… She knows me so well! I’m getting a divorce.

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  1. Great video as always, keep it up ❤️😍. Also Roses are fucking disgusting and an embarrassment to all other chocolates, like if there was an empty shell of chocolate without The gooey bit in the middle, I might actually consider it, but this … this is just preposterous. Celebrations are the most popular and the best. Bounty’s are awesome btw, people need to give it a chance.

  2. Great video! I’m struggling to pick a favourite. Put any of the tubs in front of me and I’ll happily finish it all 😂😂

  3. H eroes have creme egg and eclair
    I prefer celebrations because of galaxy
    T hough it does have bounty and snickers

    O n top of that, heroes has dairy milk
    R eally good stuff

    M y favourite stays galaxy though
    I f you disagree with any of my opinions
    S ee me in
    S mash

  4. My personal fav
    Quality: green triangle
    Roses: strawberry cream
    Heroes: cream egg
    Celebrations: malteser

    Nice vid! I agree with the bounty bc when i open a box of celebrations and see all bounty's it makes me want to gag

  5. Anything cadburys related now just tastes nasty and feels waxy, can't beat galaxy when it comes to creamy chocolate, Shame because cadburys was always my favourite before Kraft ruined everything

  6. Great review! but do you shrink to a few inches tall and sit on the box of chocolates? before falling in? I do! come check out my fun review of Quality street v Cadbury roses!!

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