Christmas Dinner for Dogs! What Can Dogs Eat?

hi everybody and welcome back to relax
my dog now today’s video is all about dogs Christmas dinner and what they
can have I’m so sorry but Milo is making almost like this snoring noise right now
and because I’m so close that’s all I could hear and so today we were talking
about what a dog can eat and what they can’t eat from your Christmas dinner
plate before we do get started let me know down below in the comments are you
planning on getting your dog anything special this year for Christmas but
let’s get started okay so as I just mentioned there is so
foods that dog can eat and a certain foods that dogs need to stay a while
away from during the Christmas period Christmas is all about getting the food
out and having a variety of different things at the dinner table having family
over that bring food over and so you need to make sure you your knowledge is
up to scratch around this time of year because you want to make sure that your
dog is a poisoned or has any toxic foods because this could just ruin obviously
Christmas day completely so there are actually only four main things that your
dog can actually eat from the Christmas dinner plate and that those four are
Turkey obviously Turkey is a meat that dogs can eat meat do on our turkey I
won’t go over walk with this one and probably give them around the same
amount you would normally have in your questions dinner plate number two three
slices something like that don’t go overboard with this to go alongside that
and it can also have a cranberry sauce but a very very small amount cranberry
sauce isn’t necessarily something that they should seek while clear up but it’s
also not something you want to let them have the whole jar off and then we give
them a little tiny bit or just a curve it if you want to they can also have
potatoes as well they are completely okay to have
potatoes just make sure they aren’t buttered or they don’t have salt on them
they need to basically just be like plain and boil your potatoes like jacket
potato just something completely like it’s cooked but you doesn’t have any
flavor in your net extras to it because that’s when it sort of gets that it’s
not okay for a dog to eat so if you have mashed potato before you mash them for
your add anything else just pop if you pull your potatoes to the side and let
them enjoy those and then last but not least is of vegetables they are
obviously allowed vegetables without Christmas dinner
however fat they need to not go over well with these a lot of vegetables dogs
actually do need to stay clear of or not to have as much off and they off
obviously need to sell away stay away from ones that are assaulted or have had
any extras done to that’s what the four main foods that a dog can have there are
certain visit drugs need to stay well away from sucked as mince pies Christmas
pudding and the alcohol you have in the house raisins currants sultanas grapes
what else cheese the not loud loads of which I am I have like a cheese board
they were also not allowed fatty things are like the skin off turkey or chicken
obviously not my bones don’t give them a bone to chew on because they’ll always
swallow it and they just won’t end very well but that is it’s for this week’s
video thank you all so much for watching don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up
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