Christmas dinner on a student budget! – University festive meal!

Hello and welcome back to Get Ready for University.
Today we’re going to show you how to make a cheap simple student Christmas dinner – it’s
Christmas dinner. It’s something that’s just a bit of rite of passage when you come to
Uni is to have Christmas dinner with your flat. So I’m joined by my flat today – we’ve got
Tash, Rob and Will and we’re going to show you how we make our simple Christmas dinner.
Ok, so we just have a simple turkey that served 5 for the 4 of us – this one. It takes about 2 hours and 15 to cook, is that right? You can keep these frozen as well so you can’t
really go wrong. And that’s from Iceland. We’ve got our brussel sprouts with bacon,
‘cos you can’t have Christmas dinner without. Pigs in blankets, we’ve got Bucks Fizz, cranberry
sauce, some frozen veg, some cabbage, some Yorkshire puddings, and some broccoli, some
roast potatoes and some parsnips. Ok so it’s always really important to make
sure you read your instructions and set timers so you don’t let anything burn. One of the
main things that we do is we make things look better so with our gravy we always add our
turkey juices and we always add bacon to our turkey even though it’s simple. We always
decorate the table as well ‘cos it’s just nice to have that as an extra touch. As I was saying we usually add cranberries as well to our stuffing, so it’s about making
things that are really cheap like a lot nicer – and it’s a really easy and simple thing
to do. So there’s the bacon that we added to our
turkey after the hour it had in the oven. Another top tip is make sure all your dishes
actually fit in the oven otherwise you’ll see what I did and end up shuffling everything
around for ages. So collectively for all this and for everyone
else it’s about £15. So is everyone happy with their dinner? No one’s in! Everyone happy?
Yeah. Ok, so we hope you enjoyed the ‘making your Christmas dinner.’ We’re going to enjoy
it now. And we wish you a Merry Christmas. Say bye everybody! Bye!!

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