Christmas — More Fun Than Other Holidays

Plenty of holidays are popular… Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving to name a few. But, hey, give some real thought to celebrating Christmas this year. Our new slogan? Consider this, Christmas has a lot going for it. For instance:
You receive gifts It’s often held during bad weather, when you have nothing better to do. It’s a full-on Federal holiday. You wish, Valentine’s Day! It’s celebrated worldwide, even in countries where no one understands what they’re saying There’s special food, colorful decorations and plenty of fun characters. St. Patrick’s Day has a Leprechaun and that’s about it. And Christmas doesn’t get pushed around to make a 3-day weekend like some weaker holidays, ahem, President’s Day. So this year, take a chance on a fun holiday you may have overlooked. And remember, “Christmas… More Fun Than Other Holidays!” Sponsored By The National Christmas Association. “Christmas… More Fun Than Other Holidays!” is a copyrighted and registered trademark slogan of the NCA. All rights reserved. Void where prohibited. FYI, There is no National Christmas Association that trademarked “Christmas… More Fun Than Other Holidays!”

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