Christmas Vacation (8/10) Movie CLIP – Turkey Dinner (1989) HD

Come on, boy. Let’s go find your sister. [meow] [loud chatter] Before we begin, Since this is aunt bethany’s
80th christmas, I think she should lead us
in the saying of grace. What, dear? Grace! Grace? She passed away
30 years ago. They want you
to say grace. The blessing! I pledge allegiance
to the flag Of the United States
of america And to the republic
for which it stands– One nation, under
god, indivisible, With liberty
and justice for all. Amen. Amen.
Amen. Catherine,
if this turkey Tastes half as good
as it looks, I think we’re all in
for a very big treat. Thank you. Save the neck
for me, clark. Ok, eddie. Sorry.

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  1. The part where they're actually eating the turkey and dipping it into their water glasses lmao..that and the 2nd puff of smoke after he cuts it open get me every time

  2. Fun fact. The girl who played Audrey(Juliette Lewis) real life father Geoffrey Lewis(rip) starred alongside Beverly D Angelo(Ellen) in the rare Clint Eastwood comedy "Every which way but loose"

  3. The guy who played Uncle Lewis was only 62 years old when this film was made. I always thought he was just super old.

  4. I’m fine with the pledge of allegiance being grace at my dinner. It’s the best “grace” to ever be written.

  5. Da blessing. Four score and seven years ago our foreskin our forefathers brought forth on this country a new nation .😂😃😄

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