Christopher Paolini: 10th Anniversary Editon of Eragon

I want to show you my favorite edition of
Eragon. There have been a number of editions over
the years: the self-published edition to start with, Random House’s original hardcover
edition, various paperback editions, omnibus editions, foreign editions…a lot of editions. However, my absolutely favorite version of
Eragon is the tenth anniversary special, deluxe edition. The cover, this piece of art, was done by
an awesome artist called Ciruelo Cabral. If you’re a fan of fantasy, you’ve probably
seen some of his dragon paintings and stuff. Inside the book, I have an essay talking about
the experience of working on the series for ten years, what it’s like to look back on
Eragon after all this time. And then the coolest part, for me, is that
the book itself is illustrated. And I managed to talk a number of different
artists, very cool artists, into working on the book. So we have this first painting by Donato,
who did Arya and the elves, with her being ambushed by the Urgals on the edge of Du Weldenvarden. And then, of course, I did this drawing, which
is a portrait of the character Brom. I was actually kind of nervous to draw this
because not only is he a beloved character, but I also used my dad as a model for Brom, which
seemed fitting. Mind you, my dad doesn’t actually have a
beard. I gave him that, so he does look a little
bit different in real life. But it was a lot of fun to do this one. It’s pencil with color added in in the computer. Also we have this great painting of the Ra’zac
in the cathedral at Dras-Leona, by John Jude Palencar. And, as usual, he’s done his wonderfully
creepy job of painting this. We also have this painting of Eragon and Saphira
by Ciruelo Cabral, who, as I said, also did the design on the cover. I love this painting of Eragon and Saphira. To me, it captures the feel of their emotional
connection better than just about anything I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love this painting. Also we have this painting by Michael Hague. It’s of the battle under Farthen Dûr, with
King Hrothgar facing off against a Kull. Now Michael Hague has been working for a long
time and he did an illustrated version of The Hobbit that I grew up with, and I loved
the illustrations, so I had to ask him to contribute a piece for this book. And last of all, we have this painting of
Saphira and Arya breaking the star sapphire, while Eragon faces off with Durza in the bottom
on Tronjheim. And this was painted by Raoul Vitale, who
obviously had fun with the flames, and colors, and dragon, and all of that. So, those are some of the things that are
in the tenth anniversary edition, along with some tweaks to the text here and there, just
to polish off a few of the rough edges. I hope you can get a chance to get a hold
of one of these for yourselves because, as I said, this is my absolutely favorite edition
of Eragon.

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