Christopher Ward, Robert Plant, Mike Myers pizza party story

can we ask you one story Chris You tell it so well it’s gotta be either one of the worst interviews ever that’s
people’s favourite chapter okay this one is actually Robert Plant oh yeah and again this ties into Mike Myers too yes Mike was part of that one as well the story on that is that when Alannah’s record broke in the US was right around the time that Robert Plant was
doing a solo record and a solo tour in the United States and he saw Alannah’s
video and was somewhat smitten I think but though that musically it would be a great
fit and that she’d be a great opening act so it was entirely Robert’s own idea wasn’t it wasn’t a label it wasn’t you know like a booking agency it wasn’t
anything like that at all he was just like I want her on the show mm-hmm yeah and now she and I had been broken up for a couple of years at this point I should
add that element yeah just to clarify but of course what happened is that they became an item on tour right which was great which meant that I get to hang out with Robert
Plant lots backstage and you know and he’s a very funny funny guy and he’s he teases a lot he
has a great sense of humour he knows everybody on the tour all the
backstage people and he just you know hmm he’s very in that set he’s very
accessible and really fun and he invited me to come to have dinner at Spago he on
Sunset Strip which I you know one at the time it was like the happening new
restaurant it was Wolfgang Puck’s you know this is solo the celebrity chef
that was his first big restaurant outing was Spago so Robert invited me and said
bring your friends I thought okay great so I came with with Mike and of course
Alannah and Robert and so it was kind of like what I would imagine
having dinner with Henry the eighth would be like because you know, he’s just loud and he’s going you know more wine flagons of wine for all my rock and roll friends yeah yes there was a time when
Jimmy and I were in the south of France and we got locked up one night and the
shaddon arms came and put us away and fortunately you know Jimmy had some
gorgeous French truffle stuffed down his boots so he just went on like this well Mike is on
the opposite side of the table and he keeps looking at me like miming that
he’s writing notes I’m trying to hold the my laughter back right and then you
know at some peak moment in the thing like Wolfgang Puck comes out like all
obsequious and he brings out a pizza that has been made custom in the shape
of a double neck guitar you gotta love that right? Yeah Absolutely absolutely so you know anyway the dinner went on and then you know it was sort of all of a piece and then at the end you know
Robert and Alannah were swanning around the room and greeting people and stuff and oh Dave Tyson was there Atlanta’s producer and my friend was there and
Mike and so the three of us went out to the valet parking just like laughing
ourselves stupid about how crazy this night had been and and who should be at
the valet parking waiting for his car but Don Rickles right Hey honey you know who that was? that who’s the guy with the hair and the broad that was Led Zepplin we were eating dinner with Led Zepplin you know the guy with the hair you saw him across the room. you believe that honey it was incredible I had thought this night
could not get any weirder yeah okay and and yet it did did it and so that was
that was the the story the only the capper on this if you want to just put a
little bow on the story and is it Robert stuck me with the bill there it is only a rock star yep

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  1. Someone needs to start a reality show to film these celeb parties! Robert Plant, Mike Myers etc. eating a guitar-shaped pizza!!

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