Church to Join Global Faith Leaders at Vatican Marriage Summit

In one of the oldest Christian cities in the world a diverse body of religious
leaders and scholars meet in Rome and they have something to say
about the marriage relationship between a man and a woman. “It’s time to bring
together the religions of the world to speak with one
voice.” Summoned by Pope Francis, the three-day
colloquium on marriage has invited more than 300 distinguished
leaders a faith and academics to Rome, including Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency who’ll be speaking the Vatican summit
later in the conference. Bishop John C. Wester of the Salt Lake
City Diocese has come to Rome as well to support the youth choir from the Cathedral of the Madeleine, during its tour in Italy. The occasion offering an ideal backdrop to
share his thoughts on the profound nature of the conference. Marriage, in our tradition, is a very
special, as it is in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day
saints and many other religions, it’s a very, it’s a sacrament, it’s something
that God we see it as part of God’s loving
Providence for humankind. All coming together singing from the
same hymn book, if I can use that metaphor. Singing from the same hymn
book, and that hymn book is about the beauty of marriage and the importance of
marriage, as the union of husband and wife, link to
children. When the man and women come together and complement each other, and when they support each other and then raise a family there is, we see this as completing the image of
God. It’s time for all the religions, really,
to unite to bear common witness to stand up and say, really, “Enough is
enough; we’re not gonna let the marriage culture
erode any further. We’re gonna try to rebuild the marriage
culture where it has eroded and we’re gonna protect the marriage culture in places where the damage hasn’t yet
been so bad.”

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  1. I liked what Bishop Wester said, that when a couple come together to support, compliment each other and raise a family they complete the face of God in their home.

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