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This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi sits down with the band Chvrches! We take a trip to Japan to look at all their Star Wars
stuff… and much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters, it’s The Star Wars Show! Hello! I’m Peter Townley And I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome to The
Star Wars Show, you weekly look at Star Wars from inside the heart of Lucasfilm..’s old
copy room. But it makes an excellent looking set! Mmmmhmmm. NEWS TRANSITION! If you saw the Force Awakens, which, if you’re
watching this you probably have multiple times, or if you read Claudia Gray’s book Lost
Stars, you probably know of the Imperial Star Destroyer known as The Inflictor. For reference that’s one of the Star Destroyers
that crashed on Jakku that Rey speeds past in the opening of the film. Well, we here
on The Star Wars Show our proud to reveal for the first time what its captain, Ciena
Ree, actually looks like. You ready? Here she is. She’s got so much attitude in that picture.
I love it! The image was created as part of Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures
Game Ooh, you like that one. I love it. And speaking of games, Star Wars
Celebration London announced yesterday that this summer’s event will be the largest
ever for Star Wars gaming in its history. So, confirmed for the show are: LEGO Star
Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Star Wars: Commander,
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and Star Wars: Force Collection. That is a lot of Star Wars. And if you think you have what it takes to
work in the art department at ILM, you only have until 9:59 pacific tonight to register
for the ILM Art Department Challenge. The challenge, judged by a panel of top artists
from Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic, runs from now until August 1st, but you can’t
participate unless you register. For more information visit And for more Star Wars news check out
and stick around, more Star Wars Show coming up in a Star Wars second. Star Wars! Excuse me. Are they hiring here? Hey, is there a movie in there today? Walk please! Can I get my parking validated? Allow me.
(laughing) Hey, I’m Jeremy Saulnier Hi I’m Anton Yelchin. We’re here promoting Green Room at ILM. You’re watching The Star Wars Show. Is that what we’re doing?
That’s what we’re doing. Think that will hurt my chances of getting
like- To direct Star Wars?
-asked to do some kind of franchise work? I’m looking forward to just being in one
of the Star Wars movies. There’s a lot from what I can tell. Dude, that’s a conflict, you’re Star Trek. I can be in both! JJ can make both. I can
be in both, right? “Take care to bury all that you can. Take
care to leave a trace of a man.” Welcome back to The Star Wars Show I am here
with Chvrches who took some time off from their busy schedule to visit us here and talk
about some Star Wars. How’s it going guys? Really good. Good. We’re very excited because we get
to be in this building. It’s like we’re kind of in the Death Star. Little bit, yeah. So, you just came off of
a really exciting weekend at Coachella, how was that? We did, that was absolutely mad. Dusty. Dusty! (Laughs) It was very dusty. A friend of ours made the point that, uh,
Palm Desert kind of looks like a really well developed Tatooine. Yeah. With like fancy cars and kind of- Golf courses. (Laughs) Golf courses! If the moisture farming
business really takes off you could turn it into Palm Springs. Yeah. They’re like, Tatooine is so commercial
these days, man. Yeah! (Laughing) they sold out! It’s not what it used to be. What is this? The golf course, they’ve got
a music festival here now!! Yeah. It’s not the same.
So I know that you guys make a lot of Star Wars banter on stage- I’ve been spotting more and more Star Wars
t-shirts at our shows, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because we talk about
Star Wars a lot then. But it could be because of your Jawa impression,
which is really really good. (Jawa Impression)
(Laughing) See that’s good! You had the Halloween costume once.
I did! Not a sexy Jawa!
It was not a Sexy Jawa. Well, ‘cause this is the thing that upset
me when I was like, looking for female Star Wars character costumes, it was always like
sexy this, and sexy that and I was like I don’t want to be a sexy Ewok, I just want
to be AN EWOK. Sexy Jabba.
So I made a Jawa costume, which was kind of like a brown monk’s cloak, um, like a cowboy
gun belt, and it was like a Super Soaker gun but I spray painted it black. Nice! Uh, and it was like a black, uh well, hockey
mask that I spray painted black, and kind of stuck light up bike lights on it. Smart! And I just put like face paint here so I could
technically see out of the eyeholes. And the other eyes were above my head. That’s good! It was quite impressive. Let’s talk The Force Awakens, like what
were your impressions of it when you saw it? I thought it was incredible. And all the parallels
were cool, but I hope that Rey isn’t related to either a Kenobi or a Skywalker. But it won’t be narratively satisfying if
you just say it was some random, random people or parents.
How can you say that?! You know… This is what a lot of the afternoons in venues
look like. It’s like this. If she was a Skywalker, yes. But I feel like
that would tie the whole series together if she was like…
I’m with you, I hope she’s, I hope she’s a nobody. I don’t know obviously, but that’s
like, that’s what I’m hoping for. Definitely not a two dimensional character. And she’s strong enough to carry Mark Hamill.
Her Instagram is really amazing because she, I think she posts loads of stuff that like
you know like, young people who are following her will find really interesting and useful. She’s a badass! Like you’ve watched her
training videos- Yeah.
It’s very impressive. -Oh man, I need to, I need to do that. Text back! Text back, Daisy, text back!
(Laughing) You texting Daisy?
No, I’ve never done that. You guys at home, check out Chvrches. Their
new album, Every Open Eye is available on shelves right now. If you listen to it backwards it tells you
who Rey’s parents are. (Gasp)
It doesn’t. (Laughing)
Spoilers! Hey guys, Anthony Carboni here, in Japan,
in Tokyo! In a store right now, called Star Case which is just completely devoted to Star
Wars collectibles and memorabilia. And I have found some of the craziest Star Wars stuff
I have ever seen in my life. These are Egg Force figures. They transform
into eggs…because Star Wars. Throwing out everything in my kitchen. I have
new things now. They love pencil cases here! They can’t
get enough pencil cases! Nice chopsticks. What do you want, Luke Skywalker?
Oh, I’m sorry, did you mean Jedi Luke? I literally had to buy a new suitcase to bring
all of the stuff that I found home. But on the bright side I did pick up some stuff for
you guys back in the studio, so enjoy the care package! Your hair was different in that interview. It was the special edition. Oh that explains it. THE MOUSE DROID BEEPING. Oooooh look! Presents from Japan! Oh speaking of, does the mouse droid have
a name yet? It does! After tons of humorous suggestions
like, Mon Mousema, Mouse Eisley, Mouse Windu, Mouse Kanata, and seemingly hundreds of people
suggesting Mickey Mmmm. Yeah. Little on the nose. We all agreed on the cute, yet Star Wars-ey
name, CH-33Z, or Cheese, suggested by the appropriately named @storydroid on Twitter. Which brings us to an awesome little reminder,
next week is the 39th Anniversary of the release of Star Wars! Woo hoo! So we want to see your Star Wars birthday
cakes! We’re looking for the incredible to the hilariously terrible Send them to @starwars on Twitter using the
hashtag #StarWarsShowCake, and we’ll reveal our favorites next week. And now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got
to go play with some toys. It’s very serious business. We’ll see
you next week! Oooh! Rey! “I’m gonna kick your butt!”

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  8. PLEASE! IS THERE SOME WAY FANS CAN GET ON THE SHOW? Like will they feature people who run fan accounts on social media? I REALLY want them to mention some popular ships or pairings. I think the fandom would explode if that happened, and people would be SO happy!

    Also, I love how I recognized some of the toys the droid brought over.

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  15. Am I the only one who doesn't understand all of this gender and racial mixing when it comes to the Empire/First Order? The original trilogy may have had only white guys as Imperial officers because that is who is generally cast as main leads at the time, but for them to start throwing in a bunch of black people and black women seems fairly ridiculous to the point of what the Empire is modeled after, and that is the Nazi regime. Almost everything about the Empire and or First Order is supposed to be in harmony with the Nazis to show their cruelty and removal from social norms. There is nothing wrong with black people or women roles in movies, but stop putting them in the Empire/First Order. They should look like the bad guys who are not adjusted to common practice of fair treatment and making them look like they are racially equal just makes them seem not so bad after all… "why can't a GURRRRLLL be an officer in the empire?!?!?!?!" that's because if they were really like the Nazis, they'd throw you right in a camp for not being part of their "elite" status… Boohoo

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  17. did that say…. Lauren Mayberry !!!! Lauren is my middle name! and Mayberry is my last name ! well my first name is Claire…. Lauren's named after my aunt who's not a Mayberry…. I probably shouldn't be saying all this……OK bye YouTube!!!!!!!

  18. I'm glad the Chvrches guys are at least partially of the opinion that Rey shouldn't be a Kenobi or a Skywalker. I know she's probably Kylo's long lost little sister or something, it's just the neatest option, but I'd like it if she WAS just someone from a different, hithertoo unknown Force Sensitive line and her secret isn't her parentage, it's something else.

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