Cindy Crawford’s Marriage Is Officially Beyond Just Weird

The marriage between supermodel Cindy Crawford
and businessman Rande Gerber has outlasted those of many of their peers. But before you dub these two “relationship
goals,” let’s check out the strange things about their unorthodox coupling. Rumors about Crawford and her husband’s marital
struggles have long plagued their relationship. But many believed their marriage was really
on its last leg after Star magazine caught up with Lyle Riddle, the drummer for band
Terraplane Sun, who claimed a drunken Crawford was acting a little too flirty at one of the
band’s shows. He alleged to the outlet, “She certainly wasn’t acting like a married
woman, but like a single, 21-year-old party girl.” Riddle said Crawford openly flirted with the
band’s guitarist, Johnny Zambetti, and allegedly shouted, quote, “My marriage is over!” while
hubby Gerber “looked on from afar, completely unfazed.” “Yeah?” A rep for Crawford denied the allegations,
but that didn’t stop even more rumors from starting. In honor of their 20th wedding anniversary
in 2018, Crawford gushed about her husband on Instagram, writing: “I couldn’t have chosen a better man to do
this thing called life with. I love you!” “When I met Rande, I was ready for Rande. Because we started off as friends.” The post should’ve silenced the haters, but
InTouch Weekly really soured the couple’s celebration. An insider told the gossip site there had
been quote “constant drama” in their household for years. With their daughter, Kaia, traveling the world
on modeling assignments, and their son, Presley, shacking up in the family’s guesthouse, the
empty nesters were reportedly drifting further and further apart. The source added, “Put it this way: They don’t keep tabs on
each other anymore. Sometimes it seems like they’re living separate
lives.” We’re not sure if they’re just comfortable
with a little distance, but from the outside, that seems pretty strange. Crawford isn’t the only one in the household
who has sashayed down a catwalk or two. Rande also worked as a model, so it’s no surprise
that the gorgeous couple’s equally beautiful children, Kaia and Presley, were both eyeing
careers in the modeling industry. But it was their kiddos’ model ambitions that
reportedly caused strife between Cindy and her hubby – in particular, their son’s desire
to become a front-runner in the industry. A source told Star magazine, “Rande’s concerned about Presley being dragged
into the toxic world of the catwalk, especially when he’s still in the process of finding
himself and figuring out what he wants to do in life.” Ironically enough, papa Rande allegedly had
much less of a problem with their daughter pursuing modeling, which is rather strange
if you ask us. And it’s still a little weird for him sometimes,
too. “She walks in right by us, with the legs up
to here. And when you see people looking at her, you
think, that’s my 16 year old daughter.” As for Cindy, she was supposedly all for guiding
both of her children through the industry with her first-hand knowledge and expertise,
regardless of her spouse’s feelings on the subject. The insider claimed, “At this point, I’m worried this is something
they can’t talk through and work out between themselves.” Not only is Gerber good friends with George
Clooney, but the buddies became business partners in 2013 when they launched tequila brand,
Casamigos, according to Business Insider. “Grab a glass, amigo. Our tequila is your tequila.” And when they’re not selling their tequila,
they’re drinking it – as Crawford told Conan O’Brien. “It’s gotten a little out of hand at some
point I understand?” “They have been known to go out and have a
few tequilas, yes.” Crawford recalled staying home on a Sunday
night and letting her kids sleep in her bed while Gerber and Clooney hit the town. Then waking up in the middle of the night
to make sure Gerber had made it home safe, and finding a fully-clothed man face down
in her guest bedroom, whom she presumed to be her husband. “So, I go over, I get on the bed and I’m like,
‘Hey, babe.’ And he looks, and it wasn’t Rande. It was George.” Of course the moment wasn’t that scandalous,
since the three are good friends, but considering it was the middle of the night, it could have
been worse. “We just all laughed and we thought, how funny
it would have been if the light wouldn’t had been on. Cuz I would have just gotten in bed.” Maybe Crawford wasn’t too concerned over the
mix-up, but to us, it sounds like she’s living in the real-life version of Animal House. Which might not be so cool in your regular
life. Crawford and Gerber first met during her agent’s
wedding weekend. “I remember the first time I met him, which
we met the night before a mutual friend’s wedding.” “And then the next night we’re at the wedding,
and then we had fun.” But there was just one problem: neither was
available at the time. Crawford told Harper’s Bazaar, “When I met him I was still with Richard [Gere]
and he didn’t want to go to the wedding with me. […] Rande also had a girlfriend at the time
so he wasn’t looking to meet anyone either and that’s the best time to meet someone because
that’s when you’re truly yourselves.” Instead of diving into a relationship, they
started off as friends, and once Crawford’s marriage went up in smoke and Gerber found
himself single again, they decided to give love a shot. During an episode of Oprah’s Master Class,
Crawford expressed just how beneficial it was that they didn’t start out on a romantic
note right away, saying, “It keeps the relationship elevated. There’s always a certain level of respect.” She also said they’ll quote, “always be friends
no matter what.” Some observers felt like that was a weird
thing for a married woman to say – almost as if she’s anticipating their marriage coming
to an end. But maybe people are just reading too much
into it. He likes her makeup-free While Gerber has claimed that he loves Crawford’s
all-natural glow, the veteran supermodel revealed a weird nugget of information about Gerber’s
preference during a beauty tutorial for Vogue. As she walked fans through her makeup regimen,
Crawford announced: “My husband hates makeup, so this is already
too much makeup for him, but I do explain to him that women do makeup for other women,
not men.” Okay, let’s pump the breaks and recap: Makeup
goes hand in hand with practically every photoshoot and runway show Crawford books. She basically gets dolled up for a living. So isn’t it super odd that her husband hates
the one thing Crawford wears day in and day out for the sake of her career? But, hey: as long as it works for them, that’s
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