CKVR 60th Anniversary: Live from Kiwanis Pavilion

[ ♪♪♪ ]>>Announcer: Celebrating 60 years on CTV News Barrie.>>Tony: And tonight that celebration brings
us to Barrie’s waterfront. Good evening everyone, I’m Tony Grace.>>Jayne: And I’m Jayne Pritchard. We are marking CTV Barrie’s 60th anniversary,
our diamond anniversary.>>Tony: And what an anniversary, here we
are live down at the waterfront. We’re actually right next to Kempenfelt Bay,
and we’re located just west of Barrie’s South Shore Centre
in the Kiwanis Pavilion. Lots of people have come on
down to celebrate with us, and why don’t you come on down and join us? We have some terrific memorabilia for you
to look at from our long history of broadcasting and some old great photos that you can see
as well of CKVR stars — in fact, some of our former staff members
are down here tonight as well, and we will talk to them a little bit later. And it’s a chilly night, so we have the barbecue
fired up. Lawrence is here from Old Firehouse Catering
and for a Toonie, you can get a hot dog and a drink, and we are donating all of the proceeds
to Barrie’s Food Bank, which is in the middle of its Thanksgiving food drive.>>Jayne: And we have had many kind messages
sent to us this week congratulating us on our sixty years on the air.>>Tony: Those messages have come from far
and wide, here’s one of them.>>Hi, I’m Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario. Congratulations on sixty years of broadcast
excellence. From the early days of CKVR to The New VR
to today’s CTV Barrie, this station has done so much for the community that it’s no wonder
Barrie has become one of Ontario’s fastest growing, most dynamic cities. CTV Barrie keeps people connected to the places
where they live, where they work and where they raise their families, and you inform
and engage your community by telling the stories that matter to people’s lives. So thank you for sixty years of service to
Barrie and to Central Ontario. Thank you.>>Tony: Thank you Premier Wynne, and we will
get back to our big anniversary celebration in just a moment, but we want to begin as
we always do, with the news of the day, and we’re going to start tonight with an update
on a tragic crash from last weekend.>>Jayne: A 29 year old man charged with drunk
driving in the crash that claimed the lives of three young children and their grandfather
has been remanded in custody until an October 19th bail hearing.>>Tony: Marco Muzzo’s family was in the court
room today for the brief appearance. Muzzo is facing a dozen impaired driving offences
and six charges related to the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after he allegedly smashed
into the family’s minivan. Candlelight vigils were held last night for
nine year old Daniel Neville Lake, his five year old brother Harrison and their two year
old sister Millie, as well as the kids’ sixty five
year old grandfather. Well a family of five is homeless after fire
destroyed their home last night near Hockley Valley. Crews from several departments were called
to help with the fire, and officials say it started on the back deck and spread to the
wall of the house. Three teenage children were home at the time,
but they managed to get out safely and call 911. It is believed the teens were getting ready
to barbecue their dinner when the fire started. Damage is estimated at $450,000.>>Jayne: As you can see, it’s a little breezy
on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, which means it’s choppy out on the water too, and the
water temperature is also dropping. Now I know some boaters will want to get out
there to enjoy some of the last good times on the water for the season, but right now
police have a warning, which Mike Walker wants to tell you about.>>Bill Adams drove up from London today hoping
to get in one last fishing trip out on Lake Simcoe, but after checking the
conditions at the marina, he decided not to launch his boat.>>It’s fairly windy. My concern today is, because the waves are
too close together, they’d just be banging the side of the boat, leaves everything off
balance.>>Environment Canada issued a strong wind
warning for Lake Simcoe today. Forecasters warn the wind gusts could reach
more than 50 Kilometres per hour, creating choppy waves out on the lake. Unfavorable conditions police warn boaters
must prepare for this time of year.>>If you’re out in the rougher water, you’re
boat’s gonna handle, obviously different. It affects the overall performance of the
boat, and it may lead you into a mechanical breakdown, or just an inability to control
your vessel.>>We joined the marine unit with York Regional
Police. You can see just how choppy the waves are
on Lake Simcoe.>>This time of year, where the wind conditions
and the water conditions are cold, and you could actually start feeling those effects,
which might, over a number of hours, start impairing your judgement.>>it’s not just rough waters boaters need
to be mindful of, water levels are also lower — in fact, South Simcoe Police say their
marine officers recently had to rescue stranded boaters on two separate occasions, including
this sailboat that beached on a sandbank.>>The lake is about two feet down, and what
we’re having is people striking the bottom and getting stuck on sand shoals as well.>>Hypothermia is also another concern this
time of year, even with the water temperatures still in the high teens, police warn it can
set in quickly.>>The way your body would react to it would
be expedited because the temperature of the water is just that much colder.>>For that reason, police are stressing wearing
flotation suits or life jackets are a must. So if you’re planning one last trip out on
the water, here’s another tip from police, make sure you have a fully charged cell phone
or radio in case of an emergency, and that someone on shore knows where you’re heading
out and when you’ll be returning. Police are also stressing that the
first thing you do though is check the weather and marine forecasts. Reporting live, I’m Mike Walker. Tony, back to you.>>Tony: Thank you for that, Mike. Well in Barrie today, they were celebrating
a new partnership between a local home builder and a smart energy company. One that supposed to take a huge step forward,
as far as being energy smart goes, and Roger Klein explains that to us.>>… Delight as a Mayor to see this rolling
out…>>Barrie’s Mayor, Jeff Lehman, joined the
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray at the launch of a new kind of
housing development in Barrie this morning. Royalpark Homes is partnering with Panasonic
Eco Solutions to build new homes equipped with solar panels and an energy management
system. Panasonic’s Walter Buzzelli has the system
up and running on his home.>>2.5 kilowatts currently being generated
off the roof. The battery is fully charged at 100%, so there’s
no power going to the battery — it’s not needed right now, and the rest is
going to power the house. Looks like maybe my furnace has come on now,
1.3 kilowatts is being used and the surplus being fed to the grid.>>The first new energy systems will be offered
as standard equipment on 11 new homes to be built here on the shores
of Kempenfelt Bay. They will also be offered on some of the homes
at the company’s Pine View development. The goal for Royalpark is to build the most
energy efficient developments possible.>>We need generational change, how we build
things. It’s not just about homes, it’s gonna be about
how we develop, how we deal with energy and waste water, and have the chance now,
the technology’s available for us to do it, we’ve got to utilize that.>>Minister Glen Murray says homes that generate
their own power will be an important part of Ontario’s solution to reducing greenhouse
gasses in the future.>>We, over the next few decades, have to
get all of our buildings — future ones that aren’t built yet, as well as all the ones
that are built, pretty close to net zero buildings, which means a massive deployment of this technology
in every community in every building.>>The developer says the cost of this system
will be included in the price of the houses, which will start at around $700,000. I’m Roger Klein reporting live on the Barrie
Waterfront, now back over to you.>>Jayne: A big competition is underway between
the City of Barrie and other municipalities across Canada to see who can grow the biggest
pumpkin. The only rule: the pumpkins have to be grown
in the landfill. Well today was the big weigh-in.>>It’s a nice accomplishment, did a good
job of it. Just gotta make sure you water it every day,
and take care of it, and keep the smaller ones trimmed down.>>Jayne: Cory Partridge with the city volunteered
to grow the pumpkin. He started in May and hasn’t used any fertilizer
in that time, only compost. The pumpkin weighed in at 346 pounds; that’s
40 pounds more than last year’s winner. They will announce which municipality grew
the biggest pumpkin in about two weeks.>>Tony: Well as we’ve told you, we are live here
at the Barrie Waterfront on this brisk October evening for a great reason. We’re celebrating CTV Barrie’s 60th anniversary,
and you know, one of the most famous faces on CTV Barrie, on CKVR over the years, is
our own Bob McIntyre — you know he started with the station
back in 1972.>>Jayne: Amazing. Well he’s going to do something as he done
every night for many, many years, he’s going to bring us the first forecast. Bob?>>Bob: You bet you, Jayne. As we’ve gone through the day, we’ve had a
pretty windy day. We still have a strong wind warning in effect
across all of the Great Lakes. As we head through the night tonight, we’re
going to have continuing increasing cloud. Let’s have a look at our future radar, and you
can see what we’re going to do as we head through the night, and you can see we will
have prevailing cloudy skies with some stars peeking through. Let’s have a look at what we’re going to do
for our temperatures over the weekend, and our conditions for the most part during the
day tomorrow, we’re going to be having some fair skies, expect to see your temperatures
go from 4 to 11 degrees across the area. And as we head through Sunday, we may have
a slight chance of a shower, temperatures starting at 7 and going to 12, so we are going
to continue to see fairly cloudy skies as we head through the night tonight. We are going to be seeing some sunshine during
the day tomorrow, along with some clouds around. All the details on the rest of the weather
in just a little while from now.>>Jayne: Well a popular feature around here
for about the last 15 years has been the Weather Watcher drawing, so many of them have gone
on the fridge.>>Tony: Oh, they sure have. And you know a lot of that is thanks to the
great work of our graphics artists who collect and assemble those for us every night. Steve Wishern and Andrea Grey, and we have
down here tonight some paper and pencil crayons and some young artists who are creating new
drawings for us to use on air in the coming weeks, and we’re glad to have them, putting
their art skills to great use. And you know, it’s almost Thanksgiving as
well, with just a week to go before Thanksgiving. Local food banks all over our region are
hoping to get more donations and get those shelves filled up so they can help families
in need.>>Jayne: And we are helping the Barrie Food
Bank tonight. To find out more about that, let’s go to KC
Colby.>>KC: Lawrence the hot dog guy, the warmest
place to be without any question, beside our massive hot dog cart that’s behind us. Lawrence, of course, you own the butcher shop
here in town, tell me how many hot dogs you bring.>>We brought down 500 hot dogs today, and
we want to sell them. We want to raise some money for one of our
favourite charities, the food bank. Peter here is a wonderful guy, and we’re thankful
for all the volunteers there, and we want to sell some hot dogs, we want to feed some
people, this is a great thing.>>KC: Thank you very much, I appreciate it,
and only $2.00, for a $2.00 donation, you get a hot dog and a drink, and it goes to
a fantastic cause, and Peter here — thank you very much Lawrence,
appreciate it. I’ll get back for my dog a little later. Peter, tell me a little bit about the situation right
now at the Barrie Food Bank, how many families are we looking to feed, and is it critical?>>Yeah, it’s very critical, we serve about
2,800 families every single month, so almost 33,000 people came through the food bank last
year. Our shelves are empty at the moment,
there’s lots of holes, so we’re looking to fill those holes.>>KC: Right before Thanksgiving — right
now, I know you’re always in need of volunteers to help out, what do you need specifically
as far as food goes?>>Right now we’re looking for peanut butter,
canned vegetables, canned fruit, breakfast cereal, any kind of pasta, pasta sauces. Anything you would normally go and pick up
at the grocery store, that’s what we’re looking for right now.>>KC: And I mean, we’re looking at Thanksgiving
just around the corner, if somebody has a turkey donation or a ham donation, is there
any preference?>>no, no preference, we’d love to have a
turkey, a ham, any fresh vegetables — we’re looking for those. We have a goal of 160,000 pounds of food for
our Thanksgiving food drive, and we know that the community will come through for us.>>KC: Well thank you very much. Peter Sunberg of the Barrie Food Bank, much
appreciated. Grab yourself a dog!
Grab yourself a dog!>>Thank you very much.
I will, I will, and happy anniversary.>>Thank you very kindly. We’re under strict orders to get a dog for
Tony a little later. Tony, I’ll get that ready for you.>>Tony: Alright KC, thank you so much. And you know we’re here live on the Barrie
Waterfront tonight, Barrie’s beautiful waterfront, and we’re joined by Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman. It’s good to have you with us tonight.>>It’s great to be here, and congratulations.>>Tony: Thank you. And you grew up in Barrie, I know that — you
grew up watching CKVR, tell me what you remember about the station growing up.>>Well I can remember all those great logos
from back in the ’80s — the sun burst stuff. But mostly I remember everybody in town
tuned in to the evening news, and that really hasn’t changed, right? CKVR was the voice of the community then,
CTV, you’re the voice of the community today, and I think about all those major moments
in the city’s history that were captured by staff at the station and broadcast to everybody,
and the footage you must have been digging through to take a look at all those moments
over the years.>>Tony: You know, Barrie really has grown
and evolved much like our station has over the years as well, but I think that one thing
that’s stayed the same is we’ve always wanted to tell the stories about the people who live
here and how those communities have changed.>>Well it’s such a remarkable community,
I mean we have a unique identity — we’re Central Ontario, we’re the capital of Central
Ontario, and yet you’ve told the stories around the region and in this city, and you know,
this is one of those cities where there’s a lot of people doing amazing things, and
we often don’t shout about them — we’re Canadians after all, right? We don’t like to talk about
ourselves. But you guys tell those stories, and I think,
you know, when I look back over the years and all the incredible people and sports and
media and so forth that have come out of this community, it’s been wonderful to have one
station committed to the community for 60 years, that’s an amazing thing.>>Tony: And let’s reveal a little secret
here, I know you were on the Reach for the Top team in high school,
at Central, right?>>Absolutely.>>Tony: Just like I was back at my high school. I have to confess, I dug and dug and dug through
the archives and could not find a televised Reach for the Top with Jeff Lehman on it. I wanted to surprise you with it, but I couldn’t
find it.>>Thank goodness. I’m pretty sure I had the tape on my glasses
back in the day, but yeah, was a Barrie Centralite and you guys were always great about covering
the high schools in this community, everything as the years went by. But congratulations, I mean sixty years is
amazing for any business, in any industry, especially in media with all the changes over
the years. There’s so much to be said about what you
guys have accomplished.>>Tony: Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, thank you
very much.>>Thank you.>>Tony: We’re happy to be here on the Barrie
Waterfront, and we’re happy to show you something that we’ve dug up as well. We actually have a minute to go back into
the CKVR vault — all week, we’ve been enjoying some great memories, and I want to show you
one of our best discoveries; we’ve saved it for tonight. We have some film footage to show you, starting
with what is likely the oldest surviving film recording of anything done at CKVR, so let’s
take a look right now. This is Milt Conway, and he’s a long time
personality at our station. Sadly, there’s no sound on the film, but it
appears that he was promoting a contest for a trip to Expo 67 — this would have been
back in the mid-1960s. And as we move on, we see footage of a children’s
Christmas party in our studios in 1975 with a visit from Santa himself — I wonder if
that was Milt because Milt often would dress up as Santa I’m told, during these Christmas
parties. And finally, Tiny Tim, well known entertainer. We don’t know where this was shot, but it
was kept by staff at our station, so we’re presuming it was a news story of some kind,
a production of some kind, so just amazing what we found in the vault of the CKVR building,
and all of the history that’s there through the years. By the way, we want to mention, we’re missing
our sports anchor Alastair Connolly tonight, he is not with us, that’s because his brother
is getting married, so he’s there at that wedding this weekend.>>Jayne: But Rob Cooper is here to do sports,
let’s join him now, Rob?>>Rob: Yeah, and it’s my pleasure to do that,
thanks so much guys. Hi everyone, Barrie Colts gearing up for
another game tonight after taking on the Sarnia Sting at the BMC last night; we’ll check in
and show you the highlights between Barrie and Sarnia. And yes, the Blue Jays back in action tonight,
getting set for their final series of the year taking on Tampa Bay; there’s a lot on
the line and we’ll set it up for you a little later in sports.>>Tony: And after the break, we’ll bring
you today’s top national and world news stories, including new clues about a motive for yesterday’s
deadly shooting rampage in Oregon. Stay with us, we’ll be right back. [ no audio ]>>Jayne: … our 60th anniversary on the
air.>>Tony: We have so much more to come tonight,
but first we want to take a look at today’s top national and world news stories — and
we have the latest now on yesterday’s mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. We’re starting to learn more about the possible
clues about a motive in this case. CTV’s Melanie Nagy is in Oregon with more.>>The road to Umpqua Community College
remains blocked by police, a day after a deadly mass shooting on campus.>>Medical aid, this is for an active shooter
at UCC.>>And when we ran out of the building, everyone
went every which way, it was so chaotic.>>My teacher had come running into the room
in a very big panic, telling all the students 20 plus to come into the teacher’s room in
the back.>>The shooter who went from classroom to
classroom has now been identified as 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer. He opened fire on students, and then confronted
police.>>We have at least two heroic officers who
responded into the building within minutes and exchanged gunfire with the suspect.>>So far nine have been confirmed dead. As for why Mercer went on a shooting rampage,
his family says they are shocked and have no answers.>>Devastated for me and my family.>>Today the Governor of Oregon commented.>>He cannot prevent our hearts from growing
back bigger and stronger.>>Late last night, a vigil was held for the
victims. Hundreds of people from the close knit community
turned out to grieve. And while they did, a visibly angry US President
spoke out.>>The United States of America is the one
advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws,
even in the face of repeated mass killings.>>Police are still investigating, searching
for clues as to what may have prompted a young man to terrorize and kill. As for the community college, it will remain
closed until at least Monday, but already students here say they don’t know if they’ll
ever return. Melanie Nagy, CTV News, Roseburg, Oregon.>>Tony: In Atlanta tonight, there’s still
no deal to establish a landmark free trade agreement between twelve countries. Talks for the new Trans Pacific Partnership
are said to be going very slowly. Canada’s Trade Minister and some others cancelled
a news conference today and rescheduled it for tomorrow. That deal would give Canada access to some
of Asia’s most dynamic trade markets, but all countries are said to be playing hardball
to protect their own interests. Canada’s dairy farmers are concerned the deal
would harm their livelihoods, and foreign dairy imports are said to be one sticking
point that negotiators are trying to come to terms on. If no deal is reached this weekend, there
are whispers of a Plan B, holding more talks on the sidelines of a summit in the Philippines
in December. Now let’s take a look at the stocks in today’s
closing market numbers. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Tony: Well as we cleaned out all of those
storage rooms back at CKVR, we found a lot of great memorabilia, a lot of great mementos
and souvenirs from the station’s history.>>Jayne: KC Colby is over looking at those
displays right now, KC?>>KC: That’s right Tony, we’re standing right
here beside memory lane. I want to take you for a little tour. I remember when this picture was taken, this
is shortly after I arrived here, about 2002. Green grass, big coats, very bright yellow
cars. All kinds of — look at these tremendous pictures,
look at time warp CKVR Television, lovely, lovely, lovely. All kinds — of course, telethons — Mr. McIntyre
doing everything as far as telethons go. Pierre Trudeau, there he is. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau visiting our
set. Look at that, getting off the helicopter — he
always did travel in style. Look as we travel down a little further, the
old station. Yes, the tower, Kempenfelt Bay, beautiful. I don’t know what year that was, but that
is a stunning picture, absolutely it is. We make our way a little further down, ah,
some of the familiar faces through the years. Yes, Jayne Stafford, Good Company. I see George Brison. I See Mr. McIntyre and I see Moira’s Best
— yes, Moira Hunt, from 1974 to 1981, and she joins us now as Moira Brown.
Welcome.>>Oh, it’s so fun to be here. You know that picture, I’m sure it was taken
by Lawrence Oakley, right down there.>>KC: Yep, there he is over there, yeah.>>41 years here, only. Jim Holmes is — look, Jim>>KC: Lots of familiar faces.>>Look, there’s trouble.>>KC: There’s always trouble, that’s right.>>36 years, and Jeff — I think I walked
into your live show with Jeff over there, Jeff Bruce, who is I think, also, 41 years. You must be doing something right here, people
just don’t want to leave.>>KC: We must be doing something right, and
thank you for coming back, now your show, cutting edge, cutting edge, because of course
I worked on Guide to VRLand, but you set the stage for all of that with your show.>>We got away with a lot.>>KC: You did, didn’t you? I want you to tell me some of the memories
because, of course — I mean 1974 to 1981, that’s a great run, that’s a fantastic run.>>It was so fun, it was so fun. We just — it was new, so we got permission…>>KC: In the community, in the community,
that’s what you did, right?>>…to do what we wanted to, and a crew
that was so willing and creative — they didn’t just stand behind the camera, they created
the environment for whatever the theme was. And I mean having been strongly influenced
— no kidding — by my Kindergarten teacher — I had no broadcast training. I wanted people to see what things looked
like and how they worked and bring the show and tell — they’d hammer things onto the
set for the day, and it was great.>>KC: You did all kinds of things — Arabian
horses one time?>>Yeah, we had them in there in the back
door, and I don’t know, guys, help me. We just did all kinds of — remember the ukulele
band?>>KC: Ukulele band?>>Oh, and they were great. Choirs and bands. And you have to understand that in those days,
there just wasn’t as much of that demonstrative stuff, it was a different look, and we just
had a good time. You know, I had fans like Gordon Sinclair
got me on Front Page Challenge, and we had people watching and loving it.>>KC: You’ve got lots of fans, you’ve got
lots of fans, you’ve got lots of people, I know you’ve been doing a lot of hugging — we’re
gonna send this over to Rob Cooper and let you continue hugging and say “Hi” to everybody.>>God bless you everyone.>>KC: Thank you, appreciate it. Rob?>>Rob: Well thanks very much. Boy do we have a familiar and friendly face
for many of our long time viewers, Michelle Rao is a reporter and anchor — you started
in ’83. Welcome back.>>Thank you very much, great to be back and
seeing old friends.>>Rob: So you were here for some 15 years,
anything in particular stand out with your career here at the station and what it meant
to you?>>Lot of wonderful memories. One that I can think of in particular is in
19 — oh you know what, I’m gonna forget that — Brian Orser won a world championship in
figure skating, we were there with him in Cincinnati. Mike Dinel, cameraman, it was a very exciting
moment — very proud to be Canadian at that point. Another memory of course is the 1985 tornado. I covered that story for many, many months,
and it changed this community.>>Rob: And very briefly Michelle, what has
this station sort of represented to the community in your eyes as not only a member of the community,
but a former employee?>>We are very much a part of this community
— I still feel like it’s “we” and people very often still come up to me and remember
me from the days on the news.>>Rob: Michelle, thanks so much. Michelle Rao, many of you at home certainly
recognize this face. Thanks again for joining us. Let’s go back to you.>>Tony: Thanks so much, Rob. Much more to come tonight on this special
celebration here on CTV News at 6:00.>>Jayne: It’s so great to hear from Michelle
and Moira. Including the seven-day forecast, we’ll let
you know if the winds are going to die down, and if we have to worry about rain this weekend. That’s next on CTV News Barrie. [ ♪♪♪ ] [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Jayne: Welcome back. We’re going to take another look now at how
our station has evolved over the years.>>Tony: Except no, we’re not, we’re not. This is a surprise that I’ve put together
for you — see, that’s genuine surprise right there. You know, Jayne has been with CKVR for over
half of its sixty year history, and you have a very loyal following, and over the time
you’ve been here, not only has the station evolved, but you have too. So right now, ladies and gentlemen, I give
you the many hairstyles of Jayne Pritchard. [ Jayne laughs ] [ ♪♪♪ ] [ Jayne laughs ]>>Jayne: You guys!>>Tony: Yes, yes, yes. But you know what? Every one of those on point
for their time period, I will tell you.>>Jayne: That’s right, you do have to think
of what was going on at the time and how fashionable it was, even though you look back at those
now and go “What was I thinking?”>>Tony: That’s right, that’s right. That’s right, and you looked great in every
one of those shots, and you look even lovelier tonight, and it’s a joy to work with you.>>Jayne: Well thank you Tony, it’s a joy
to work with you too. And I just want to take a minute before we
throw to Bob, Tony has done an outstanding job this week of producing these special segments
on our history that we’ve been watching — there’s one more yet to come. The time you spent on this — I know it’s
become your passion, you’ve made us all so proud of our history, you’ve really explained
things for you at home, and all of us to enjoy. Now, let’s turn things over to Bob.>>Bob: It has been a beautiful day today,
albeit a little on the chilly side. Temperatures for this time of year should
be around 16 degrees, and they haven’t been that at all over the last day or so, and they’re
not going to be that as you head to the weekend. Let’s get going with our temperatures right
now, and depending upon where you are, it is a little on the chilly side right now, we’re
seeing temperatures of 10 degrees, with some fair skies and north-easterly winds 15 kilometres
an hour plus, and sunrise/sunset tomorrow’s going to bring us 11 hours and 37 minutes
worth of daylight. Have a look at our future radar, and as we
do, we find that we are going to continue to see some cloudy conditions as we head through
the night and into tomorrow. So let’s get going with our temperatures now. As we look at York region, all the way across
through into Toronto, overnight lows are going to be around 2 through 6 degrees in this area,
and it’s going to be a night of stars and clouds — a fair amount of cloud around, I
think. Through the day tomorrow across York region
into Toronto, expect to see your temperatures of 11 and 12 degrees under these basically
fair skies. Heading to Georgian Bay around Lake Simcoe,
to Beaverton and Breckon. As we head through the night tonight, we think
temperatures are going to be on the average around 4 degrees, although some places may be just
a little cooler, 6 degrees if you’re in the over in the Owen Sound area. For the day tomorrow, we’ll have basically
fair skies, some sun, some clouds and 11 degrees, that’s 52 Fahrenheit. Heading up to Muskoka, Parry Sound and Haliburton,
overnight lows tonight under reasonably decent skies, 2, 1 degree if you’re in Haliburton. Then tomorrow, some fair skies during the
day, expect to see temperatures sitting around 12, or 54 Fahrenheit, 11 if you’re in Haliburton. Long range forecast looks like this. In Simcoe County, if you start off on Saturday,
we’ve already talked about that, the fair skies, we have a very slight chance that on
Sunday you might see a bit of a shower, about a 30% chance with a 12 degree high. Heading into Monday, some fair skies, more
fair skies for Tuesday, with a slight chance of a shower as we head into Wednesday with
a high of 15. Then 14 degrees under fair skies for Thursday
and a slight chance of a shower, up to 60%, and a high of 15 degrees. Heading to York region, on Sunday, sun, clouds, chance
of a shower, about a 60%, and highs of around 12 degrees. Then a 15 degree day for Monday with fair
skies, more fair skies for Tuesday with a high of 16. More fair skies yet again as we head into
Wednesday at 15 degrees. And then some sunshine for Thursday, so looks
like a pretty good week in the York region as we head into Friday, chance of a shower,
60% and 15 degrees. The Muskoka, Parry Sound and Haliburton. We see a chance of a shower as we head through
Sunday with a high of 12, then fair skies for Monday and Tuesday, 15 degrees both those
days. 14 as we head into Wednesday, with a slight
chance of a shower again. As we head into Thursday, fair skies and 13,
and then a 60% chance of a shower as we head into Friday and a high of 14 degrees. So the balance of the night tonight, it looks
like we’re going to continue to see some starry conditions, as well as a fair amount of cloud
around, and then as we head through the day, some fair skies tomorrow, with a slight chance
of a shower as we head through Sunday. And now back wherever we’re gonna go. [ Laughing ]>>Jayne: That would be us, thanks Bob.>>Tony: Hey Bob.>>Jayne: So many people have come down here
to the Barrie Waterfront to help us celebrate our 60th anniversary, and there’s much more
still to come.>>Tony: Yes, we’ll meet more of those people,
famous faces, and anyone who’s come down to help us celebrate this party. Sixty years on the air with CKVR. We’re back right after this. [ ♪♪♪ ] [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Tony: Welcome back to CTV Barrie’s 60th
anniversary celebration. We’re live at the Kiwanis Pavilion in Barrie
tonight, which is just near the South Shore Centre, along beautiful Kempenfelt Bay on
a brisk October evening, and you know we’re very thankful to have Larry the Hot Dog Guy
from Old Firehouse Catering here tonight, firing up the grill and serving all kinds
of food, and we’d like to thank Culligan as well for providing water for us down here
this evening.>>Jayne: Well as we continue to celebrate
our sixty years on the air, we are going to join KC Colby again, who is with another former
star of CKVR. KC?>>KC: With a very familiar face, Fitness
Break ran for about nine years, and, well, Judi Graham, Judi Graham’s Fitness Break,
and now she’s known as Judi Fenton, she joins us now, welcome.>>Oh it’s a pleasure to be here, KC.>>KC: And we’re standing here — the wind’s
blowing, it feels very fresh, very invigorating. You were responsible for keeping people — not
only in shape, feeling good about themselves with Fitness Break. Tell me a little about the memory that stands
out when people would meet you during that time, when people would see you on the street
and say “Hey, you’re the fitness girl, you’re Judi.” What would they say to you?>>Well I was always really bashful about
it, but what I loved so much, KC, was that I was tall for half an hour a day, every day
of the week — five days a week, and because I’m standing beside you, I still look sort
of tall, but I’m only 5′.>>KC: You’re my favourite person immediately.>>But the funny thing was people would say
“Oh my goodness, you’re so much smaller than “I’d thought you’d be.” So that was wonderful.>>KC: That really stands out.>>But it was really great to be part of the
CKVR community, and congratulations on sixty years of broadcasting.>>KC: Thank you very much, and thank you
for paving the way for fitness.>>Thank you.>>KC: Absolutely. Thank you very much, I know you know lots
of people — you want to join everybody.>>I do, we’re having a great time, thank
you.>>KC: Absolutely, thank you very much. Thank you very much and now back to Tony.>>Jayne: Well stay with us because we are
going to take a trip back in time to our newsroom.>>Tony: Yes, and just — you’re gonna see
how our newscast has not only changed over the years, but how they way we gather the
news has changed as well. We’ll hear from our very first news anchor. That’s coming up next on CTV News Barrie. [ ♪♪♪ ] [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Tony: Although our look has changed a lot
over sixty years, we’ve been doing one thing every single day, bringing you stories about
our communities.>>Jayne: But the way we collect and deliver
the news has changed drastically over the years, and no one knows that better than CKVR’s
very first anchor, Bill Harrington.>>Tony: Yes, he is one of many people who have
brought the news to our viewers and one of many people who can tell you some very colourful
stories about the roller coaster ride that has been our newsroom.>>Announcer: CTV News with Tony Grace
and Jayne Pritchard.>>Tony: The news didn’t always have such
a polished formula. Today, we discuss and debate story ideas. Collect footage and interviews. Write and edit stories and then present them. Sixty years ago, the approach was a little
unusual.>>Well it was pretty exciting, these
are the very early days of television.>>Tony: Bill Harrington was our station’s
first news announcer in 1955, back when we also had a radio station.>>I was wanting to be a disk jockey, but
I was a pretty rotten disk jockey, so they put me into reading news instead.>>Tony: And since the TV station was brand
new, there was no stock news footage. Bill’s solution:>>I went down to the local barber shop in
Allendale, and I got all the old Life Magazines and cut out pictures of famous people and
put them in our file.>>Tony: Easy enough, the pictures were placed
on easels, students were brought into operate a simple camera. Great, except when the picture didn’t exactly
match the tone of the story, like the time the son of New York’s governor went missing
in Indonesia.>>The only picture we had of Governor Nelson
Rockefeller was a wonderful action picture of him swimming in this swimming pool in Albany,
New York. So we put that picture up, but of course it
gave the impression he was swimming around this island in Indonesia looking for his son. Quite ridiculous of course, but anyway that
was the way it went on the air.>>Tony: Collecting local news footage wasn’t
the same either. Freelance photographers in various towns and
cities would literally rush film reels over to us by car or bus. By the sixties, things were a little more
organized. Evening Report was CKVR’s newscast. There were even jackets for the anchors. The seventies brought colour to our shows,
and interesting sets. Yes, that is carpet on top of that desk.>>Here are your hosts Susan Hughes and Terry
Thomas.>>Good evening, 1977, a year of change, improvement,
and as we’ll see, excitement.>>Tony: Though the look was improving, new
technology like videotape was still expensive. The station continued shooting its news footage
on film.>>And find a place in today’s society. In Orillia, Tracy McReynolds.>>Tony: That often meant no do-overs.>>Cause we have 100 feet of film, and we’d
travel from one corner of the broadcast area to another.>>Tony: Long-time CTV anchor Christine Bentley
worked at CKVR in the seventies.>>… and released by police. Christine Bentley, CKVR News in Midland.>>You did it, you did it right the first
time, and that was an invaluable lesson, so I never have and off/on switch, it was always
in live mode. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Tony: By 1979, the look would change again. Our news department would start identifying
itself with one of its most familiar brands, Total News. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Tony: The eighties would bring new sets
and videotape, and being more portable meant covering more stories. Some of the biggest made their way into our
renowned documentary series Close-Up, like the Pope’s visit to Huronia in 1984.>>He embraces them, he touches the hands
of those who reach out to touch him, and he gives them his blessing.>>We are broadcasting from our brand
new newsroom…>>Tony: By 1990, our studio would move upstairs
to the location it’s in now, right in the heart of the newsroom, where we work.>>And with us now are General Manager Ron
Waters, our Operations Manager Doug Garraway, and we’re going to cut — not ribbon, but
a piece of videotape.>>Tony: That move into the newsroom would
pave the way for our most radical change of all in 1995.>>It’s VRLand News.>>Good evening, we start the show tonight
with VRLand Heroes…>>Tony: That’s when Total News became VRLand
News. Videographers were introduced. The storytelling became more interactive,
but our team’s focus remained razor sharp. When Seconds Count, focusing on fire safety,
and the series Stranger Danger, were two major news productions that earned numerous industry
awards.>>It is sad to have to admit, but the school
system in this country…>>Tony: By the way, if some of these faces
look familiar, well they are. Many of our former news personalities have
had long, successful careers. Keith Radford went on to become a well-known
news anchor in Buffalo. Andrea Canning is now with NBC News in the
States. They are just a couple of the well-known names
to work here and gain experience that they would take with them.>>And what I have to tell you
I learned there proved invaluable for the rest of my broadcast career.>>I think we had a lot of fun, yeah, we probably
took ourselves more seriously than we should have, but there was a lot of fun time there
too.>>Tony: Big, big changes over the years,
that’s for sure. And by the way, you can greetings from Bill
Harrington, Christine Bentley, so many other CKVR personalities by heading over to our
website.>>Jayne: Just go to and
click on the 60th anniversary section. For pictures, videos and so much more.>>Tony: And now we’re gonna head over to
Rob Cooper because he is hopefully gonna warm us up with his look at sports tonight. Rob?>>Rob: Certainly do my best Tony and Jayne,
thanks a lot. There was some local high school boy’s football
on the go this afternoon, we’ll check in on that for you. And of course all baseball fans gearing up
for the Jays in the playoffs, their final regular season series in Tampa Bay, looking for home
field advantage throughout, we’ll set it up. All that and more coming up in sports. [ ♪♪♪ ] [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Rob: Hi again, everyone. High school football highlights are sports
tonight, senior boys action today had St. Theresa taking on Patrick Fogarty on the football
field. It was the first of three games being played
today. St. Theresa’s Thunder wore the blue jerseys while
Patrick Fogarty in green. First quarter action, St. Theresa gives the
sweet pass to number 88 Zack Coone, he weaves his way through the defence, takes it to the
house, Thunder up 7-0 at that point. Still in the first, the ball goes to the hands
of Coone again, this time just outruns the defence on the way to his second touchdown
of the game, 14-0 at that point. We pick it up late in the second, Jacob Austin
with a carry, he fumbles the ball, but is able to recover it in the end zone, 21-0 at
that point, they cruise 33-0 in the final this afternoon. Alright, well still on the local front, the
Barrie Colts off to a 2 and 1 start on the OHL season last night, Sarnia Sting at the
BMC taking on the Barrie Colts in case you missed it, here’s how it went down. It was the Barrie Colts home opener, the Sarnia
Sting in town. Barrie fell behind midway through in the first
period, Mackenzie Blackwood in the net, he can’t handle it, 1-0 Sting at that point. Earlier in the third, the Colts tried to mount
a comeback, Andrew Mangiapane had a good chance after being set up, but Sting goalie Justin
Fazio stands strong. More chances for Barrie, again Mangiapane
looks as if he scores, but no goal. Despite 39 saves from Blackwood, Barrie falls
1-0. Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays still have
something to play for as they kick off their season closing series at Tampa Bay tonight. Toronto enters play tied with Kansas City
for the top seat in the American League. The Blue Jays have already wrapped up the
East Division title and can secure home field advantage to the playoffs by finishing ahead
of the Royals. Toronto also owns the tie breaker advantage. The lone division title still up for grabs
in major league baseball is in the American League West. Texas holds a three-game lead on Houston and
can clinch with win over the LA Dodgers, or if the Astros lose to Arizona. Houston currently holds the second wildcard
spot, the Angels and Minnesota Twins are just one game behind. It could be a Grey Cup preview, Hamilton Tiger
Cats host Calgary tonight in the lone CFL game. The Stampeders have the best record in the
West Division, while the Ti-Cats own a share of first place in the East Division. Leafs head coach Mike Babcock returns to Detroit
tonight for a preseason game against the Red Wings. Babcock was a long-time coach in the Motor
City before signing a long-term deal with Toronto last summer. It’s one of six NHL games tonight. Ottawa Senators goalie Andrew Hammond will
miss the start of the NHL season due to a groin injury. Hammond is out two weeks due to the tweak
sustained in practice earlier this week. The Senators signed the goaltender to a three-year,
$4 million contract during the offseason. Tristan Thompson has been unable to sign a
new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. The backup power forward declined to sign
a one-year, $6.8 million deal. And Jordan Spieth has been voted the PGA Tour
player of the year. The 22-year old Texan had five wins this year,
including the Masters and US Open. He’s the youngest player since Tiger Woods
to win the Jack Nicklaus award as player of the year. Alright, that’s it for sports, we’re back
at 11:00 with your Jay highlights. Now back to Tony, Jayne and a whole bunch
of friendly people.>>Jayne: Well what’s a party without a cake,
and we have a very special cake here this evening, and a very special guest, and honoured
guest to help us cut it, Jack Mattinley, the very first Station Manager for CKVR.>>Tony: And he is going to cut the cake for
us now, this culminates the celebration of sixty years of broadcasting, and you know
what folks? [ Applause ]>>Tony: Making great television and bringing
it to you is something that every person you see here tonight has loved doing for a part
of that sixty years, CKVR always has been and always will be a family, and we are so
proud to bring you the television that we bring you every single night. We love what we do, we love all of you, and
we’ll be here again tonight at 11:00 with your news. Thank you so much for joining us.>>Jayne: Thank you.>>Tony: For this special 60th anniversary
celebration. Thank you to all of you, and CKVR, sixty more
years, let’s do it. Have a good night. [ Applause ] [ ♪♪♪ ] [ Applause ] [ music ]

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