– What’s up everyone,
we are back from Hawaii. – Hawaii. – Hawaii. – Dave says it in two syllables. – Hawaii. – Huh, Huh, why.
– I don’t know if that’s like a accent, how I grew up. Whatever it is, we are
back from that place. We hung out with our friends,
The Bucket List Family. Super fun. I know a lot of you have
been waiting for this, but Claire also celebrated
her seventh birthday while we were in Hawaii. – She has always been like
this big time planner. – She’s your daughter.
– She just has all of her lip, she is my daughter! So, she had a vision for how
she wanted her birthday to go, and she wrote it all out. – [Dave] What is this list? – It’s a list of my birthdays. – [Dave] Okay, let’s hear what you got. – Okay, I get to do whatever
I want on my birthday so I know this is gonna happen, all of it. (Dave laughs) Claire’s birthday. Get shaved
ice, swim in the big tub, donuts for breakfast, play
with Dorothy all day long, mermaid cake, snorkel in the
ocean, watch for some rainbows, and play with Callie. – [Dave] That is a good list. I think we have another special mermaid surprise instead.
– [Ashley] Oh yeah, There’s, there’s surprises. – [Dave] ‘Cause we couldn’t
have the mermaid cake, we decided on– – [Ashley] There’s things
you don’t know about – [Dave] Another mermaid surprise. – Okay, tell me. – [Ashley] Dorothy knows. – This year she definitely
had a birthday to remember. We had mermaids, sea turtles, the beach. And we’re gonna show you all of that, but real quick we wanna thank
our sponsor for this video. We wanna give another
shout out to Hello Fresh. Meal kit services are like, the new-age way to do meal planning. They are life changing. – And Hello Fresh is the best of the best. They have the most five-star recipes– – Most five-star recipes of any meal kit. – We have had so many of their meals now, and every single time
we eat one, we’re like, “oh my gosh this is so good.” – Okay I’m not just saying this, every one of the meals that we’ve had
has been like, super good. – Like, it’s kind of
offensive a little bit because I’ve been cooking
for Dave for ten years. – [Dave] I think you’re an amazing cook. – Ten years, and all of
a sudden it’s just like he’ll take a bite, he’s like, “Oh this is delicious”. I’m like… – Last night we had what was it called? – It was truffled onions. They were like caramelized
truffled onion grilled cheese. – Truffled onion grilled cheese. – With potato wedges
and lemony mixed greens. – Hello Fresh makes
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you can cancel a week. There’s no long term contract so you can quit whenever you want. – You were talking very fast. – I was, my mom used
to always tell me that a lot when I was a kid. They also have different
options for vegetarian. – So Hello Fresh is
just $5.66 per serving, which is a really good deal, and we believe time is money. Right? – Especially the time you save– – That’s what Dave always says to me. – I always tell Ashley that. Time is money, value your time. – You don’t go to the grocery
store it comes to you. You get it done, it’s delicious. – And dishes, Hello
Fresh is like six dishes. Bam, you eat, you’re done. Best part is, if you are a Crosby follower we have a special discount code for you. Go to, enter CROSBYS80. You’re gonna get $80 off your first month. That’s eight free meals, just try it out. Simplify your life, we
love it, give it a shot. – [Dave] How do you feel
to be seven years old? – Big – [Dave] You feel big? How does it feel to be
seven years old in Hawaii? – Ready to swim. – [Dave] You want to
get in the ocean today? You can do whatever you want. – Okay, let’s go eat donuts. – [Dave] Donuts? – That’s for breakfast. – [Dave] Let’s go, let’s do it. – (giggles) Donut Run! – [Dave] Number one on the list. – [Carson] Donuts! – [Dave] What kind of
donuts are we gonna get? – I choose Carson gets
a chocolate sprinkle. – Yay! (children cheering) – [Child] Yay! ♪ Open up the windows ♪ ♪ The world waits just outside ♪ – This place smells like
donuts and I love that smell. I wanna smell this everyday. – Chocolate. I’m gonna get two.
– [Carson] Chocolate! – I want two donuts! ♪ It’s all happening now ♪ – [Dave] You gotta keep it going. (upbeat music) – We’re off to a good start? – Great start! – So as you guys know, Claire has always loved mermaids, so for her birthday Garrett and Jessica set up a little mermaid surprise for her and Dorothy. – Where are we going? – To a surprise party. It’s a special kind of party. – Tell me! We’re going, I’m gonna
show you, you ready to see? – Dad just tell me! – I can’t wait to show ya. – Tell me where we’re going. – Let’s go, surprise birthday party. – That’s all you’re gonna tell me? Give me clues of what it is! – [Dave] It’s a special kind of swimming. – Special kind of swimming? What is a special kind of swimming? Give me more hints. – [Dave] I can’t give you hint. All right here we go! (upbeat music) – This is paradise! – [Dave] Do you know what it is? – [Child] What? – The ocean? – I know it. – [Dave] It’s in the the ocean
– I know, I know. – [Dave] You know what it is?
– Mm-hmm – [Instructor] Happy Birthday! Go over there, is that a pink blanket? (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Dave] We’re gonna swim
in the ocean like mermaids. – [Claire] I’m ready! Let’s do this! Let’s do this! ♪ Be no pain ♪ ♪ Hear music when you speak my name ♪ ♪ It’s the rhythm of a
life here in the moment ♪ ♪ So let’s own it ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be a good day ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be a good day ♪ ♪ With you by my side ♪ – Garrett promised Claire that if we came to Hawaii that she would see Sea Turtles right in their backyard. And man, the turtles did not disappoint. Claire and I were kind
of like in the middle of the ocean and as Garrett
pointed out in their videos– – I wouldn’t say you’re in the
middle of the ocean. (laughs) – Okay we were on like the beach, but. So Claire and I were out in the ocean swimming around and she wanted to like, go crazy like she wanted to go swim and do all these cool things and I was feeling a little bit
nervous just because I don’t, the waves were hitting me in the face. – And she’s a new swimmer. – And so at first I
was like super nervous. I always wanted to like hold onto her and she kept like kicking my hand off like get off, get away from me. (laughs) (water gurgles) And finally I just accepted the fact that she was growing up. She’s a seven year old little girl. – Ohhh – And she can just like have fun snorkeling by herself, so I let her go. ♪ It’s gonna be a good day ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be a good day ♪ ♪ With you by my side ♪ ♪ All we gotta do is wake up ♪ ♪ All we gotta do is wake up now ♪ ♪ Life’s a bottle we can shake up ♪ ♪ Shake it up, pass it all around ♪ – And it was like so fun for me to just like, let go and say like my little girl is growing up and we were just snorkeling, swimming in an ocean together. It was the coolest thing. – And you know who loves turtles? – I think turtles are
like the coolest thing. Maybe its because I loved Ninja Turtles when I was a little boy. – Is that why? – I think sea turtles are so cool! – We went to Hawaii years ago, just us, you could see that
(finger snap) video link. All Dave wanted was to see a turtle. – I hadn’t seen a turtle, they’re so cool! – [Dave] You saw so many turtles. – Yeah turtles came up to me and just swam and I swam over them! – [Dave] Do you miss it? Did you hear them say Happy Birthday? They came and whispered,
“Happy birthday Claire.” – Yeah. – Okay so then we did
some gifts for Claire. – Wow! – [Carson] Claire, is that
the bracelet making kit you wanted? – [Claire] Let’s get this started. – [Ashley] So turn it
around and you can see there’s all these–
– We could do it together. – [Ashley] Yeah I got it so you guys can, you guys can make some bracelets and necklaces together.
– Whoa – Let’s get this party started! – [Ashley] All those beads and you can make anything you want.
– Let’s do this mom! – [Ashley] That sound good? – Let’s do it!
– [Ashley] Okay, let’s do it. Dave took the kids to an arcade so they could go play games. – Play some video games. – Next stop on the birthday adventure. We’re going to… – [All Kids In Unison] The arcade! – the arcade. (baby fussing) – [Dave] I’m gonna beat you for sure. – I’m gonna beat you! Dorothy lets be on a team. Me and Dorothy are on a team. – So I’m on your team dad. – [Dave] Oh so you’re on my team? – Nooooo, no Carson, you’re on our team. This is kid team. – [Dave] Okay birthday girl. The little arcade birthday girl. – (grunts) Not little anymore. ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ ♪Arm in arm, we’re tall as the mountains♪ ♪Come reach for the sun♪ ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ ♪It’s All Happening Now
by Robert Shirey Kelly♪ – You ready? Let’s go spend them! – [Dorothy] Wait, Wait, that’s all? – This is all my tickets! – [Dorothy] You did a lot in that game. – I got so many tickets. WOW! All my tickets! I wonder what I can get out of this. – [Dave] Three-hundred
and twenty-six tickets! – So what can I spend out of there? – [Dave] Go find something for
three-hundred and twenty-six. She’s gonna choose the unicorn and the Barbie one, yup that one. – [Ashley] Was there another
pink from Michael Bay? – [Attendant] A little.
– No thank you. – [Dorothy] You like it? – [Claire] I do like it! – [Dave] Carse, here you
go, I’ll hold this for you. – I, I taste the hamburger. – [Claire] Carson can’t play
with this, it’s ages five. – So for the last part of the day, this was so cool, We decided to set up a projector outside and watch a movie right there on the
grass, next to the ocean. So we watched Moana, which is so cool ’cause we were like sitting
right next to the ocean. Probably twenty-five feet from the ocean. Watching Moana and like this beautiful Hawaiian weather,
beautiful Hawaiian night. – And you can hear the waves. – The waves are coming in and like just Our family, The Bucket List Family we’re just sitting there on blankets eating pizza and watching
a movie together. It was so much fun. – So beautiful. – It was like such a magical evening. ♪ Life is in a stream ♪ ♪ The ocean call for you… and me ♪ (waves crashing) (waves crashing) (Waves crashing) – Can I please go to bed – (laughing) Okay that is something that
has never been said in the history of Claire’s life. She said “Dad, can I go to bed?” Can you please put me to bed? I think that is a sign that that is one very successful birthday. Was that a fun birthday? (laughs) So that was Claire’s birthday. Super fun Hawaiian birthday
for that little girl. She’s seven years old now. – How have we been
parents for seven years? – It’s amazing that we
have a seven year old. That’s crazy to me, but she’s just… – Do we look old enough
to have a seven year old? – Yeah, I mean… yeah for sure… – Does he? – I… (mumbles)
– Do I? (laughs) – You’re like six years younger than me. – I am not six years younger than you. – Three and a half for those counting. But, um, you know, just to finish about my thoughts on Claire… She is just the most,
the sweetest little girl. Such a joy to have in our lives. I love her so much obviously! – Don’t – I’m gonna get emotional too. I just, that girl means
the world to me and to you and to see her kinda just blossom and grow up into this
beautiful, young girl and still has all the things
we love about her. She’s still just as
kind and sweet as ever. She still acts, her emotions
are so grown-up for her age. Her emotions have always been so much older than she actually is and it’s just so fun to see how she’s turning into this little girl. – I have to say real quick, so, she came home, as a kindergartner, they weren’t allowed to
bring home library books and she’s been looking forward to bringing home a library book her
entire schooling life so far and she came off the bus, yesterday and she was just lit up with excitement and she said “We got
bring home library books today Mom, we’re in first grade. I got my first library book!” and she runs in and she takes out of her backpack a dinosaur book and she
brought it for Carlson. – Oh, really – Yes, and if that doesn’t
say like, that’s Claire – That is totally Claire right there. – Just super, I super love that girl. – Just love that girl so much. We better turn this off, I rarely get emotional and I feel it coming, so That’s it, that’s Claire’s birthday. – Thanks for joining us.
– We love you Claire. Claire if you’re watching
this, years in the future, we love you so much. Happy Birthday little girl. – Happy Birthday baby. – We will see you all
on the next adventure. We still have Claire’s birthday party. Since we were in Hawaii
we still have Claire’s birthday party coming up. We have Carson’s birthday coming up and of course we have our Christmas album which we have been working like crazy on and in about a week and a
half, we, two weeks maybe we were filming three
music videos in one week and three days in a row and they’re all pretty big music videos too. Like we have our Once
Upon a December video is gonna have dancers and
the big beautiful building and an orchestra and singers. – It’s gonna be really magical. – It’s gonna be cool, so super excited to share that with you in November. – So if aren’t subscribed
and you’re watching, subscribe, because you’ll, oh, and turn your notifications on, right? – Yes, your notifications on
and you’ll see the videos. And I also want to shout,, like we post way more, especially lately, way more on our Instagram stories, like the day to day of all, a lot of this stuff, so, check out our Instagram
stories at DaveCrosby at @AshleyRCrosby and
Claire’s at ClairCrosby and um, yeah, you can see the day to day. So that’s it from us this week. We love you guys all so much.
– See you guys. – We appreciate how you
have followed us for years now and we will see you
all on the next adventure. (kiss) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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