– My birthday is today, and, well… There’s some birthdays coming up for me and my friends are going to come over, just for a little bit. But today it’s my birthday. – [Dad] It is your birthday. – Dad, do you think I
look a little bigger? A lot of balloons can make
you fly up into the air. You guys are gonna think
my birthday is perfect! (laughing) Yeah, watch this, I can lift my seat. – [Dad] What time did
you wake up this morning? – Um, like early. (tape rewinding) (Claire singing quietly) – [Dad] Hi sweetheart. – Hi dad. – I heard you singing in here. – Daddy? – What? – I just wanted to read my books. Dad? Do you think that hot pink looks like red? – [Dad] Yeah, a little bit. – But it’s hot pink. – [Dad] See you in the
morning, when you’re four. Think she’s gonna fall back asleep? – There’s no way. (both chuckle) – [Dad] Happy birthday! – [Mom] Good morning! Oh my goodness, she’s four! (mom gasps) – [Dad] Are you four?
– Yeah. It’s hard to hold My
Little Pony boxes and… And balloons! Hey, Carson! – [Mom] Hey, daddy’s going to work, can you say bye to daddy? – [Claire] Can you help me again, mom? – [Carson] Bye daddy! – Bye buddy. – Bye, dad. (fast guitar music) – These are the friends who came. Hadley. – [Dad] Okay. – Sienna, and Esma. (delicate piano music) – [Claire] Do you have a side braid? I have a side braid. Hadley and me both have side braids. Time for cake! (blowing out candles) (cheering and praise) Sienna, thank you for giving me this. Love Claire. – [Dad] I thought you said
that when you turned four, you were going to eat
lots of new of new foods? – I don’t know. I changed my mind. – [Dad] You changed your mind? – Yeah. – [Dad] So you’re not going
to try new foods anymore? – No. When I’m five, I will. – [Dad] When you’re five you will. – [Mom] This is from Carson! Did you get sissy a present, Carson? – A present. – Whoa, thanks, Carson! Whoa ho ho, thanks, Carson! Carson gave me a good present. We’re gonna open all of my presents! (laughing) That is the biggest one ever! – [Mom] Got you a big present. – Whoa! (gasping) Wow, it’s what I’ve always dreamed for! – [Mom] Did you get it? Ha, what is it? – It’s my dog-mobiles! Let’s open the box! Look what I got, whoa! It’s really heavy! Whoa, whoa, but I can lift it! Will you give us a hand, here? – [Dad] Need some help? – Yeah, need some help
for this doggy stuff. – They always put ’em
in here so tight, huh? ♪ My dream came true, for
me, my dream came true. ♪ – A little better there,
okay, you’re good to go! (toy singing a muffled song) – Will you help me, dad? Do it! It’s stuck on wheels, too
heavy to go up my stairs! So what’s the problem with you today? – [Dad] Um, I think I have a broken leg. – That’s the same problem mom had. – [Dad] Oh wow, what are the chances? – You have to change
your diagnosis because we have to figure out
what’s wrong with you, because we don’t know
how to fix broken legs. We just have… You just have to go to the hospital to fix broken legs, so… – [Dad] Okay. – Tell me things that will really make us, that I can fix. – [Dad] Okay, I’m feeling very sick, I think I might have an infection. – We can do that. – [Dad] Okay, perfect, thank you. – You have a case… Of the bad attitudes. (Dad laughing) – [Dad] I have a case of bad attitude? – Uh huh. Because you have sickness. You have to not promise
to share germs ever again. It’s antibiotics. Yes, it’s really strong medicine
to help you feel better. – You were a whole week
late, so the doctor told me that you were gonna come, that your birthday was
gonna be September 28th, and you didn’t come, and the
next day you didn’t come, and the next day you didn’t come. You just thought my belly was so comfy you just wanted to stay in
there, did you know that? – No. – [Dad] Did you have
a good birthday today? – Uh huh. – [Dad] I’m so glad. – I’m not very sleepy. – [Dad] You’re not very sleepy? It’s ’cause you had a
lot of sugar today, huh? – The sugar will keep me awake forever! – [Dad] You think so? – Uh huh. – [Dad] You had way too much sugar today. You had cakes, and
cupcakes, and lots of candy. – No I didn’t have cupcakes. – [Dad] Oh, just cake? – Uh huh. – [Dad] Okay. – And ice cream, and hot chocolate! – [Dad] Oh, yeah, that involves sugar. – My birthday was perfect! – [Dad] All right sweetheart, good night. Love you, goodnight.

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