CLC 50th Anniversary

[music] Rich Anderson: Brandel and
Anderson own Picket Fence Farm. This was a small
parcel, the 101 acres. They thought about it and
decided to donate the land. It’s going to be centrally
located here in Lake County. Great America is one of the things
that started the development of Lake County and also was a good
place for students to have jobs. Eleanor Murkey: In 1978,
College of Lake County started a presence in the
downtown Waukegan in area. The college expanded to
the next block and the college was really a
voice for the community. Michael Graham: They
expanded a lot of their sports like softball,
baseball, tennis. They’ve been really focused
on getting people to have that college experience that you
get at a four-year school. Eleanor: In 1981, we expanded
into the old Heins department store and start offering
more college credit classes. Rich: There was a lot of
growth in the county in jobs. The big pharmaceutical
companies need trained workers and we’ve always been a
source of training for them. That relationship blossomed into
the Baxter Lab that we have now. Michael: I don’t know
if a lot of people know that there is a study
of rock program at CLC. I’ve had a lot of people that
I’ve known went to China, Japan, Morocco, Italy, France,
a bunch of different countries. Joanna Rolek: In 1998, the college
started offering online courses and today, they’re more than 9,000
students that are participating. In the time between 1950 and
2000, the population of Chicago decreased by 20% while in Lake
County it increased by 260%. Eleanor: In 2004, we moved our Salute
to Gospel to the Genesee Theatre. That was a very important piece of connecting the college,
culture, community. Rich: Putting a fire
station here at the College of Lake County,
I am very proud of that. Now, we have a program
where we train actual firefighters that get jobs
as soon as they leave here. Eleanor: When the college moved the
dental hygiene program to downtown Waukegan, that was a stroke of magic connecting the community
and the college. It has been extremely
successful and it proves that if you bring a program that people
need, they will come. Rich: That was quite a big event for
the college to have a young Senator Barack Obama here and speaking
to the students in the community. Joanna: In the year
2007, the South Lake Campus new construction
tripled its size. South Lake has now served thousands
of students over the past decade. Since 2011, the college has been
the only one of the community colleges that has supported the Blackhawks with their
fitness testing. Dr. Lori Suddick: In 2012,
the board of trustees approved $163 million
sustainability plan. Through the result of
that smart investment, we were able to grow
space for learning and students while maintaining and reducing the utility
costs to the college. In 2013, we started the
Farmers’ Market and that’s an opportunity for the
community to purchase things that were grown
right here at Grayslake through our students and
the faculty that we have. College of Lake County’s LEED
Platinum Science and Engineering Building is really a demonstration
of its commitment to uphold the economic,
environmental, and social responsibilities, and weave those within the curriculum and learning
opportunities for students. Eleanor: I look at
the College of Lake County as being the
heart of the county. I envision how blood vessels go
out and come back to the heart. That’s what the College
of Lake County does. Michael: It’s allowing me to
focus on what’s important. That is my education, that is my community,
and our reaching to everyone.

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