hey girlfriend and welcome back to my
channel today I’m going to be sharing my solo nighttime routine as a stay-at-home
mom of two my husband is away on a military assignment for four months so
while he’s away I’m taking the overall responsibilities keeping the house in
order and the kids and I are working together as a team so I kind of want to
share with you guys what that looks like so we had chili and cornbread for dinner
and after dinner we all just do a quick 20 minutes tidy this is basically the kids
sharing the responsibility of wiping the table and vacuuming the dining room
while I tidy up the kitchen before they go upstairs to brush their teeth just
doing this as a family in a few minutes can really clear space in no time plus
it saves me time from not having to worry about doing this later on when
they go to sleep {MUSIC PLAYING} so around this time my husband had
called and the kids were so excited to talk to their dad that they took my phone
upstairs to continue on with their video chat and just tell them all about the
day and what they learned at school and their new friends and whatever else that
was in their hearts to share what their dad {MUSIC PLAYING} after finishing the dishes I’m gonna use
my favorite fall scent for mrs. meyer’s and this is in the scent apple cider
vinegar {MUSIC PLAYING} typically when I’m cleaning I like
to have some type of sound in the background and that sound can be music
listening to someone on the podcast listening to a message or just watching
a video for my fellow YouTube mama however the sounds that I was hearing so
loud from upstairs was the best sound that I ever could listen to at this
present time because it just showed me how much they love their dad how much
they missed him and just a special bond that they have but comment below what is
your favorite thing to listen to or do you like to have some type of sound when
you’re cleaning after wiping the counters I’m going to
go ahead and take my cloth and my sponge and then place them in a microwave for a
minute just a disinfected and then I’m going to vacuum my floors clean {MUSIC PLAYING} so before I jump on this video call I’m gonna place my
children school work in their assigned folders and place them in their book bag
I really hope that you guys enjoy this video and let me know what you’re after
dinner routine looks like especially if you’re doing it solo on some nights I
hope that you have an amazing day and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t
already girlfriend until next time stay beautiful

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  1. Solo night is a regular for me. Loved this video! Also, thank you and your husband for your service and sacrifices. Fellow milspouse here! 🙂

  2. My husband works nights so it’s me and the kids Monday through Friday. Great cleaning motivation as always

  3. Great video girl! My son helped me clean my house the other night, love how the kids like to help out. My fave scent is the acorn spice, I'm obsessed. I will usually have the TV on when I'm cleaning. Thanks for sharing! XO

  4. Heyyyy. We left ahead of my husband so I have been solo for over a month and preparing for a year. Music keeps me sane and helps me to keep moving when I’m cleaning. Great video❤️

  5. Love that the kiddos are helping out! I like to listen to something as I clean too..makes it go so much quicker! Great job as always!

  6. I like music or a pod cast. I love what you said about listening to your kids talk to their dad! Such a special sound!❤️

  7. I still need to wash my dishes but I finally got a new dishwasher!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 it’s so much easier to get it done. Gonna watch as I do my dishes ☺️

  8. Right now I'm doing laundry and watching you clean in the background. Sometimes I'll listen to a sermon!!

  9. You guys are doing great holding the house down and mama bear you are amazing and doing a wonderful job raising them cubs. Keep up the great job sister much love your way and keep it up Have a blessed day and an amazing weekend

  10. Love that everybody helps!!
    That’s awesome!!👍🏼👍🏼
    Chili & cornbread?? 😍
    My fall fav food?
    Cherry pie & fresh hot coffee ( is that considered food?)
    That’s what I’m craving for right now, i guess.. i listen to really loud pop & R&B music or watching/listening to fellow youtuber clean their own house..💕

  11. Great motivation lovely! I’m the same, always clean up after dinner and get my home sorted as it’s the best feeling waking up to a clean and tidy house! Have a great weekend 😊

  12. I definitely like to listen to something while I clean! It can be music, a tv show, or a podcast. What’s you favorite podcast to listen to?

  13. I cannot wait until Madison is old enough to help me!!! It's so hard when my husband's gone and its all me and a toddler. They did a great job vacuuming and wiping down the table!!

  14. For some reason the lighting of the candle in the beginning of this just made me feel so cozy!! Great job getting so much accomplished girl xo

  15. I need something in the background too! I’m actually listening to you while I clean the kitchen. I usually put on a YouTube video, music or listen to the TV.

  16. I have to have some type of background noise when I’m doing chores. It’s either pandora or YouTube! Great motivation Sherrell! Military life is not for the weak! You are superwoman! 💪🏽❤️

  17. I’m way more productive when there is trap music playing in the background 😂 sometimes I like to put on some good old trash TV if it’s just me in the house but a lot of the times my kids are around when I’m cleaning so I usually have some K-love playing. Thank you for sharing this was so relaxing 🧡

  18. I couldn't hold the house together like you with my husband away for so long. So inspirational. Thanks for sharing Sherrel. Let's support each other. Big like, new sub! 😊👍

  19. Great cleaning motivation friend! I like listening to music while I clean, and omg how cute that your little ones help with the shores! Just subscribed!💕

  20. Great quick cleaning video!! I have that same mes meyers soap scent! I love to listen to some good music while cleaning too its just so much easier and time passes by quickly!

  21. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍❤❤🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🔔🔔🔔

  22. Yes we do the same here, usually clean up as a family. This way I don’t have to get stuck cleaning all by myself after the kids go to bed ! Great video ❤️

  23. Since my daughter is only 14 months old, I usually have to listen to her little baby bum songs while I clean because it’s the only way I can get the cleaning done 😜😜

  24. Your kids are amazing helpers! I can't wait until mine are at an age to really help out with chores. Chili and cornbread sounds delicious right now. If I had a dishwasher I would be using it all day every day lol. I hate handwashing dishes.

  25. I like to have music on in my background when I’m cleaning! I used your that method of cleaning my microwave out now after watching your videos, I love it! That’s so sweet that your babies can enjoy a nice FaceTime with their dad. Thanks for the cleaning motivation. ❤️

  26. I have to have something playing in the background. That is so precious that your kids took the phone to go video chat! I usually watch other cleaning videos. I find it’s a great time to support other mommas! Like I’m doing tonight!!

  27. Great cleaning motivation video 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼thanks for sharing. Just subbed and liked to your channel ❤️ I would be happy if you support me back dear 😊

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