Clever Balloon Decoration Trick – First Time in Youtube – How to make flower balloon

hello friends welcome to queen bee paradise. Today’s video is yet another interesting video. Recently we celebrated my kid’s bday at home. I wanted to decorate my home with some flower
balloons. I could see hundreds of videos in youtube
showing the twisting techniques to make flower balloons. But i found the steps pretty complicated and
also I ended up breaking the balloons while twisting them. Finally I came up with this simple straight
foward trick to make flower balloons. I have not seen this kind of technique in
youtube ever.. its a new idea. If you are interested in learning keep watching. Before getting started please subscribe queen
bee paradise and hit the bell so you wont miss any new videos from this channel. For making balloon petals we need to blow
balloons in the same size. I usually use a bowl as a reference to keep
the balloons in the same size. The bowl i am using is 7″ in diameter. Let me show you how i usually tie the balloons
, some of you might find it useful. now for the flower i am making i need five
petals of same color. I am also tieing a contrasting balloon to
make the centre part of the flower. This balloon can be little smaller or bigger
as per your choice. Now the balloons are ready.Let us see how
to tie them together. For this i have taken a cardboard circle of
size 5″ I am making 5 holes around the circle at equal
distance using a pencil. A hole at the middle as well. Now using a scissor, make slits from the edge
of the circle to reach the hole. donot cut it straight, the cut needs to be
slanting. so make five slanting slits around the circle
like this. Let us start sliding in the balloons. Ensure to get the thread of each balloon on
this side of the circle. After sliding in all the 5 balloons, hold
the threads together and make a tight knot. now its time to insert the centre balloon. now hold all the 6 threads together and make
a knot once again. Thats it our balloon flower is done. The cardboard is reusable for the upcoming
parties as well. I have shown how to make a five petal flower,
u can choose to make 4 or 3 petals flower as well. Now making a double layer flower is also easy
with this technique. Instead of putting the centre balloon, we
can put a smaller flower cluster to make a double layer balloon flower. Since I have kept the threads long, i have
just twisted them on my curtain rods and didnt paste them on wall. This way the wall paint doesnt get damaged. Thats it.. Now we all know how to do DIy balloon decoration
at home like a pro. Hope you found this video useful. If you had liked the video, please give me
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our channel. Thanks for watching bye bye

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  1. Mam tis is saranyabalaji from Chennai… I felt very happy by seeing tis… coz my children's birthday is on July 23… I will definitely try it… Thank u sooooo much mam..

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