CLOSED ASMR GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT 💜 350 Subscriber Celebration 🥳

Hey you guys (repeated) This is Ashley coming back at you with A-S-M-R Radiance Radiance Radiance This is a very very quick, short video because I’m going to have to caption it in Spanish and Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese so that it will be fair for everybody because this is a GIVEAWAY (repeated) Giveaway video (repeated) I am so excited you guys because I finally I finally am ju- I finally found my purpose you guys I love all of you so much so I just wanna give back to all of you awesome (repeated) people that have decided to subscribe to me because I just love you so much so this is gonna be a very quick less than 5 minute giveaway video I wanna show you guys what I’m gonna be giving away I’ve got this awesome awesome very very (repeated) pretty Juicy juicy juicy Juicy Juicy Juicy (repeated) Couture Makeup Brush set and I just thought it was so cute you guys I wish you could see it better like the light is not doing it any justice it has this glitter inside the box which I thought was so relaxing when I was at the store you guys I thought it was so nice and it’s like glittery makeup brushes and it comes with this cute lips case so I was like I want it so bad I actually wanted to keep it for myself but then I started thinking what what what could I do with this that would be better than keeping it for myself? giving it away to you guys, the people I love so that’s what I’m gonna be doing I know it’s not a lot as you guys know I’m still a small channel so I can’t afford to give anything like super super fancy away but when I saw this I just thought this would be a really really awesome 1st official giveaway present in order to win this awesome giveaway present rules really quickly you have to obviously Subscribe you have to Like this video you have to comment below what is your favorite type of ASMR? Do you like fast and aggressive? Do you like slow? Do you like trigger assortments? Do you like talking? Do you not like talking? Do you like whispering? Do you like soft spoken more? Let me know what you like best so sorry for the background noise you guys so, again you have to Subscribe Like this video Comment below what your favorite type of ASMR is so besides those things on YouTube you also have to follow me at @asmradiance on Instagram and then last but not least you have to Share this video with 3 of your friends so you can share it on Instagram with 3 of your friends you can share it on your Instagram page and tag 3 of your friends on there or you can also do it on Twitter that’s fine as well whatever is easier for you and I will check and then as soon as you’ve done all of that fun fun fun stuff then you are going to send me a DM and let me know that you’ve done all of those things This contest I’m gonna make it open all the way until Today is Saturday, November 2nd So I’m gonna make this contest open all the way until 2 weeks from now so we’re gonna make it Saturday November 16th is when the contest is going to be decided so DM me to let me know you’ve done all of those things and then once I double check to make sure have I will enter you into the giveaway For about 100 of my subscribers roughly about I ordered another small gift off of Amazon for you guys so if for whatever reason you don’t win this giveaway don’t be discouraged I do have another coming up as well so you’ll also be entered into that so just Subscribe anyways don’t even worry about it This video is over, I’m gonna stop talking Thank you (repeated) So so so (repeated) so much for watching my video and good luck! Bye! (repeated)

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  1. AHHH I LOVED THISSS!!! i can’t wait for the giveaway thx for everything!!!😘😘😘also my favorite type of asmr is fast and aggressive whispering hand movements and mouth sounds

  2. My favorite type of ASMR… definitely soft sounds, whispers, softly spoken… I'm not really into anything aggressive, intense or harsh… I mean, I'll listen to it, but I much prefer soft sounds.

  3. My favorite asmr is…..whispering, Mabye even tapping on the mic and scratching it. I love slow tapping and ECHOES I LOVE ECHOESS😋💗💗

  4. Expensive or not I still appreciate all the hard work you put into your videos, and the fact that you thought about your us and putting us first shows just how genuine and a good person you are💞 I’m so happy you reached 350 subscribers and I’m excited to whiteness your growth. I love you and thank you for all your hard work like seriously you’re so amazing!!😭😍

  5. My favorite type of asmr would probably be slow and gentle, also your make up LOOKS SO GOOD GURL!!, you’re so gorgeous!! Love the video!! ❤️💖

  6. My favorite ASMR has been fast and aggressive lately! I actually typed that into the google search engine and that’s how I came across your channel to begin with! You do it so well 😍

    Hello lovelies, do not forget to send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter @asmradiance when you have done everything in the video. Please include a screenshot of where you shared the video with your 3 friends. 💖 Stay radiant and good luck! – Ashley

    Hola amores queridos, no olvides enviarme un DM en Instagram o Twitter @asmradiance cuando hayas hecho todo en el video. Incluya una captura de pantalla de dónde compartió el video con sus 3 amigos. 💖 ¡Mantente radiante y buena suerte! – Ashley

    Olá amores, não se esqueça de me enviar um DM no Instagram ou Twitter @asmradiance quando você tiver feito tudo no vídeo. Inclua uma captura de tela de onde você compartilhou o vídeo com seus 3 amigos. 💖 Fique radiante e boa sorte! – Ashley

  8. Just want to drop in and say congrats on hitting 350, you deserve all the love! (I'm not entering the giveaway bc someone else deserves it more, I'm not very good at makeup lol) x

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