Clothes Swap Fun part 2 | Halloween Edition

so I picked out… bum bum da bum no no please no nope no lipstick yes no no I am not I’m not putting up with this non
there has to be lipstick [music] hey guys it’s Mimi and Wolo and today
actually not today yeah well yes today it is today but you guys liked our
previous close swap challenge from a few months ago so much that you did
comments about that you wanna do another one and you loved it so much that we’re
like hey how about we do this again but a Halloween edition yeah so today
we’re doing the clothes swap Halloween edition so basically it’s just the same
thing except Halloween customs yes I’m going to pick out some girly costumes nah let’s get started party time so we have all these costumes to pick from we have Ariel we have werewolf we have witch we
have skeleton and we have Moana I think I think I’m gonna choose Arial so guys I’ve got
five choices of costumes I’ve got the Mad Hatter
Iron Man which was from first grade this was from third grade Dracula a werewolf
and a zombie I think just because it was my favorite I’m gonna do the Mad Hatter first let’s go so I picked Ariel seriously I thought we did it in the previous one and also I picked is that the Mad Hatter yeah ahhh I was right I thought it was Mad Hatter bow tie ugly not ugly I love Johnny Depp’s work let’s go change [music] I’ve been thinking I think this is next okay um I’m gonna pick the witch he’s gonna need lipstick so I picked out bum bum da bum no no please no nope no lipstick I’m not I’m not putting up with this non there has to be lipstick I am not putting up with that mons I am not putting up with that monstrous purple liquid and I picked out for her bum ba bum Iron Man I’m gonna be strong just so you know I am not doing lipstick you have to mom it will wipe off no beep let’s get changed no lipstick [music] so I’m gonna do this skeleton so it has
a cape with the hood and it has a skirt and pants let’s get started so I think I’m going to do an item that is not on the bed so I got Weston this skeleton it has a cape the cape has a hoody and then we have a skirt with whatever and then it has pants pants of course okay and it has a chain okay so show me what you have ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I knew it could you hear me cackling upstairs I didn’t hear what you said we’re ready to change thank you I caught it [music] I think we’re going to do this one come
on so it’s either the werewolf or Moana I’m choosing this one he said hi he said hi let’s go show him so I picked out not Moana ha ha ha I’m actually
fine with it it’s clean and I picked yeah who is that Dracula that’s Colton’s size mom last outfit let’s get started [music] so guys we hope you liked the video if
you did like and subscribe hopefully you’ll comment down below on
which was your favorite costumes and what were you gonna say make sure if you
want us to do one more then make sure you comment down below I want another
one and so we hope to do another one this week and we’ll see you all next
time bye bye

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  1. OMG 🤣🤣
    First: Mimi wins!!
    Second: Lolo wins!! (hahaha lipstick nooo!!!)
    Third: Lolo wins!!
    Fourth: Mimi wins!!
    My favorite: Witch costume
    I want another one! Byeeeeee

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