Cloudy Brony’s 19th birthday party! (Pinkie is ded, watching brutalewd)

you hey everyone cloudy here welcome to
birthday video on December 21st 2017 I have turned 19 years old and how old do
I look tell me down in the comments tell me down in the comments how old do I
look to you I mean I am 19 I was born in 1998 and I am legal snowboy the older I
get the scarier it actually becomes for me because being older is just more
responsibility and it’s so like oh goodness but yes you get to do more
things but also you are now legal human being on planet Earth full of people who
might also be corrupt with power or might be bad or I don’t know yeah
welcome to my birthday video so tomorrow everyone on the 23rd of December and do
that’s when I will have a birthday party on a 22nd of December for the very first
time ever I will be trying my very first sip of whiskey it’s not like I could do
it a month ago like a month would make a freaking difference but hey there is now
official gender orientation what males should able to deal what females should
be able to do there’s also orientation about alcohol like I’m like it’s like a
month we’ll make a different I don’t know sometimes these laws these
superstitions are so ridiculous don’t you guys think oh my gosh
like if I drank this at one month ago that’ll be sure it would be illegal but
that’s ridiculous and stupid it’s like the second I turn nineteen I can drink
this stuff brah come on okay all right my very first
this is how much I’m drinking for the very first time because it’s it’s 40%
alcohol it’s funny how this world becomes even more safe ooh
age restriction scary realistic life no all right so this is the first whiskey
I’m taking a sip of here we go shit it tasted very weird but then it started
burning through the entire throat of my body just started burning the entire
thing puh puh puh puh hey can’t matter what vodka is like first it tastes very
mellow but then it actually starts to pick up the sensation I officially drank
whiskey alright everyone time to skip over to December 23rd of the birthday
party day let’s go so before the 23rd came I have bought a pinkie pie pinata
that would most likely be perfect for the party I bought her for fun but the
only downside is that it will be sad once my friends start beating her up
though me on the other hoof will be doing something nicer than that she is a
party pony after all and she is one of main six fetishes that some bronies have
time to fill her up with candy what did you think I was gonna say okay everypony
so the first thing we have on our list for our party tomorrow is filling up
pinkie pie with candy oh all right let’s find that precious hole we’re looking
for oh I was expecting this hole to be on in her ass but sure that will work is
this how it works so I got this huge pile of not not a huge one but it’s a
good pile of candy so now this is all the types of candy I have well all the
types of candy that I have in this pile we have this butterscotch Toffees fruit
filled candy toffee blah blah blah butterscotch caramel strawberry and
crystal a crystal fruit crystal Breaking Bad so yeah Pinkie Pie get ready to be
filled with my precious delicious candy alright let’s fill her up take it all
take it all alright let’s just shove all this candy
inside of her holy crap okay she is filled up to the brim I don’t think a
single not a single load will fill her up anymore okay there you go are you
happy yes look she’s so happy so yeah look she’s completely filled up
what do we have here a butt hole I’m so weird okay well pinata is ready I’m
sorry but tomorrow you are gonna be decimated I’m so sorry because this is
the end for you even though I’m not very out of myself forbidding you to heart
risk tomorrow or we can put the stick somewhere else if you don’t mind so
after I brought the Pinkie Pie pinata downstairs my orange cat was very
bothered by her though my grey cat seemed completely cool around pinky my
orange cat was growling at pinky as it made him feel disturbed so the first thing that I did
asking my friends to suggest me all the songs that they wanted me to play at the
party and here they are if the party was scheduled to be at 4 o’clock but I had
to pick up my friend Michael two hours earlier as he could not be dropped off I
guess you can say he is like a special guest that gets to arrive two hours
earlier because he was the first friend I made in my school as the party was
about one hour away the pool many were being made as this was the most beloved
Ukrainian dears chosen by my friends the table was already served and of course
the chips that most of us loved my Christmas tree though has I surprised
some of the ornaments were chocolate that’s pretty neat this is my music
system that consists of my iPad and the music box that has a big base which adds
a bang to my party as soon as everybody has arrived
I started playing everyone’s music and we began eating all types of food that
was mostly Ukrainian such as halva pal many salad Olivia kvass and pop called
Terhune alongside of Cola sprite and cream soda once we were done everyone
just started doing whatever it was a madhouse
my friend groomers put on his alicorn wednesy so enjoy and Merry Christmas
Oh God Oh God thank you I hope it’s one in it going
what are you guys doing do you guys have a placement one more I want to join come
out of the closet you gay rapist and gremlin Graham yeah you know what
Ukrainians do in the closet okay nope nope nope nope no no I find a different
closet I see how it is hey how are you oh I’m fine
that’s good good yeah yeah oh yeah look at these guys we’ve got if the fat
ginger the weed lover the not the club my brother person bar another son girl
Missoula and pop good you are the gods you try you tried so hard and got
nowhere look at me I’m a fancy Ukranian I know
how to do it this is exactly it’s practically just potato Hey I wanna die what the fuck is nesting honey you’re bad fuck
thank you oh god is that not gonna fucking ginger in the house ginger it’s
beautiful I found my behold the wild it rip it’s a
wild animal don’t do it my biggest apologist princess Twilight
Sparkle I am so sorry for what I’m about to do to your friend it wasn’t
intentional it’s not personal I feel terrible for I’m so sorry please forgive
my sense for what I’m about to do you ready yes justice shall be soon and after the crazy day went by we
watched a few episodes of brutal lewd and this year clip is from the episode
called derriere affair and my friends laughed so hard mugging you scared me it’s a memorable moment Oh oh my gosh the Tinker Pinkie Pie yeah
hey what’s up guys dear itv here a smart guy about with that actually and this is
how my 19th birthday party went it was the best party I ever had
thank you guys so much for joining me on this party and thank you guys for
watching this video it was fun and there was a lot to do
we played Mario Kart I also showed my friends the best moments of our
friendship in 2017 so yeah that’s all there is to it cloudy brownie out

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  1. Hell fucking yea also the guy with the Zelda triforce shirt is awesome glad you had a good party well except for pinki lol

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