CMA 30th Anniversary (Long Form)

We are an IT company, here in New York. We have offices throughout the United
States, in Arizona and Texas. CMA’s a privately held corporation that’s
been in business for thirty years. Success for CMA is really delivering quality results for our clients. You know, when we started out, we didn’t have a lot of money You have to learn how to be resourceful. You build a building one brick at a time. Kay started 30 years ago… With five thousand dollars, one brick. We started out as professional services, and we focused on the tri-city area In those early days you really did a little bit of everything. We did whatever it took to get things done. We sacrificed, in some cases financially, for the present benefit of a client, but also the future benefit of the
company. So over the years we’ve continued to expand and diversify. Smart growth is always the way we’ve grown. We started managing our own products and building our own products. You know, we didn’t go out and get investors. We’ve now gotten much more into software
development. We’ve grown our technical capabilities. We’ve become a more professional organization. A sense of direction has crystallized, in the company. CMA has managed to stay at the forefront of where the industry is going. We’re stronger than we’ve ever been. It’s just such a different environment now. We are a huge corporation. The company grew exponentially, yet managed to hang onto its core values. When we started to
expand across the country we had to have different types of
individuals and manage it so that that the Home
Office always knew what was going on. The growth has been substantial. We know we can go up against an IBM. We can compete with an Oracle, but also we can take off in another direction quickly unlike some of the other companies that are in the area. All these large companies: IBM, Deloitte, EMC, HP – They look to us now for expertise. It’s amazing when I think about it. It almost makes me cry because we
started out and I never, ever thought we’d ever come this far. and it’s all about people. Good afternoon, CMA. How may I help you? I’ve been with the company almost ten
years. I’ve been with CMA the last 10 years. I started working with the company as an intern in 1999. I’ve worked for CMA for sixteen years. I have been at CMA for 27 years and it’s been great to be able to witness all the changes over the
years. I’ve worked here thirty years I was CMA’s first employee when
they first started doing consulting work. One of the things that has not changed
over the years is the family environment. I worked, you know, for ten years for
another company. And I remember the one thing I always did not understand is how they didn’t
care more about all of us. So that was one of my motivations when I started was to create an
environment like a family, so that if you had to take
your child to the doctor it was okay. There is a lot of understanding within the company, about your home life and your work life. People here are a family – they are an extension of Kay. You can see it in the office day-to-day. It’s very much a family atmosphere. I love the people I work with and I love
the fact that CMA supported me throughout the years as well. It’s hard for company that’s growing and is
as big as we’re getting to actually extend that hand, extend that feeling to a person and that may be remote, whether they’re in Arizona, California, Florida, etc. We have a wonderful HR department who
reaches out to them. It’s not emails, its phone calls. It may be Skype calls. It’s bringing out that personal touch. It’s always been about the relationships. Everybody steps in where they see a void. When they see somebody needs some help… they just step in and they make that happen. Although we very much agree with the philosophy of, wear many hats and do whatever you have to get the job done. We’ve now evolved to a point where our
philosophy is do whatever we have to do to enable
others – other employees and managers to be successful in getting their jobs done. All of the projects, all of them, that CMA has worked on means growth. It means growth in
different areas. You know some of them have great financial rewards. Some of them do
not have the great financial rewards, but they have personal rewards. You can see your contribution and you can see the success of each project in the success of the company as a whole. Even after some financial difficulties, we work through them but we complete the
project and that’s made us a stronger company and has given us an impeccable reputation. I think CMA is going to become much more well-known and more prominent. A great milestone will be when we can call ourselves a
truly national IT consulting firm. I’m extremely excited. The sky’s the
limit for us we can take this company any
where. Looking ahead I’m very excited about the
fact that CMA offer solutions in several of the major
industry trends right now such as big data analytics, mobile computing, cloud, and cybersecurity. There’s always another
thing happening around the corner There’s always a new project you get
excited about. There’s always a new opportunity somewhere in the country. I see this as some of the
most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. I am extremely proud to be a part of the
CMA team. It’s just so gratifying to be a part of it
and I’m thrilled to be here at CMA. I am proud of what we’ve done. I’m proud
of my contribution to making this a successful
company. Thirty years is a long time. and I think what Kay and the management
team have done with CMA, and I think what they’ve built, is a fantastic accomplishment. In the next 30 years, I just hope that CMA maintains that culture of family. It’s like building a house, right? You build a good foundation, what happens? The house will stand forever. I’m so excited that we’ve prepared this
proper foundation to now take the next level of growth within the company. It has just been an amazing, amazing
journey. I drive about 120 miles one way to get here each day and I’ve done this for seventeen
years. I love my job. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the last thirty years. I’m proud of all that we have accomplished as a company
and also as individuals. We’ve grown from thirty years ago where
the first year we did, like, $320,000 to a company that is now $86 million dollars. Right now we’re on track to do a hundred million dollars this year. Very exciting and that’s a long-standing
goal Kay and I’ve had. I think that three years from now we’ll
have more than exceeded what we have in the
last 30.

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