Cocktail Celebration 2020, Make a Bubbles Galore Cocktail my own creation!

hello and welcome I am Helen and today
we are celebrating 2020 with a champagne cocktail called a bubbles galore this is
one of my own creations I had fun making it all out
oh look at the bubbles you mean I do love a bubble I hope you’ve had a
wonderful Christmas and an absolutely brilliant New Year celebration as you
can see we are on location here bubbles as well with our bubbles we’re at our
friends home and our wonderful friends Joe and Donna in their home in the Blue
Mountains and you can see behind us Donna’s absolutely beautiful christmas
and new year decorations I feel very blessed to be here in Donna and Joe’s
home to lets make our bubbles galore cocktail today and celebrate this 2020
decade this new decade I’m so excited you can tell I’m a little excited maybe
I’ve had one cocktail who knows now we are going to use today a champagne flute
first a little bit topsy-turvy I’m going to put the garnish on first today and I
have made this fantastic little hanging garnish we’re going to hang it on and
then I can tell you what’s on there we have some dehydrated mulberry so the
mulberries are from our mulberry tree and we have some flowers and colored beads not bleeds beads and then I’m going to place some
fantastic pink fairy floss just going to put that up and yes put it around a peg
like so at the top there and there we have our garnish now our bubbles galore we have not even introduced you to our three ingredients the first ingredient
is our mulberry infused vodka it is so delicious and I actually made this at
home and it’s been infusing in the cupboard for probably 2 or 3 months in a
dark cupboard and it is delicious you’re welcome to have a little look up
there to see how I made that then we have an elderflower liqueur I’m using a
St. Germain liqueur you’re welcome to use any elderflower liqueur
you can find out there and we’re using a moet champagne today why
not use the best as we are going into this amazing new decade
you are welcome though use any champagne you want or any sparkling champagne you
want I would use a brut probably not use a sweet one so keep the brut in mind
all we’re gonna do is very simple placing all the ingredients into this
glass so first our mulberry infused vodka we’re going to use 30 mil it’s not
30 ml we’re going to use 15 mil which is half an ounce and we go to place or
pour that in to our glass voila then we’re using 15 mil another 15 mil of our
elderflower liqueur and we pour that into the glass
like so a little bit of a drip there not a good pour and all we do now is
top it up with this glorious champagne okay more bubbles are coming let’s top
this up with our bubbly champagne look at that beautiful color more bubbles are
coming in beautiful color that we have there and there we have a wonderful
bubbles good cocktail Wow it’s amazing Thank You bubble blowers you’re fantastic
now for the taste test my favorite part of the show let’s give the bubbles
galore a taste hold on hold on hold on before that I’ve got something really
special so what we’re going to do is use some pop rocks can everyone remember
that as a kid pop rocks and lick your finger place some on your finger into
the mouth mm-hmm now let’s give it a touch bubbles go ahh oh my gosh did you
hear that pop it’s fantastic the bubbles of the champagne the cocktail itself is
absolutely delicious and I have all these bubbles going on in my mouth it’s
fantastic my goodness it is absolutely delicious please please give this one a
go it is so delicious I really loved it and my gosh what a
fantastic celebration cocktail give me happy 2020 everyone thank you so much
for watching I’d love to say today a big hello to Paul and Moneen from Tamborine
Mountain new subscribers thank you so much for watching
thanks for loving the show and if you have enjoyed today’s show please give it
a thumbs up you’re welcome to subscribe you’re welcome to ring the bell for
cocktail adventure notifications and share with your friends thank you so
much for watching and thank you once again to my bubble-blowers my gorgeous
friends that’s it from me i’m helen the cocktail queen of Mount Tamborine mwah
cheers everyone happy 2020 it’s truly delicious thank you right now bye it’s truly delicious did you use the pop

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