Coffee Party: “The Snowy Video”

I wanted to tell you about a group that’s
started on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I kinda lost it and started
ranting on my Facebook page about frustration I felt listening
to news coverage that made it seem like the Tea Party was
representative of America. I completely disagree with this. And I started writing comments about it on
my Facebook page and then there was a flurry of instant feedback from other
people who agreed with me and similarly felt pent up and frustrated. The group is called the Coffee Party Movement and obviously we’re referencing the
Tea Party, that we’re an alternative to the Tea Party, and we want to see cooperation among people
in Congress and in government. And we want to see people who are
representing us move toward solutions to the problems instead of strategically
obstructing any form of progress. Many people believe this is an effective
electoral strategy to win Republican seats in 2010, and we object to obstructionism, and
extreme political tactics that are, I think, fear-based, not reality-based, and in
many ways just deliberate misinformation. So we’re organizing. We want people to understand that we are
voters and are gonna come out to vote. We’re gonna participate in the process. We’re gonna make sure we
hold people accountable for obstructing progress in government. We need everyone engaged
in the political process. That is the only way our
government can function as an expression of our collective will. And we need people in this country and in
the media to understand that this is America. We believe that we’re representing
ordinary Americans, and we believe that we’re in the majority. We really have a collection of people
who value diversity, are diverse, and we’re completely comfortable with
the changing demographics of our country. I think thats it’s human for people to be
nervous about changes in their neighborhoods and in demographics of this country. But it’s not something
that should be encouraged, and it certainly should not be an
opportunity for political gain. And I think really the politicians who
are exploiting that fear and anxiety for political gain, they’re really the worst. We’re not saying that we
have all the solutions. But we need cooperation in
order to solve problems. You know if you have people that
are out to obstruct even dialog, then we can’t have a functioning government. And I think it might be that
we have solutions that are more in line with fiscal conservatism. But we do know that none of those things
can be even considered at this point because we’re so divided, and
our process has broken down. So that’s why we’re organizing. Because the process has broken down. Do you want to see cooperation? Or do you want to see obstructionism
in Congress? Do you believe that the government can
help us address these enormous problems that we’re facing? You know? If you don’t believe
that the government has any role that yea you should join the Tea Party. But there are many of us
who believe that we have to have the government addressing these
things, representing our interests. People in Congress, they’re paid by us. We hire them, okay? They work for us, right? They don’t work for corporations
or a sliver of our demographic. They are supposed to represent us. That’s their job. And we need to start acting like bosses. We need to start acting
like boards of directors. And we need them to get to
work, instead of fighting. And we need people to get out of the way. This is really an open invitation
for people to participate, believing that the government
should function for our interests.

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  1. Hell yea Annabel. We keep electing these fools in the first place. If we educate the public and let them know what's really going on, the politicians will be kissing our feet. They like it when people don't get involved in politics, are uneducated, and when people become apathetic because the politicians can continue to profit off of our ignorance, at our expense.

    That has to change.

  2. @Aprilmax010
    Didn't I say I'm not in the coffee party?? A countermovement to a movement with no coherent message is just as absurd.
    BTW, the last Burning Man had twice as many people as the biggest Tea Party Protest. Conclusion: more people prefer love over hate.

  3. @Aprilmax010
    "Maoism", "Socialists", "Soros", "Boxer", "Pelosi", "Elitist"…
    Life would be easier if we all just let Glenn think for us.

  4. @FuckYouLetMeLogIn Ummm, it didn't. It's already changed to "One Nation", an astroturf, top-down organization funded by the SEIU, ACLU, etc. Reason being: 40% of Americans self-identify conservative, whereas 20% self-identify liberal. With those numbers, grassroots "coffee parties" will never be as successful as tea parties.

    BTW, I'm a tea partier and I value diversity as well. What is this woman in the video talking about?

  5. The Tea Party is controlled by the power elite who cordinate their plan to Starve the Beast government tactics in Right Wing Think Tanks. It is a lot easier to manipulate stupid people and there are many more stupid people than smart people. Look up the history of the Heritage Foundation. Check out a website called "Government is Good". It tells how the right wing power elite manipulate and spread their propaganda.

  6. Exactly. All the tea party and republicans try to do is get in the way of ANY doesn't even matter what progress it is or what it is about. They just call it socialism and bow down to their God (Glenn Beck) who is nothing but a comedian. Its sad that the non extremest republicans have no say anymore, its just these crazy people spouting hatred and nonsense.

  7. @CTastic1 Taxes have been some of the lowest in the past century recently, and Obama hasn't raised taxes at all since entering office. People call you stupid because you are freaking out over something that is literally the opposite of reality.

    Do you just assume that everything that isn't tea party rhetoric is liberal lies, and that Obama has actually passed all this secret legislation raising taxes that no one has noticed? Might want to see a professional about those delusions.

  8. @CTastic1 Removing tax deductions is a tax increase. You are in fact increasing the amount someone is paying without changing percentages, but it is still an increase. You cannot deny that. CTastic has it right.

  9. Both capitalism and socialism can become evils when unrestrained. The best system is an amalgamation of the best attributes of both, and right now the Tea Party is trying to get extremist capitalism (i.e. libertarianism) to the forefront. I pray to God that they fail, just as I pray that those who would see us become completely socialist also fail.

  10. We're in a unique position in this country to find a system that brings the best aspects of both capitalism and socialism together… If only both sides can pursue constructive dialogue that leads to compromise, rather than political attacks that lead only to stalemate and stagnation.

  11. @USATalks "religion is the opiat of the people" – a Marxist sentence, Marxism is in our current terminology not socialist, if you say it is you are using terminology that is 150 years old. In the 19th century those terms were more or less interchangeable, not any more.

  12. @USATalks "This is what led Germany to let the Nazi party". The fascist socialism is different from the red socialism. For example a worker or "Arbeiter" is in National Socialism (NOT Democratic Socialism, the Nazis were actively anti-democratic) not a member of the proletariat as with the red socialists, but a "Völkisch" person who was working and part of the race, no matter if he was upper or lower class.

  13. Democracy is an illusion… Proof?
    Did you vote for:
    The bailouts?
    The Iraq and Afghanistan wars?
    Tax increases?
    The patriot act?

    Democracy is an ILLUSION!

  14. Annabel, once upon a time in America, you were the very definition of the word "moderate". Now, thanks to the idiots and power-hungry narcissistic politicians and "pundits" of the right, they do their very best to paint you and like-minded folk as radical Marxists. Hate to be one more person bringing up Hitler comparisons, but this is just what the Nazis accomplished in their ascent — painting moderates as extremists.

    In any case, to the extent it's working, it's classic Overton window.

  15. I think it's totally bogus that they got the name "Tea Party" first! A "Tea Party" is suppose to be revolutionary, not stagnant. We should make them give it up!

  16. Were you incoherent when you wrote that?? The "Tea Party" and the "Fascists" were/are NOTHING alike! And for the millionth time, YES, it was wrong of the 'fascists' to kill Jewish people… but could you people for once look at the progress they made? If we don't unite as HUMANS to make some positive changes, in much the same way they united on MANY MATTERS OTHER THAN… THE ONE THING WE ALL KNOW WAS WRONG, we will not survive!!!

  17. Coffee Party was created by the Obama campaign manager.

    Tea Party is not a republican party, but rather a libertarian movement that has been hijacked via Fox, Cnn and Msnbc to appear republican to ruin Ron Paul support and credibility.

  18. @ForceFieldOfLove1

    You are a liar and propagandist.

    Why don't you take that "communist" BS and shove it up your ass.

  19. Any time you form a group or party to get your point across for the greater good! You form a obstruction! Quit glad handin your way around politics! The FED. GOV. has become to big for its britches an needs to be scaled back! We need to restore the constitution an trim the fat out of the FED. GOV. You do not want to compramise your rights down the crapper! GOD BLESS! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!

  20. this is just as moronic as the tea party. waffle, no positions, not even any issues and a total misundestanding of the function of government. I can appreciate the fear of racism, but you really need something other than your fear to campain on. if the tea party is the nazi party then you guys are the afraid of nazis party. IGNORE THE STUPID FUCKING TEA PARTY AND FIGURE OUT WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT.

  21. @brandon98188 true, but you're equally as stupid if you vote dem. if you cant see why then you might be a tad on the dumb side.

  22. @educution I'm not sure where your coming from. if your liberal or conservative. But Democrats and republicans are not the same. Dems pocket money from corporate America but they pass laws that benefit your life also. Republicans are corporate Americas bitch, they do what there told. This Coffee party is too tame for me. If I ran it I tear a new asshole into the tea party. I don't like diplomacy. If I were in charge, republicans would stay clear of me.

  23. I don't think you understand the tea party movement. watch?v=OLD6VChcWCE&feature=player_embedded

    What does obstructing progress mean to you and what are the extremist views you oppose. Your comments are not very descriptive.

  24. Is this flop still around? What a joke! Kinda like, another funded group that fell flat!

    I love liberal failures!!

  25. @JimFromWaterford next, we will have the "Horchata Party" whose goal is to allow all illegals immigrants, I mean "undocumented workers" the right to vote and repeal sb 1070

  26. @FeelinTangerine I suspect the "coffee party" collapsed due to the fact it was just a smart-ass undergraduate page on facebook. corporations are best controlled by ensuring competition in the market. Remember, these same bad-guy corporations supply the food you eat, the computer you're using, your car – well just about everything you use and consume. Leave it up to the government and you would be living in a garage with three other families and eating once a day.

  27. @casabravo666 Thats the funniest low blow I've ever read! Priceless! You've painted a master piece! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!

  28. @whothehellgivesadamn this coffee party losers have morphed into a new movemant. its called "No Labels". people such Mike Bloomberg, Joe lieberman arlen specer and other establishment whores. be on the look out for it. they are going to try and paint themselves populist to lead independants away from the tea party. be on the look out.

  29. @tonylee1973 Why not the tea baggers don't make any sense. I'm not sure I agree with all the tenets of the Coffee Party yet, but there is no way I agree with the Tea Baggers. They are a bunch of low information nut wings. They are gullible lemmings that think they are going to stymie and block legislation in a "It's My Way Or The Highway attitude. Look at Freedom Works, Americans For Prosperity. Both nothing disguised Republican, Pied Pipers of the rich using lemmings to slide back tooffice

  30. Coffee Party? Sounds like Starbucks is behind these people. Just lame. Tea Party have an historical sense… but Coffee? wow! what would they think of next?

  31. @LameBrainMcCain What do you mean unwatched? Almost 93,000 views is hardly unwatched! The Coffee Party is a far bigger tent than any major or minor political party or group. The primary tenet is that they allow ANYONE who is willing to discuss an issue rather than rant and rave. I don't mind that you disagree with a video, or even a group of people, but I am amazed that you can't see that attitudes like yours are what she is speaking about.

  32. @candy9582 AGAINST Freedom of speech? Quite the opposite. Those who are willing to discuss their differences are welcome. Those with ugly attitudes and minds so narrow their ears rub should be treated like rude children; told to sit down and be quiet until they can say something that adds to the conversation. Pro or Con is fine. Ugly and divisive is not.

  33. @johnnyohness those groups are not the force behind the tea party. they are in behind. the folks who make the tea party go is a group called the Campaign for Liberty

  34. @EricBLiar Look at all the Bagger rallys. Misspelled signs screaming stop raising my taxes, to dumb to know you were paying 1960 tax rates. Calling Obama a communist fascist when the two are polar different from each other. But U didn't care they told U to say this, and made you look like idiots.The repubs hid under your skirts to slide back in office, now they want you out of their hair. You lemmings were bought and sold by Limbaugh Koch Bros Dick Army and others. You are still under either.

  35. @EricBLiar Look at some of the leaders in the Bagger movement. There are all has beens by now. Palin could not get elected dog catcher. Bush not a founder but hiding under cover in Texas. Cheney. Came close to doing 20 years in prison for bribes but Haliburton bribed/bailed him out. Tom Delay waiting for a 20 yrs to life sentence for corruption in Texas.The list goes on and on. The bagger repubs only want to destroy Obama, because "their" record is so pitiful.Give the super lower taxes.

  36. @EricBLiar Give the super rich lower taxes? They say they will create jobs. My ass they had 10 to do so but didn't do crap.The only jobs they gave was to China. The others are running with their money to foreign countries. The baggers have been duped. This is why there is so many factions of you guys. You even fight among each other.They invented you like little mind numb robots you fell for it, now it's time to head for the dumpster. Look what they did to Palin and others. Your history.

  37. @EricBLiar Don't forget this can all be reversed in 2 years. The repub baggers are in no position to get any of their corruption done when they don't hold the senate or the white house. When the public finally sees the have done NOTHING to create a job or work on the debt, but only want to obstruct progress, they will be out on their butts.

  38. @johnnyohness The tea parties fight among eachother because it is not an actual group, but rather hundreds of groups of individuals that are only bringing their concerns to the table through collectivized events aka tea parties. There is not an actual "tea party" in the sense of what the media portrays it as, but rather a bunch of groups with their own seperate beliefs who agree to collectivize at rallies. That is why there are many social liberals, social conservatives that attend the rallies.

  39. @johnnyohness Your not exactly the king of grammar yourself. Do your research on the tea parties. It started via Ron Paul, and was hated by the republican party when they were protesting Bush and the Patriot Act. The reason why they are called "Tea Parties," is because many of the individuals that collectivized the groups were ones who mailed tea bags to congress people, when they supported bad legislation. This is why they are called "Tea Baggers," because they "Tea Bag" their opposition ;D

  40. @whothehellgivesadamn The vote in the congress to abolish the H/C law was a joke. Here the repubs spend a whole year dragging their butts to stall the passage of H/C LAW. Then they campaign to kill it for another year. Finally they get their chance to vote on it. Yes the vote goes their way, but how anticlimactic is anything you've ever seen. ABC's latest pol only 18% of the population want to see the law destroyed. Every one of them are half boiled baggers. LMAO

  41. @whothehellgivesadamn Looks like your hiding under two names you fucking coward. You will take what we give you, you'll chew it up and swallow it and love it DO YOU HEAR ME BITCH?. You Teabagging Neocons are going NO WHERE. You were bought and paid for by the right wing nut Nazis they used you to get back in power, now they are flushing down the toilet, where you belong.You need to go suck Palin's ass because just like you she is history.U dumb-fuck HICKS days are about over, so STFU

  42. @whothehellgivesadamn You better take a look at the pols you Bull Terd. Only 18% of the country wants to unwind H/C. The H/Care providers cant be reasonable, so they gouge cheat steal and kill people by charging such outrageous fees to line their pockets with profits it's ridiculous. I have paid through the ass for years for my employees and family. Something has to break, and it's going to be their necks. We need single payer all the way PERIOD.We don't need Fascist middle men fucking us..

  43. @whothehellgivesadamn Think about this. When ever did an Ins Co ever even give you an aspirin? They don't provide anything. They are just middle men gangsters that take your money, pay the DR and put a bunch of it in their pockets. Why do we need them. 35% of every dollar you pay is their profits.You get NOTHING for it Medi Care cost 5% to operate. Now thats what I cal conservative. Take the gangsters out of it like the right wing Florida's new Gov and it could be cheaper..

  44. @whothehellgivesadamn Utube will not allow us to post a link but Google this.
    "Clarence Thomas failed to report wife's income, watchdog says"

    What would happen to YOU or ME if we did this. But read the entire article. It tells you who the Supreme Court Members play hankey pankey with with those who buy and sell elections. Try not reporting more than 650,000.00 in income over 5 years and see what the IRS will do to you.
    Failure to report income is huge with the IRS, but maybe not for them.

  45. @whothehellgivesadamn Deregulated Capitalism is what got us into this fine mess. The people are tired of corporate greed that ignores the needs and rights of the people.

  46. @whothehellgivesadamn We all know who the troll is here. The all capital letters are a dead giveaway. We pay 16 times more in defense spending than other countries. $708 Billion (proposed for 2011) leaves a lot of room for cutting and balancing the budget.

  47. @drreedindeed I'm saying that government regulation of corporations is not a bad thing, as the Tea Party Republicans would have you believe. Neither is promoting the general welfare of the people.

  48. @drreedindeed You are right. I should not be referring to H/Ins Co's as H/C providers. I have 2 MD's and a RN in my family.Both MD's now work in hospitals because the Ins Co's are such asses. I would love to hire another 5-6 people but cant afford my share of their premiums. The policy I have now is better than previous ones but is still brutal.I have absorbed the past 3 increases to not pass them to my help, but cant do it any more. The present system sucks. I'll consider anything now..

  49. @mikelunz whether Obama is involved or not… coffee party wants to remove the corporate influence that is diluting our governments democratic process. I like many things that Ron Paul stands for,.. but he has yet to step up and say that corporations have no right to influence and ultimately decide elections.

  50. @RobVanMeter I was a Ron Paul precinct leader before the Tea Party, this is how I can find rationale in my claims that Tea Party was not approved by FOX and MSNBC until they found they could use it to their advantage. Now look at it, a bunch of Republicans.

  51. @mikelunz Don't give up!!! remember we rocked the whore establishments ass in Kentucky. This fight is not over. Look at the conversation in our country. over 50 percent of republicans want out of afghanistan. LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! C4L!!!!

  52. @RobVanMeter this fight is not over. Look at the conversation in the country. Its about the debt. Its about limited involvment abroad. People are talking about the 300 million dollars shit for brains obama has wasted all ready in another dumb ass war in the islamic world. the majority of republicans want out of afghanistan. Gary Johnson a true conservative is about to announce he is running for prez. Paul will run. even a loser Barbar wants out afghanistan. The neocons and neolibs are going down

  53. ….*yawn* such enthusiasm… "functioning government" bal bla bla bla… all government actions is an act of war, not only against other countries, but against YOU.

  54. You mistake. You might thing that you hired the government people and they are supposed to work for you. The problem is that the corporations pay more and they don't do it as charity, they expect a good bang for their money. Just try to check how much some congressmen are receiving from corporations and think if you can beat it. That's the only argument a politician understand. I sympathise with your effort but I'm sceptical. Wish you good luck.

  55. @tonylee1973: But the corporations want wars. Wars are profitable, the best business ever invented. Naturally, for a limited group of people. The rest gets shite up to the nose. But the rest means nothing, the rest isn't asked for an opinion. Just work and pay your taxes, so they can be handed to Haliburton and Lockheed. Watch more TV, go to the church – there they will tell you what you are supposed to think.

  56. @ARP7777777 War defined: a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation;

    Taxation = act of war

  57. @ForceFieldOfLove1

    "It's obvious you are an Obama supporter"

    You're darn right I am. Thanks for the compliment;)

  58. The Tea Party is lame. Nothing but a bunch of mad extremists. Their arguments and interpretations are often bias, irrational, politically motivated, or just blatant lies. Examples are the ridiculous lies about Obama's health reform, his citizenship, and OneQuestion99's twist on our involvement in Libya.

  59. @spiralmetal What ridiculous lies about the Health care ? That we will be paying for it wont be free it will be more taxes we ALL have to pay .I will be paying yours and you will be paying mine .Its is unconstitutional Gov cannot force us to buy goods and or service's from anyone .Each state can that is why Car ins is mandated by the state .That and if the state didnt make such laws Fed would hold back monies for road projects our money .No stay the hell out of my wallet NOT a request

  60. THis whole party thing…. why do asian women dominate them? Hahahah
    Tea party founded by a chinese woman. now coffee party founded by korean woman.
    Hahaha Do the asian females know somethign we don't?

  61. "I still deal with racial discrimination on a fairly regular basis"

    Waaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaah!

    LMFAO! Grow a pair!

  62. yer a marine and yer crying about racism??? heaven help us all!!! we pay for national defense and we get a bunch of whiners!!! maybe if you cry the enemy will feel sorry for you and throw down their weapons!!! HAHA!!!

  63. Who, you? Unlikely. If you're not part of the solution you're an angry part of the problem. Fuck off you scallywag carpetbagger.

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