Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Fly SOLO To Oscars After-Parties!

While the Oscars were last night, the real party followed the big event at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. And while both Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart attended the event, they denied fans a Sprousehart red carpet moment and were reportedly keeping their distance from one another while inside. What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we love Oscars Sunday because it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. As soon as the show is over, the celebs move on to the after parties and the fun just keeps going from there. And what’s so great about the after parties is that you don’t have to be a nominee, presenter, or performer to attend. Wait, does that mean we could go?… No (Ok moving on) It’s a party full of Hollywood’s biggest stars all dressed in their finest Oscars fashion. So what’s not to love about that?! And these after parties, like the Vanity Fair party, are so big that they even have a red carpet of their own. And of course, we are always looking out for adorable couple moments on the red carpet, because this is the end of award season and we need some cute pics to hold us over until next year! So naturally, when we saw both Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse at the event, we thought maybe we’d get a sweet Sprousehart red carpet moment, but unfortunately they walked separately. Cole arrived with his twin brother Dylan. And the guys looked stylish as Cole rocked a silk shirt and white jacket, and Dylan wore an embroidered jacket with some steel-toed boots. Dylan eventually posed for some pics with his girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin, but Cole wasn’t seen on the carpet with Lili. Meanwhile, Lili walked the red carpet alone, looking absolutely stunning in this floral gown. Honestly, it was one of my favorite looks! But Lili did eventually stop to pose with her Riverdale co-star Madelaine Petsch. Once inside the party the Riverdale crew managed to find one another with Cole catching up with KJ Apa and Lili getting down on the dance floor with Madelaine and Cami Mendes. So while there is no photo evidence that Lili and Cole interacted during the party, as far as we know, it seems like these two are still totally fine. Just a few days ago when the pair accidentally unfollowed each other on Instagram, Lili said it was simply due to a “glitch.” She said quote, “there was a glitch on Instagram everyone, don’t freak out” And in the past Cole has acknowledged wanting to make sure they are seen as individuals while still being supportive partners to one another. Back in July he told W Mag quote, “We’re acknowledging that we’re in a relationship, but it’s a small part of who we are as people. We want our own separate identities. Lili is an incredibly talented individual who speaks for herself and deserves her own voice box in every single way.” So it’s totally possible that they just wanted to give each other some individual spotlight for the night. However from walking the carpet alone to the Instagram unfollow glitch, some fans think that this could mean there is something more going on in their relationship while a lot of others think people are just reading too much into it. But let’s also talk about another potential couple that was spotted at the Vanity Fair after party. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. We all know that Stormi’s parents were together for around two years before announcing their break back in October, but apparently they have been spending more and more time together these days. According to TMZ they both attended the VF after party, but also walked in separately. Kylie posed on the carpet with her sister Kim, but Travis was seen on her IG stories with the rest of her fam on the way to the event. In this clip you’ll see Kourt eating some Hawaiian bread living her best life, and then it pans over to Travis. Kylie wrote quote, “it be your own family sometimes” And like we said before, lately Kylie and Travis have continued to spend time together as they co-parent their daughter. Most recently, they celebrated Stomi’s birthday as a family with a trip to Disney World and a Stormi-world 2 party. A source told People that quote, “They are very happy. It seems too early to say that they are officially back together, though. Kylie doesn’t want the pressure to announce that they are back together until there is more of a commitment from Travis.” But the source also added that quote, “But they are great together. And of course, it’s best for Stormi to have both parents around as much as possible.” So it looks like only time will tell what’s going to happen between Kylie and Travis but we’re just glad they are spending time together for Stormi’s sake. But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.
Do you think Kylie and Travis could be back together? And are people reading too much into Cole and Lili walking solo at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party? After that, why don’t you dive into more Clevver News by hitting that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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  1. there is a picture of them inside just because they did not walk the red carpet doesn't mean anything they said the were gonna keep it private and they have stated that before that they like the privacy

  2. I don’t understand why we can’t just leave them alone. It is very HEALTHY for them to be individuals at the same event.

  3. I'm seriously tired of all these "break up" rumors. Just because they went separately, doesn't mean they broke up. They are still their own people and can spend time apart from each other. And maybe, they just aren't in the best of places in their relationship currently. And that's okay. Every couple fights, so people just need to let them do whatever they need to do and stay out of their business.

  4. They are the healthiest couple of Hollywood. Keep on the same energy. My partner and I sit separately at events and hangouts with our friends. It gives us an opportunity to make our personal connections with other people and grow as people, outside of our relationship. After having a 5 year long relationship where my ex was my only friend etc… My relationship now is the best I've ever been in. Cole and Lili are so mature and down to earth. Let them live and learn from them.

  5. Omg you guys are so dumb they were together just because there not together 24/7 OMG THEY BROKE UP no are you guys dumb they just like to have a private relationship

  6. You guys… She's 23 and he's 27, it's normal to want some space when they go outside, I don't think it's such a big of a deal when couples (especially this young) want to go to different events or attend separately as long as they're supportive and respectful of one another!

  7. I think you guys handled this story respectfully, as you always do. I don’t know why the comment section is lashing out here

  8. Good lord. Why does everyone freak out every time they do shit by them selves? Like. If I spent 24/7 with my husband, id end up in prison or divorced.. I love him. But not enough to be with him all the time without a break.

  9. There is literally a photo of them together inside the party so I don't know what you're trying to get at here. Cole and Lili never walk red carpets together so why are people shocked? Stop spreading false information.

  10. Bc they respect each other’s space. Nothing wrong with that. They probably live together and just wanted to hangout with friends. Knowing each other was in the room was probably enough for them. Team work makes the dream work people.

  11. They never have broken up they don't walk red carpets together in a 3 year relationship they only walked together 3 times 2 times the MET Gala 1 time Coles premiere it's easy pattern why don't you get it?

  12. What the hell is your problem…
    Grammys 2020-Shawnmila broke up because they didn't came together.
    Oscars 2020-Sprousehart broke up because they were not together at the after party.!!
    I mean enough is enough. Please leave them alone. Go and mind ur own business!!!

  13. Why do you think they need to spend every waking hour together? That’s unhealthy for a relationship. Can you just leave them alone for once. 🙄

  14. Idk Cole and Lily just need to relax, every time I turn around it’s like they are trying SOOOO hard to make sure they are seen as individuals from their fans, that’s good but they seem to try so hard that I am at the point of “BOO-HOO it’s either your together or not we really don’t care, just relax fml!” They seem like a highly complicated couple. I’d like to see them relax and stop trying so damn hard.

  15. People need to chill out like they don't always have to be together at the hip, they are proving that they can be alone and still be together. Calm down, they are human they need their space too.

  16. everyone complaining that they never leave ppl alone and are just spreading stuff around go away this is a news media outlet they have to talk about these things they are just trying to keep ppl informed as much as they can leave them alone damn

  17. Didn’t you see the pic of them together? Cole was holding Lili’s drink so she could grab her dress. They just aren’t ALWAYS all over each other. Give them a break

  18. Omg clam down they are human let them go there own way just bc they aren’t see together they have friends and if they are dating they always see each other they never get to see all of their friends

  19. I think what makes a healthy couple is about to have your own spaces In relationships. For me Is 💯 % important to me for being happy in our relationships.

  20. alright that’s it go look on lili’s instagram story and read her new interview. SHES STILL DATING COLE OK SO STOP WITH THIS

  21. Here we go again with this shit, leave them alone stop posting rumours about their relationship it's disgusting let them live, they wanted to go solo on the red carpet because they wanted people to see them as their own person
    Not a cute couple ,soo just because they went solo doesn't mean they are broken up okay

  22. There one of the most healthiest relationships your “news” would be the reason they would break up cause you spread way to much rumors

  23. I actually happy they did. They're both doing their own thing and that's understandable and shows that they're professional.

  24. or my fine I am not a single person and not even stuck with glue do not have to be always together wherever they can also be in the same place but separate. let them breathe are deal with them

  25. uhm u do realize it’s good for couples to be separated sometimes and they were spotted together at the party so stop w ur false information lmao

  26. I mean so what they are their own people and make a big deal out of wanting to be their individual selves cole and lili may of wanted to make it girls might and boys night

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