Colin’s 3rd Birthday at the Creative Discovery Museum

– Today we’re in Chattanooga, and we are celebrating a pretty big day today. It’s Colin’s birthday! Hey, Colin! How old are you? – Three! – Three! We decided to get out of town and do something different for Colin’s birthday this year, so we’re at a really cool hotel today, we’re going to open presents in a bit, and then we’re going to take him down to the Creative Discovery museum. I had to hide the presents up really high in the closet last night because I had them on the table and he kept coming over
and like chipping away little bits of the wrapping paper and trying to get a sneak peak because there’s something
he really, really wants for his birthday. – (toddler noises) – Colin! Do you know you got Buzz Robot? – Buzz Robot! – You don’t know that, though! I think, Colin, you’re
hoping you got Buzz Robot. Right? – Yes. – Yes! – Should we start opening presents? – I have to tell you that
these are the presents that the girls bought Colin and they used their own money to buy all these presents for him. They were super excited
about Colin’s third birthday and I thought it was so sweet. They wanted to make it
extra special for him. So Addy really splurged,
she used a lot of her money because she wants to get
Colin the Buzz Robot. – Open this one here? – Open it. – Here, open it from the back. – And this one’s from Addy! – You’re gonna love it. – Buzz Robot! – Yeah! – Buzz Robot! – Colin, what do you tell Addy? She bought that for you. – Thank you! – And then Addy bought
you some more stuff, too. – Open it! Let’s open card… – (gasps) (toddler noises) – There’s stickers inside! – And Addy didn’t just stop with getting him the Buzz Robot. That’s what they call it, it’s not what his actual name is. But on his YouTube videos that he watches they have additional characters that they put with the robot and Addy really wanted to make it so that Colin could, like, re-enact what he watches on the YouTube videos so she bought him some accessories to go with it, too, which
again was just so sweet. And when Maya saw how generous Addy was buying all these presents for him with her own money, she decided she wanted to get in on the action, too, and she spent her own money as well on a couple of gifts he’s gonna love, too. This one is from Maya! – It’s from me! – (gasps) Thank you! Thank you! This is mine? – It is your birthday present. – It’s a bowling set! – Mine! – Mr Colin, you have two big sisters that love you an awful lot and sure spoiled you for your birthday! (upbeat music) – Ever since Colin saw the video on the Buzz Robot, he’s
been talking about it. So, since he’s been
talking about it so much I had to buy it for his birthday! (upbeat music) – Ever since we went
shopping for the Buzz Robot and the toys the girls bought him, the girls have been just over the moon with how excited they are to give these gifts to Colin. So that was just so wonderful, really teaching them and showing them how wow, doesn’t it feel amazing to give rather than to receive? And I think it really hit home in this instance because they were just over the moon with excitement for Colin to open his
presents this morning. – Yeah! (upbeat music) – We’re walking to the museum
and it looks pretty amazing. Just from the outside I see so many slides and things to climb. Hey, girls! Who wants to go in there? – First thing, heading up there and going down the slide. – It looks so fun. – It does! Whoa! We had a super amazing Children’s Museum when we lived in Phoenix, and I’ve been a little bit bummed
because I haven’t been able to find a place that comes
anywhere near to comparing to how amazing the Children’s
Museum in Phoenix was, so I have high hopes for today, we’re gonna be really
impressed with this place! (upbeat music) You girls make sure you stay right with Colin, OK? Thank you! It’s so nice that we’re finally at a point where the girls are old
enough that they can go around with Colin, with
our supervision, of course. They are so caring for him
and they really, really do a good job of keeping an eye on him and making sure he’s safe and careful and they’re just the greatest
little big sisters to him. (upbeat music) – Whoa! Woo! – Look at what’s under there. – I think that my kids would spend all day with the water table if they could. Something about kids and water, it just never, ever gets old! (upbeat music) – Wash your hands, Maya! – I know, I (voice muffled) (toddler noises) – Okay, let’s eat the fish soup. – Did you guys catch the fish
in the stream over there? – Yeah. – Yeah. – We even have fishing rods. – Now that your bellies are
full of fish, do you want to go explore what else
the museum has to offer? – Yeah! – Let’s go this way, Colin! (upbeat music) Creation Station, this is
right up your alley, girlies! I think Colin sat down to do the art for about maybe three whole seconds and now he’s off exploring. Awesome, girls! What does the dinosaur say? Maya, what are you digging for? – Um, fossils. – Fossils? You find any? – Yeah. – Ooh, right there! Where’s Addy? There she is! What are you making? – A heart stuffed animal. – A heart stuffed animal? – Yeah. – How cool. Addy, I think you are probably
a better sewer than I am. You think so, too? – Yeah. – Sewing is one of those
things I really wish I knew how to do well. It would be really cool to be able to make your own pillows or clothes for the kids, but it’s just not something
I ever really learned or got good at unfortunately. It would be really cool if the girls. They might be expert sewers. What do you think of that, Addy? – Cool. – You think that’d be cool? – Yeah. If I could sew I’d make winter clothes. – Winter clothes? – Yeah, and pillows. – And pillows? – And clothes. Anything
you can do with sewing. – Look at this string art
they’ve made, too, Addy. So cute. (upbeat music) (voice muffled by banging noises) – So far I like this place, there’s plenty keep Colin busy and plenty to keep a nine-year-old
entertained too, huh? This is a neat room. Maya’s gonna sew something, too and she’s picking out her pattern that’s she wants to use. What did she pick out? Ooh, the dog. Good choice. (upbeat music) – How nervous are you right now, Jason? – Not at all. Doing good, now. – Okay, girls, let me see
the finished products! So what do you have? A heart, and an owl. – I made a dog with (mumbles) – And Dora? Nice work, girl. (sound of traffic) – We took a quick break
from the Discovery Center and walked a couple blocks
to the Cupcake Kitchen because it is Colin’s birthday afterwards and since we don’t have a cake, we’re going to have some cupcakes instead. – I want one of the cakes… the one with the rainbow star. – There we go, that star looks good. Which one do you want? – Mickey Mouse! – Mickey Mouse, that’s
a good choice, buddy! Mickey Mouse! I got this delicious Peanut Butter Madness because chocolate and peanut butter is like my favorite
combination in the world. And Jason, what did you get? – Death by Chocolate. – Death by Chocolate. Good, too. – Happy birthday, dear Colin happy birthday to you! – You’re three now! (upbeat music) – We realized that there
is a whole upper level to the Discovery Center, so we came back to check out what was on the top floor and we figured we’d start
off with the rooftop! (upbeat music) – The rooftop is all
about simple machines. This is a pulley! A pulley system. – I have my train tickets. (train horn tooting) – Part of the reason we came back is when we were walking away we looked up and saw this giant tower
outside and realized we haven’t been up that. So, we came back to get
to the top of this thing. My legs are tired. I think I heard Jason sighing down there about how long the walk is. A little tired? – This is so high. – Ooh, we go outside! Ooh! (wind blowing) – The view, Addy… Jason, what are you doing? – Nothing. (upbeat music) – All right, no more
sliding down the railings. It’s not a good thing to
be teaching you kiddos. Maya has headed to a 3D Sculpture section where they have just so many materials and tape and glue and whatever you need to put things together. This place is pretty cool. They’ve got yarn, caps,
plastic parts, tissue paper, wood, plastic, so many fun little pieces. Look up at all these
creations other kids have made and maybe you’ll get some
inspiration or something. There’s some cool stuff there. (voice muffled) – Sticky hands! I think a general rule, Maya, is the stickier your hands get the better the project turns out. Just like when you’re cooking, the messier the kitchen is the better the food is. That’s the rule I live by. Watching Maya create here
is such a good reminder that we don’t need to invest in expensive art kits and supplies and craft kits because you often have so many things just lying around the
house that you can re-use and get life out of by
giving them to the kids and letting them build things with them. My problem is that I am
the opposite of a hoarder generally, I throw things
out and get rid of things but now I’m thinking (voice muffled) where I can keep things like this that the kids can re-use and use for art projects (voice muffled) and do all sorts of creative projects like Maya is working on right now. What did you make, bug? – I don’t know, I just made something – You just made a creation? – M-hm. – Aww! Well, I love that. Where are you going to display it? – Um… – Maybe on your desk, in your room. I love it, good job, Girly! Go see what Addy’s doing. I think she’s cross-stitching. Addy has been a busy bee in here, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to pull her out of this room. She made an elephant, and now she’s working on
an owl, it looks like. I think you should go to
sewing class, or something. – Why? – Because you’re so good at it. You have a natural knack for it, I think. You can learn to sharpen
your skills a little bit. – I’m surprised the
Children’s Museum has stuff to entertain me and
stuff to entertain Colin, like two very different ages. – It’s true. Well thank you so much for joining us for Colin’s third birthday. Be sure and watch the vlog to catch his birthday party which is gonna be in a few days. Happy birthday, buddy boy! How old are you? – I’m three. How old are you? – I’m three. – You’re three! Thanks for watching Tic-Tac-Toe Family. We’ll see you next time. What do we say? – X O X O (upbeat music)

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