Colin’s 3rd Birthday Party!

– Today is the day of
Colin’s third birthday party and we are getting ready
for a big “Toy Story 4” celebration in our house
in just a few hours. (happy music) Colin boy, how old are you now? – I’m three!
– You’re three! Colin’s actual birthday
was just two days ago, it was June 20th, and then
yesterday “Toy Story 4” came out so you went to the movies didn’t you? And it was his first time to sit through an entire movie at the movie theater, he made it all the way
through “Toy Story 4” and today is the big party. – [Colin] Birthday! – Do you guys wanna help me put together the party favors? – [Kids] Yeah! – Yeah!
– All right. I get the party favor bags Maya. And then I have these
little bracelets I found. And we’ve got “Toy Story 4” pencils, and then these are the little Potato Heads that I got for party favors too. Oh, I just remembered
I have one thing more I found on Amazon, the
cutest little “Toy Story 4” Uno game, because we have
kind of a mix of ages coming to the party so I thought Uno Games would be perfect for the older kids. Gonna grab those, and we’ll
add those to our party bags. (upbeat, happy music) (cheering) I also found these mini Woody hats, I went a little bit crazy at Party City. What do you think girls
should we put these in the party favor bags or
should we just have ’em out? – We should just have them out, or actually whoever comes,
we should just give to them when they first come. – Sounds like a plan. – Woody hat.
– Woody hat! Woody hat Maya. They really have the cutest
“Toy Story 4” toys out and I love these little
Mister Potato Heads, like all the different characters. And Colin, who’s this,
do you know who that is? – Forky aha!
Forky, good job, who’s this? – Duke Caboom!
– Duke Caboom, yep. He’s a new character in “Toy Story 4”. Who’s this?
– Buzz Lightyear! – Buzz Lightyear, and then the last one we have over here is who? Who’s this?
– Bo Peep. – Bo Peep. (chuckles) I think these are pretty
cute Mister Potato Heads with all different characters. I think they’re fun. (pleasant, mid-beat music) – We can’t forget about this. – [Lucy] What’s that, oh yes. A scene setting with props, we’re gonna find a good place for that. As you can see Addy and Maya got very into their outfits for today. Addy is sporting a Jessie
dress we got at Target and Maya’s got the Buzz on. Where’s Colin, is he under here? What are you doing under there? Did you sneak a juice
box before the party? Oh I think you did. And we also have a table
decorating kit for “Toy Story 4,” do you guys wanna build those for me? Someone’s a little excited. (pleasant, mid-beat music) And if you haven’t had a chance to see the new movie “Toy Story 4,” I highly recommend, it was really good, especially if you’ve been
following the other ones. Even if you haven’t been
following the other ones, it’s still good. But I will warn that I had
to dry my eyes before I left, because there was a sad part. I’m not gonna tell you what happens, but I had to dry my eyes. It’s still really good though, and I highly recommend it. The kids loved it, it’s the first movie
Colin ever sat through. Hey girls.
– What? – Come help me with this. – Oh my gosh!
– What is this? – It’s a giant cutout. I found a giant cardboard cutout of Woody and Buzz on Amazon, so we’re gonna put that up and have it right at the
entrance when people come in. It’s gonna be really cute. (laughs) Gotta be careful with it. I was thinking we could put it right here by the stairs so when people come in they’ll see Buzz and Woody first thing. – Yeah I think that would be cute. – So fun!
– All done. – [Lucy] Look what just came! What do you think of that? – I’m gonna take a photo, cheese. (happy, upbeat music) – Okay so we did a bottom pieces, and I think these are the top. (happy, upbeat music) Jason actually went to the grocery store to try to blow up a giant Buzz balloon, he was trying to do it
this morning on his own but we just couldn’t figure it out, so he’s at the grocery store
blowing up that balloon and a few other Toy Story balloons that we got at Party City too, yeah. Who wants to come set
up the photo wall now? – Me!
– Let’s do it! – I’m gonna be Woody!
– We have alien Jessie. – I’m gonna sit next to Forky. – [Lucy] You’re gonna sit next to Forky? – Since I’m being Forky. (laughing) – [Lucy] Pretty bow in
your hair, I love it! – Now I’m gonna be Ham. (laughing) – I’m Bunny.
– What about me? – [Lucy] Who are you? Ham, is that his name, what’s his name? – Yeah, Ham.
– Pork Chops? – It’s Pork Ham. (giggling) – [Lucy] Colin, did
you open your presents? Oh my gosh! We were right over there, trying all the photo props and I thought I heard paper ripping and sure enough, Colin! You were gonna open this later today! Did you open your birthday
present from mommy and daddy? What did you get? – I got a big!
– What is it? – This one. – But daddy wasn’t even here
to see you open it Colin! What do you wanna do? – Open.
– You weren’t supposed to open this yet! Did you take it off of the shelf? It was up on the shelf above me. Mister Colin.
– Colin! – All right you must have
been pretty excited for this. (happy, fun music) We actually saw this toy–
– My toy! – It’s like a Buzz helmet that you put on, to be Buzz when we were at
Toy Fair in New York City back in, I think it was like February? And as soon as we saw it
we knew this was gonna be a present for Colin because he has been very into “Toy Story” forever, he loves pretending to be Buzz, and now he’ll have a little help with pretending to be Buzz. (children cheering)
(children chattering) – Thank you Addy! – Guess I’ll put these presents somewhere he can’t reach them now. They were all up here on
this little credenza thing, but I’m gonna have to
either scooch them back or put ’em in drawers
where he cannot sneak over and open any more presents. – [Addy] I officially crown
you Buzz Lightyear of the day. (acoustic guitar music) – [Lucy] Wow Buzz! (mumbling) – Go fly away! (upbeat acoustic guitar music) – [Maya] Go, you can do it! – Look at the rain outside. It is pouring and I think I hear daddy pulling up in the garage
with the balloons. – [Maya] Oh gosh, here, let’s go! – [Lucy] Hi, are you Buzz? (helmet bleeps) (laughing) That is a giant Buzz! – Oh my gosh look at his face!
(laughing) – What do you think bud? That is one ginormous Buzz balloon. – [Maya] To infinity and beyond! (upbeat music) – Is this just like the best day ever? It’s like you live in a
“Toy Story” world today. (laughing) (car crashes)
(laughing) (car buzzes)
(laughing) – Here, you go. (car buzzes) – It’s just a few minutes ’til party time, Colin is in his Buzz Lightyear
shirt from his grandma, and we’re getting pumped up, the guests are gonna be
here in a few minutes, we have a few families coming over, it’s gonna be small but
we’re all super excited to celebrate Colin today. Good job buddy, whoa! All right I have the
cake, who wants to see it? – Oh my gosh, that is so cool! – [Lucy] Colin let’s see, let’s see! – It is?
– Wow! – And it says “Happy Birthday Colin” and we’ve got Buzz, we
got Buzz down there! (upbeat happy music) Oh you gonna get it buddy! You’re looking more and more like Buzz as the day goes on buddy! (upbeat happy music) As part of the party we
brought a Craft-Make-Forky which is one of the main characters in the new “Toy Story 4.” He hasn’t been in the other stories but he’s in “Toy Story
4” and he is a new toy that Bonnie, the little girl, makes on her first day of Kindergarten. So it’s a homemade toy that comes to life. What did he say? – Trash.
– Trash, that’s what Forky says in the movie, isn’t it, trash! (fum music)
(chattering) It’s pinata time! (excited chattering) We thought this was like
a pull the string pinata but I guess it’s not, so we’re gonna have to get
something to break it open. (laughing) – [Child] Watch out! (chattering)
(whacking) (cheering) (chattering) (fun music) Believe it or not, they
actually have “Toy Story” flavored ice cream, they
Carnival Churro Craving and Chocolate Peanut Butter Prize Winner, this is the one I’m going for. Come sit here Colin. It’s about cake time, and we cannot find a
lighter to light the candles so we’re gonna have to get
a little bit creative here. We’ve searched all through the house, and we’re gonna have to improvise. Don’t try this at home. Got the candle, don’t try
this at home folks, okay. We’re good to go. Aw, get it all the way over there. – I got it. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Colin ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (cheering) (upbeat happy music) – Good job buddy! So this cake is vanilla with
chocolate chip flavored, with cookies and cream,
or cookie dough filling. Vanilla with chocolate chip
with cookie dough filling. There you go girl.
– Thank you. (happy music) – Colin how’s your cake buddy? – Yummy.
– Yummy? – [Child] That’s my favorite one. – [Lucy] So we pulled the wing off, and it just pure fondant it looks like? You want your wing Colin? Here’s Buzz’s wing, you gonna eat it? (laughing) Was the wing good Colin, no? – Yeah I don’t want, I’m with you, I don’t like fondant either. (laughing) – So did you have a good birthday party? Yes, was it a fun time? And how old are you now? – I’m three.
– Three! Thank you so much for joining us for Colin’s big
Buzz-tastic birthday party. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next
time on Tic Tac Toy Family. – XOXO! – Say XOXO! – XOXO!
– XOXO! – Bye!
– Bye! (happy music)

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