College graduation and birthday party {Family celebration – How we do it} | IRENE LEMONI

Ηey guys and welcome to my very first
video. Ι’m Alexandra Irene and I am from Greece I start up with this channel, in order to
give you guys the chance to learn about our culture and our habits. Most of the time, I’m goint to speak in English, although my accent it’s not very good,
but it’s the only one that I have right now. So I’m going to speak in english,
because I believe it’s easier for you guys to understand me, but even when I’m speaking in Greek, me
or someone else in my videos, I’m going to add subtitles for you in the editing. So without further do, I wish you have
fun and enjoy my videos. So let’s get started!!! So in this video, I’m going to show you
guys, how we celebrate an event. Today, we celebrate my graduation from
Gollege and also my nephew’s birthday, who terns 18! Wow, just in time. Look who’s there… Yeah that’s right, Gonicked is my
nephew and today he turns 18. Well first of all when we are talking
about celebration, we’re talking about food and when we’re
talking about food we actually mean… MEAT! Today my dad does the barbeque and my mom makes the salads. Okay! Here we have eggplant salad and
some greek salad. In Greek it’s called “Horiatiky”. We also made some fried cheese, “tzatziki” and “tyrokaftery” that has cheese and green pepper in it. Of course every time we celebrate, we also dance. In transition Greek music. And of course we have… the birthday cake!!! And for the after party… we just chill out and drink a cup of
Greek coffee. This is the end of my very first video. I
hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did, don’t forget to subscribe and give
a thumbs up. Thanks!

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