Colton And The Girls Workout With The Crews’ | The Bachelor US

Today I found an appropriate to bring
the gunns out you don’t have to be the fittest person
to be my wife but I’m gonna need somebody who could be there for me I’m
gonna need somebody who could be my rock so I have a really really fun date plan
form and can’t wait to get after the date card says every strong man needs an
even stronger woman it’s kind of intimidating I’m not like the most
athletic of the fun no but I walk my dog we Bullock and Colton is waiting for us
topless which was a really nice sight I was like hello I will be the first one
to greet you are you doing how are you you look so good gorgeous you run out of
clothes or laundry day so growing up being an athlete I spent a lot of time
working out and around fitness so I thought we’d get a little sweaty I
invited two of my friends to help us out so let’s get in there and have some fun
let’s go we walk in and it was Terry and Rebecca
Cruz and I was like freaking out white chicks is one of my favorite movies
ladies we have been married 29 years i’ma tell you yeah this woman is the
glue that has kept our family together for all these years
ladies marriage is hard life is hard and we’re here today to help Colton find his
strong woman that’s right are y’all ready warm it up warm it up we need
straight push it there you go what I love to do I’m a dancer fitness
instructor so this is right in my element yes you’re gonna come up and get
real close to here that me I did martial arts for almost ten years on my black
belt in Taekwondo and karate but there are like less athletic women here today
in this group date go ahead and do a little jump if you have to be careful
there you go hold her feet and give it all you got like I was like Napoleon
Dynamite up they’re like they’re like just kind of embarrassing chemistry my
tightest so they’re Oh more G’s oh yeah see that doesn’t happen when I do my
hamstrings yeah there are some girls that will do anything to get his
attention look at look at this flexibility Sydney snuck that in I was
not expecting that my hip would be out of my socket no feet do that is that
normal the news is making stretching look like Dirty Dancing and Colton it’s
not a stretching virgin anymore that’s for sure you

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  1. Now he was smart. Who ever wins is out. Not looking for a strong girl but a sexy tone body type. Actually they are all sexy☺

  2. Can we please have a show where they are blind folded the whole time? That way they can focus more on what comes out of their mouth rather than their body language and facial expressions.

  3. The poor African American girl embarrassed herself a bit lmao I don’t think he likes girls who come on to stronge.

  4. Nicole just chilling on the bike at 3:15 had me dead. And that's why she got the date rose. She wasn't too forward.

  5. Dear lord let me wake up one day with THAT on top of me!😇😇🙏🏾🙏🏾🛀🏾🛀🏾🛀🏾💕💕

  6. After seeing his fence jump, I don't think anybody had any doubt that he isn't a fit and athletic person 🙌 That was beyond awesome

  7. I am a HUDGE bachelor fan but this season is a snoozefest. Colton was not a good pick, especially after boring af Arrie. Never thought I’d say this but i miss Nick Viall😬At least he has a personality and was intriguing!

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