Colton Speaks To Chris Harrison About Public Reaction | The Bachelor US

I’m Colton Underwood I’m 26 and I never
expected to be the next Bachelor I know not everybody’s gonna like me I
know I have a lot of room to grow but I also have an idea of what I want now and
that’s what’s so exciting about all this I am the first a virgin bachelor and
it’s crazy to even think about that this is an opportunity of a lifetime I
couldn’t be more hopeful and excited but then I also feel real nervous
grade-school colton probably would be really shy and timid the fact that he
was just named the bachelor I grew up in a pretty conservative environment I was
at a Christian school and I was always like the fat chunky awkward weird kid I
didn’t have girlfriends I wanted to fit in so bad I felt very um alone a lot of
days I didn’t want to go to school my confidence and myself didn’t come until
my later years in high school the one thing I knew how to do really well was
football when things were good it was because of football and that’s why I got
lost in it I made it to men FL and for me it was so special I’ve had
such a great life I’ve had so many cool opportunities but the one thing I’ve
been missing is somebody to share those with I do know what love is I mean I’ve
been loved before and I remember how good I felt in those relationships there
we go look at that falling in love with Becca it was very eye-opening the
comfort level was there the chemistry was there but you’re making it easier
for me to take my walls down come here I was so open I was so vulnerable I know
that I’m in love with you I was ready to really take the next step
next week is fantasy suites how you choose to handle that as a couple
up to you I was ready to lose my virginity to Becca
Colton I’m sorry take him on it say goodbye see I was devastating when that relationship
ended and as tough and as challenging as that was everything that’s happened over
the last year has been so transformative and so good for me
it’s just the perfect time for me to focus on finding a person who I’m gonna
be spending the rest of my life with I’m here to fall in love and I’m here
because I know how real it was when I was on the other side what’s it like
being announced The Bachelor for me was it was a little bit unexpected but it
was something that I was so grateful for just the opportunity that I now know I’m
gonna have in front of me you weren’t expecting it I wasn’t you were a
controversial choice yeah I mean I would be lying if I said I didn’t look at any
of the negative reactions course some of the comments I could see where they come
from I I get it where they think I’m not ready and it’s
a fine balance because I’m not here to do it for the fans or do it to win
people over I’m doing this from me how much of the negativity and and he’s not
ready do you think has to do with your virginity that’s that’s sort of the
stigma around being a virgin is oh he’s not romantic oh he’s not gonna be a good
bash he’s not a man yeah I’ve been in that that got thrown at me this year
that was the thing for the first time in my life what I feared people might say
to me I actually got said to me I mean it’s one of those things it’s I am I’m
not waiting for a ring I’m not waiting for marriage I’m waiting to be in love
I’m waiting for it to feel right to take our relationship to the next step you’re
about to have women from all over the country coming here just to meet you
yeah do you believe in love at first sight
I do think you’ll see a girl tonight go that’s my one yeah I thought about that
I haven’t I mean I think up to this point it is very cool to think about but
then part of me I don’t want I don’t want that because I just want to treat
every relationship differently being back here at the mansion reminds
me that this works this is real and I’m so humble and I’m so grateful for this
opportunity but I’m also so hopeful it’s my time I’m diving headfirst I’m
going and I can’t wait to get started you

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