Colton Underwood On How His Bachelor “Proposal” Was Edited | Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

KAITLYN: I remember when there was three guys
left, and they asked me about the three guys, “What do you love about them, and what worries
you about them?” COLTON: Yep. KAITLYN: So that they had both options. We’re talking about, like, my ex-boyfriend
at one point because they knew I was really heartbroken by that, and they’re like, “Could
that be a storyline?” Like, they need all angles of everything. So to me, I’m watching that and I’m like,
“Okay, well, when I was talking about Nick, Shawn, and Ben… Okay, well I love this about Ben. Here’s what concerns me. I love this about Nick. Here’s what concerns me.” Same thing with Shawn. Now, they only show what concerned me with
Shawn and what I love about Nick. COLTON: Yep. KAITLYN: So that people are like, “Wow, she
really loves Nick, and she’s questioning Shawn.” But really, they just need options and different
angles. So my question is: did you do b-roll with
the ring in the box and without? COLTON: There were lots of takes. KAITLYN: Okay. COLTON: And my whole thing is like, rings
aren’t meant to stay in boxes. I mean, rings are meant to be on fingers. KAITLYN: Yeah, so why would it – so maybe
it was on a finger and not in the box at the time. COLTON: Yeah, I mean there was a lot that
went into that day. KAITLYN: Right. COLTON: It was a little crazy.

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