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Today’s been a great day so far every time I’m around her We have great energy great chemistry, but you know, it’s awesome as this day’s been you know I still have to have a tough conversation with her later tonight My virginity it’s a conversation that I haven’t had very often and it’s something that I haven’t been very public about So I’m a little anxious a little nervous to see how she reacts to it because it could possibly be a deal-breaker so it’s scary But you know, I’m just gonna have to speak from the heart and hope that you know she respects it It’s a mess nice. Yes, this place is insane This is awesome. So if our Colton has shown me so many great sides to him and I do see the confidence I see how poised he is at this point. I’m pretty sure Colton is getting that rose He would have to drop a crazy bomb on me to have me not give it to him at this point To a great day. I know that this is gonna be an important week and for me this day Was something that I’ll cherish forever. So thank you to an awesome day cheers to that Mmm, I Really had such a good day though again Oh
I’m just I’m happy that we had today cuz I feel so good with where we’re at And I of course have questions, but I want to not only feel confident in you But I want you to feel confident in me, too. And Bringing me home to your family. There’s a conversation that I do want to have with you Because it could be a potential roadblock for us Um It’s one of those things that is hard for me to talk about because I haven’t talked about it very often And it’s something that I struggle with articulating I Told you earlier I put my professional life in front of my personal life. Yeah, and I spent a lot of time working on football Colton and I sort of forgot who Personal coolin was and I did only have one serious relationship coming into this and I haven’t had that many girlfriends heard that many dates because of sports And because of that I still him I am a virgin really yeah, I It was tough, you know, I’m not even sure to be honest with you like my dad knows Because it is something that I haven’t, you know, shared openly tea and a lot of people there’s only a handful of people that know it is something now that I’m proud of and it is something now that I think that Everybody who I see a future with should know. Mm-hm. So it is something that it wants you to know Thank you for telling me Now I yeah I just I get that that’s not difficult and I would never want to pressure you were like put you in so much out of your comfort zone in this situation where it would Worry you Can you excuse me for one second Those are hit scary I don’t know what she’s thinking right now. Like that’s like the frightening part of all this that’s where my Nervousness and anxiety comes in right now Cuz I don’t show that I do a lot of people My greatest fear in all this is being Who I am and put it all out there and not being enough for her I Don’t know if the virginity thing will be like a big deal to back up but it’s gotta be something they talk about it’s gotta Be something that you bring up to her. It’s not fair to her if you don’t bring that up in the situation She’s in we’re basically in four weeks to probably be engaged or one of us Physical chemistry suit sex is huge And I don’t think you can Put a ring on a finger without knowing if there’s any kind of physical chemistry any kind of physical compatibility There’s just so many questions and there’s so many skeletons in the closet My prediction is that she doesn’t give him a rose. I think it’s just based on the virginity Oh today, I feel like if Colton lays everything out there on the line you could go just totally wrong I definitely wouldn’t put a ring on the finger unless I knew what I was getting into sex is a big part of life So be very difficult to get past that Thanks, yeah How you doing yeah, yeah You know that wasn’t easy to open them. Oh Sorry, yeah, I’m scared That’s not something that I talk about very often. I Can see it on your face how tough it is Yeah Especially it’s tough when you’re in a relationship with somebody What was it because you told me that you loved your last girlfriend yeah, what was it? That was she all the same pages you in that regard. Yeah, I mean it was just It was hard that that relationship was one was challenging it was hard It can be you know it can obviously be a roadblock in a relationship and I don’t want you to think that it’s not like For me, it’s it’s one of those things like when the time comes It’ll it’ll happen. I understand yeah, I Just I’m not trying to like prove anything or like it’s just a part of me, you know In the past, I was scared. I was ashamed Because growing up in a locker room environment isn’t the easiest for a guy like I can imagine There was a lot of open dialogue in the athletic community and to be different in a locker room is Something I never wanted to be so for me I hid it I made up a lot of Lies Just to fit in And it really threw me for a loop. Yeah, cuz it was like Who am I? Why the hell did I make up lies? Why wasn’t I proud of who I was why didn’t I stand up for the man I am And that’s why now It’s like important for me to share that with you because I want you to know to like I’m not waiting for marriage I’m waiting for the right heart. Mm-hmm. Yeah. No, I look I’m like, I’m 26 I’m not gonna have a mistake one night. I Want it to be a special moment. I want that to be a gift to give to somebody So I totally get it and their respect you for that so much. Yeah, I would never judge you Or think any less of you for that? Boulton telling me that he is still a virgin it was unexpected because he hasn’t experienced a Ton of life like most people at this part in their lives have But it means so much that he was able to open up about something I think is so difficult for him I loved when he said it’s not a marriage thing for me. It’s a heart thing. I Appreciate somebody who takes that so seriously. Oh Well Colton you You’ve given me a lot to think about today. I Know that you opening up about something So raw and vulnerable is hard I’ve been asking for honesty this entire time and I know that hometowns are next week. I Want to meet the people who made Colton Underwood so Colton We accept this rose without a doubt I Feel excited and relieved. I was really scared that it wasn’t gonna go right perfect ending to a perfect day Amen amen getting the rose means that she accepts me for who I am Subscribe to our channel for more of the romance and drama from Bachelor and Bachelorettes all over the globe!

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  1. She has every right to walk away from that situation. I’m sorry if you’re that old and still haven’t had sex a women has a right to be turned off by that.

  2. Tbh I kinda want a dude that’s a virgin. It’s ok if not, but I’m pretty dominant so it’d be nice to kinda teach him the ropes of sex.

  3. I disagree with the guy who says that sex is such a big thing in marriage. It's not. When you do meet Mr./Mr.s Right, you should be communicating with each other and let each other know what you like in bed. Sex should just be an expression of love for one another.

  4. The way she said "thank you for telling me" was so cold, no feeling. I totally get how life can get in the way – I'm in the same situation, due to troubling times when my parents divorced, therapy and then personal shit then got in the way, blah blah, then it just became a "thing" and even though I'm a girl – I can totally see where he's coming from…. it gets to a point where it's going to be awkward AF to tell someone…. I only hope the guy (or girl) I tell reacts NOTHING like Becca. At this point I'm expecting the first sexual relationship I have to bomb in flames. Hope I don't meet "the one" first.

  5. Come on, don't make it into an issue when it's not. So what if he is a virgin? He is super good looking, in my opinion, this makes him even better. Wish I could find someone like him. Does anyone know how to find him? 😂

  6. You judged him the moment u acted like a child and walked out…. That man shared something special and you shut him down. I hope he doesn't choose you.

  7. Why does it matter so much??? My first time, the guy was sweet and understanding. That’s what someone who cares about you should do. So if you can’t, then he definitely deserves better.

  8. He didn’t necessarily say he’s waiting till marriage. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to wait then don’t and don’t tell someone you are willing to if you don’t mean it but at the same time still respect that person and their choices.

  9. I dated a woman for six months before it got serious I told her I was a virgin she told me it didnt bother her. but everytime I try to hook up with her. She would say things like "I dont want to have to teach you what to do in the bedroom"

  10. Wow I like Becca before I saw this video. Now I’m glad Arie did what he did. She kept him around because she didn’t want to look bad on tv and then dumped him right before fantasy that was her plan

  11. Virgin-shaming is still prevalent nowadays. How about we instead start shaming towards rapists, child molesters, false accusers, etc who deserve what's coming to them?

  12. Becca, the next time someone bashes you for having "too many sexual partners," I want you to remember this moment where you made Colton feel bad for being a virgin. Becca's reaction was literally so dramatic and she's a sexist pig.

  13. Long story short he just never found someone who he loved enough and felt mutually ready to be intimate with. Not a huge deal. Sex is different for everyone. If you feel you need to be in love to have it, great. If not, that's great too. Becca made him feel immature and how she walked out like that made it worse.

  14. I would love to date Colton. I love the way he is! I won’t feel pressured for sex and he won’t either. We will just be in love and spend time together :)) God, he’s so cute. I wanna kiss him

  15. Wow, she made HIS secret about her. He divulged something so personal and she walks away. Huh? I saw how tough it was for you, so I walked away. Lol! He's a sweetheart. Man, diamond in the rough to wait for the right woman. Then she said, "I wouldn't think any less of you for that". Lol! Our society HAS changed. Didn't it USED to be "I won't think any less of you for being NOT being a virgin"? 😂

  16. This was SO staged tho. The producers were trying to build up intensity by having her walk away and you could definitely tell by the face that Colton was making… 🤷‍♀️

  17. ew boys are so stupid i wish i was lesbian im proud of colton for standing up for himself but the other guys in the competition are stupid

  18. I am from Middle East and a lot of guys are virgins but they open up completely after marriage . They put spirit first , souls then body . I know sexual life is important but sometimes the sex is gone after a relationship and the soul relationship stay for ever


  20. i don't understand , what's wrong of being virgin?🤔 bc in our country , it's a big deal when you were not a virgin🙄

  21. Why does media make virginity such a bad and dramatic thing?? 😮😮😮 it is good that Colton is one. This let's a girl know that he is a faithful man who doesn't take intimacy like a joke. He has integrity and is genuinely in it for love.
    A girl who leaves for just that truly in their heart knows they don't measure up in their lifestyle.

  22. I realize just how hard a subject like that is to talk about!! Especially in this day and age!!!🌺🌹🌹🌺

  23. what i heard was "im repulsed by the fact that you didnt sleep around constantly with women for the last 9 years of your life" lol wut.

  24. Never ever ever tell a woman that you're a virgin, especially if you're over the age of 25. They completely lose respect for you on a subconscious level at that point and from there on out it's a pity party.

  25. It is absolutely insane how women expect ALL MEN to be out of control, sexual deviants… And then to complain ALL men only care about sex. And then ONE decent guy out of millions comes along that doesn't care about sex as much as you do….

  26. Being hot like him and still Virgin it beautiful i wish i could have one virgin we gonna teach to eachother 😘😘😘😘

  27. Only a hand full of people know😂 ha you mean the whole world!! And why is it so weird for someone to not have sex!?!?! That's so messed up.

  28. He should have just never mentioned it. If she was upset with his performance, he could just say that he was nervous. Just lie.

    Eat her out, finger her (look up tips on Reddit) than have sex. Thrusting is really hard to get down at first. Just go slow and primarily grind her while moving in a circular motion. Start slow and then go faster and faster, then back to slower. Start to switch between shallow and deep thrusts, while going slow. Don't do this while going too fast, you'll start to slip out constantly (at first). After this. Just have her get on top and get a feel for her that way.

    Avoid Doggy as much as possible the first few times around. Break yourself in slowly. You won't have the experience to know how to manage your thrusts so that you don't slip out. I know this because I did this. It's VERY embarrassing.

    This is for anyone here who is nervous about their first. Just don't worry. Don't mention it. Don't sweat it!

  29. focking p*ssy ill be a virgin until i'm 26 aswell, why does he still open the chair for her, beta males are even in the strongest of men.

  30. I honestly think Becca felt like she was to mature for Colton.. And she's not wrong about that. But I don't really think it was only the fact that he was a virgin which was the deal breaker I think it was just because they're both on two different levels of maturity. And yes it does kind of hurt that Becca is more experienced.

  31. Im sure if she said "I have HIV" she'd react normally. People nowadays treat virginity like a terminal disease, it's absurd! Though, I don't really believe he's a virgin…people would do anything for audiences. Alas, this is a good lesson for people

  32. She is just a shallow person ! Why walk away when he has told her something that realistically needs her support after being said

  33. Becca wasn't ready after her traumatic experience with Arie. Every decision in her season was tainted with that.

  34. I wouldn’t act like that if a guy I was dating told me that, I would actually find that intriguing. I think she walked away because she’s probably been with a few people and she didn’t know how he would judge her. I’m just guessing though because other than that I wouldn’t see what the big deal is.

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