come eat INSIDE NOBU with us: MUKBANG ($1,000 DINNER) (DEBT)

Because the quality is so much better. Is it really that big a deal? Okay, I’m gonna show you guys what you look like dog cuz I’m a little embarrassed, you know, it’d be like that sometimes though Just know what I’m going through Isabella go. See ya Welcome to my ASMR no Good back to my ear some I haven’t no boo right now and I’ve never really eaten here this early. We always come later and it’s like a little brighter in here and I brought the game Right in case it was because I have been wanting to do a no boom gone for so long And I would do it from home but I just like Nobu takeout is like not the Experience and if I was watching a nobody fought and I was at me or Nobu Right and neither Nobu or like whatever I would want to like know the experience You don’t I mean, I never really seen any youtubers do this. People are staring Yeah, but the stability is so good in this lighting I grew up mad for and never thought I would be in a place to be eating no blue as often as I cookie do I’m still that bitch though, and I’ve always wanted to do an open look long. I never walk you bitches or nobody’s experience So, uh, welcome to my first ever No, I actually am in a little bit of a rush because I’m going to come swimming with James I just ordered all of my favorites so I’m gonna show you guys all of my favorite things to get here I can honestly say know who is like my top three favorite restaurants Everything I get is so good One of Brad’s nicknames for me is actually month first I was Hungover tea party laughs Our miso soup is on the way last time we were here I spilled it all over the table and all over myself So believe it or not. This actually isn’t the most embarrassing thing. I’ve done inside of it. No homey Every time we go to Nobu, I spill something literally though. What in Vegas – yeah in Vegas in Miami and here Brad’s my boyfriend, but also my personal a mess cleaner. Thank you. You’re welcome. Oh my god. I’m so excited Yeah, can I get an espresso martini with you yes I do My human chopstick me just like stabbing it like swine My At least build miso soup with frat a salut like let alone all the times I’ve been here and spilled it myself Everything about them users have actually they don’t think it’s moving either sex to do Yes, and instead of a bunch of little to lose. It’s like one big break of tofu Okay pretend like we’re in like another country. This is like Matt Leo Laporte like Nobu London or something so martini It’s like not even That’s so miserable just like take the can’t rob espresso like with alcohol gets you more drunk Okay, guys next I know is the Wagyu beef One time I Mari was literally Starving and but these were like a big tacos and I only got two and it was all he got and it was just these Two tiny tacos. He’s so yes, he was freaking out and he asked the waiter to like is it like an afro, but they’re soul Yeah, oh my god this little fucking good but if you like put the whole taco in your mouth and like one bite So it’s like an appetizer I was like a fucking head ass and rode me like I’m the type of bitch like they don’t want to hear I know I mean has anyone else ever disliked? I Feel like it’s been like 30 minutes money. Would finally have my piece over without burning name a civilian everywhere, but also stated Um principle moving from Lincoln Redbox Full of ice like surrounding that tiny little thing – like how rich contains fucking dick. Oh my god Oh my god, it is so beautiful. It is so beautiful My favorite dish in the world right here everything you know who is good But nothing compares to this Alexa play nothing compares to you by Jackie What do you want your You put a leg right there under right destroy stops. Give me my shot. Oh my shot because we’re shooting You know, I probably wouldn’t pick it up like this Just like me like picking it up like it’s like not what it is Can I give you a little teeny? Caviar on top of like avocado became like a bed of like sauce and again I don’t really eat caviar or efficient or lame but and then you just like dip into the little guy and it’s so tightly and Expensive and rich, it’s just worth everything. It’s so good And It’s literally so fucking good like give me those fish eggs. Give me that fucking whale sperm in my mouth right now Yo, baby. Yo, I’d Only got a little caveat Radar on the scope on camera right now and he’s like absolutely nothing For me actually not bad dude, I think you just wanted it for last time. No, I would never Everything I’m having this at our wedding We Shouldn’t be here I was ready God. We have the class just Really just ask them to Pease down to the river. I mean you are in Hollywood. It’s so hard together Like at least I’m having chest pains Yo, did I was I dreaming this or did you actually tell me you want to get to God? No, I do want to get in I really dude If I was a serial killer and I was on death row and I could have one laughs or a line think it would be Then mr. Five I really want to take up And then we have the flourless chocolate making like the bento box with a piece of cake I like we know what’s good here But you’re Right now for the entree all of those things were in fact an appetizer Wasabi pepper chicken. Yeah, no mics II mean I kind of get it here I’m like daring but I still like some good old-fashioned poultry and this incorporates the element of Flavor It’s amazing Switching it out as crazy. It definitely makes the experience like Butter like for me would have never stuck up shut up. Let me just stab. You know, I don’t wanna Fuckin tired there’s I’m quirky. I’m not like What is this we have here As I will be giving away this no Barak why do I have one choppers in the five thousand comments I will ship this to your house What do we have here anyways I’ma gagging My cake is anymore no one saw that so please don’t leave a comment Free music video goes bang. So what do you have to do here? It has a good pussy aftertaste It’s a bento box And it comes with a fancy a little later than the waiter takes it off and she’s like such a big dick underneath a moment Like I’m going to look at this lid now I’m gonna take it away Every one of this table. Just dealing with me being an obnoxious annoying out the try now is why I love my friend decided the bento box is a flourless chocolate cake and a new bowl of Green tea ice cream just so good Like he like I just blew on ice cream eating Ice cream it’s a food. I hate fun fact about me. You will never see me Do I try to have some was it green tea with it? Yeah, I was gonna give them separately and then together, okay No, you’re right. No, you dare. I really wanted you to get all the flavors Same rate you’re getting disaster like Isn’t a confessional pursue have you ever had The way to feel after eating those who is like my chest pains anticipated my skin is clear my grades are good Like literally how did it express the Virginia fucking fell three, let’s move off it having Entirely a different Food number one ingredient is soy Does except like I stopped the two teacher exactly perhaps like when the teachers sick when the soy Fucking ready On my way to sisters Alright guys, thank you so much for watching this no boom. Oh fuck I’ve been wanting to do this for so long I’ve been wanting to walk me through a dinner and over with me for so long and Make sure to subscribe click that little button on James Bond. I really just embarrassed myself and got like 30,000 dirty looks for this I endure that for you I love you guys so much for watching or SOBU move by and I will talk to you in the next video. Bye I made a mess. Watch your hair honey bear

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