Comedy Central Re-Animated – Hannibal Buress – Throwing a Parade – Uncensored

(upbeat jazz music) – My favorite place that
I’ve traveled is New Orleans. So a little while ago we decided to throw my cousin’s bachelor party there. I’m the best man. I’m in charge of the party. That’s a big responsibility. I want it to be cool ’cause I’ve been to some shitty bachelor
parties where these dudes got a hotel room and two strippers, an iPod dock (audience laughter) and a couple bottles of liquor
and it’s not even a suite. It’s just double rooms and it’s just dudes and
strippers and liquor and yelling and that’s the bachelor party. Oh shit, son! The bachelor’s putting his
face in the stripper’s ass! Oh! Where’d that ping pong ball come from? We know where that ping
pong back came from. And we did the stripper
thing on another night, but I wanted to do something
unique to New Orleans. And one of my friends said, “Hannibal, you should hire a second line “to follow you through the street.” I was like, what is that? He said, “Second line is a band
of mostly brass instruments. “You can hire them to follow
you through the streets.” So basically in New Orleans for $300, you can have your own
parade on a day’s notice. I said, this sounds great. How do I do this? You gotta go to a police station. They have a parades department. New Orleans police has
a parades department. There’s homicide, there’s
narcotics and there’s parades. There’s other departments too, but you know, rule of three for comedy. So I go to the police station. Hi, I want to throw a parade. How many people in your parade? Five of us. (audience laughter) Alright, five people. Do you need help making
a route for your parade? Yeah, I need help making a route. I’m not from here. This is your city. This is not my city. This police man in full
uniform starts helping me make a route for a five person parade and was real nice about it. Okay, you don’t want to
Bourbon Street too bad. You might want to start on
Canal Street ferry landing, you work your way toward Bourbon Street. You get on Iberville. Some people on that street
will probably join your parade. (audience laughter) Because strangers just join your parade. That’s part of it. Somebody’s walking by themselves. Oh, that looks like a very
accessible parade right there. I’m gonna jump in that. I’ll walk with them for a few blocks. It’s way safer that walking alone. And I could walk with a band behind me. That’s the best iPod ever. So now we’re set. We’ve got the band booked. We’ve got our route. Next day after dinner,
we go to that corner. Waiting for us there is the band and the three piece police escort, ’cause in New Orleans, for $300, you can fuck up traffic on a day’s notice. (audience laughter) The streets are yours
for a very small price and we just start walking around. That’s all you do is walk around, band behind you, police in front of you. It’s the best way to walk around. I’ve been walking about since 1983 and this is the most fun
I had doing it, by far. Of course, you gotta get
drinks, so I stop at a bar. Hey, give us five Jameson
ginger ales to go. Fuck this place. We’ve got a goddamn
parade happening outside. I’m not hanging out in here. Do you see the energy out there, son? Then when we get outside with the drinks, one of the cops says,
“Man, why’d you get drinks? “You should have just bought “a whole bottle of liquor beforehand.” A policeman said that. That’s a direct quote from a uniformed, New Orleans police officer. I’m so glad I don’t live there, because if I did all I’d do is drink, gamble and throw
parades for myself all the time. Is that him again? Yeah, 6:30 on Monday. That’s Hannibal time right there. I don’t know why he does it on Monday. That seems like a weekend thing and he does it so early. It’s weird.

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  1. Alright dammit, somehow, someway I WILL have my own Parade for a mere $300 bucks! LOL And I will have it on some random Tuesday at like 4 o'clock in the afternoon just to make people smile, laugh, and engage!

  2. I think my favorite line is still "Is that him again!?" because it just solidifies that he's always doing it. XD

  3. I think this guy just convinced me to move to New Orleans lol😂 it's fucking awesome if you can be king of the streets.

  4. Man, I wish I had this much fun when I was in New Orleans. We stayed a block from Bourbon st. It was loud and hot and crowded. I felt 20 years older than I am.

  5. I genuinely think one day he will feel somewhat bad for what he caused Bill Cosby, his legacy and his family. Granted what he did he should be punished for but he just brought the whole house down on the poor old bastard.

  6. if you guys brought these back with some good promo and better animation theyd be massively popular, look at rooster teeth's animated adventures, theyve been producing those for so long and they still do numbers

  7. I was in New Orleans a few months ago and I saw about three of these parades every day of the week with just a few people ha. I'm pretty sure it's all Hannibal's fault lol

  8. seriously, i don't see why people enjoy his comedy. May be it's my english nuances understanding but seriously, it's very average to me.

  9. Been sitting on the can for 10 mins trying to shit but failing and then when I watched this I laughed so fucking hard it came out, thanks Hannibal

  10. I live in New Orleans, I can confirm second lines are everywhere, even on important days, like a few days before Easter etc, and Brad’s bands are everywhere.

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