Comedy Knockout – What’s Up With Stat?: Bachelor Party

I’m gonna hit you with some stats and you finish them. First up, 47%
of bachelor parties involve… Motels and regret. [ Laughs ] Seeing all of your male
friend’s boners. A controlling fiancee
who forces it be a joint
bachelor/bachelorette party. Oh. Yeah. Worst. Let your man be free. Sean: [ Laughs ] Stop it! The one guy who actually thinks
the stripper likes him. Seaton: Yeah! Everybody has
one guy who goes, “I think she likes me.” Ardin: Yes. I’m gonna offer her
a ride home. Yeah, do that.
That will be fun. Get rhythm. [ Laughs ] All right, well,
let’s see what it is. 47% of bachelor parties
involve exotic dancers. Well, if it’s exotic
to like to do the worm, then I guess, yes,
I am an exotic dancer. What is the percentage
of exotic dancers that [bleep] you after? I think it’s 69%.
It’s definitely 69. Definitely.
All right, here’s another. A woman will spend an average of $10,000 in her lifetime on… If they’re me,
on UTI medicine. That cartwheel got
way less hot. It did. Cranberry’s expensive, yo. Whatever that guy
from Bravo says. Astrology products,
because Gypsies be lying. That doesn’t make sense,
I know, but I knew
this one chick, right? Uh-huh. She spend $10,000 ’cause a Gypsy convinced her
that she knew the future. And she just kept
giving her money. She wasn’t a smart girl,
and we didn’t have sex, I just wanted to
tell people that story. [ Laughs ] I loved it! Thank you, thank you,
thank you very much. All right, well, let’s find out
what the real deal is. A woman will spend an average of $10,000 in her lifetime
on shaving products. Seaton: Man! Ardin: Yeah! $10,000 in her lifetime
of shaving products — not me! I just saved $10,000.
I got a [bleep] like a canned ham, yo! [ Laughter ] Sean: Canned? You said a [bleep]
like canned ham? Yeah,
it’s like a [bleep]… I don’t think Arden knows
where she is right now. Lemon: I don’t know.
She’s having it. This is the grossest
conversation I’ve ever had in my life. What if my jump suit
just, like, mounded… First — just expands
into a full mound! Just like a hot golf course.

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  1. I subscribed to truTV roughly 4 days ago, because I really enjoyed watching, Adam Ruins Everything. Unfortunately since subscribing my sub box has been spammed, flooded, bombarded with fricking hundreds of these little videos. So many and so frequently I'm missing other videos by other creators because the truTV video spam is pushing them down pages and pages.
    Also, I know humour is subjective, but I really don't find any of these videos funny, at all. It's like a bunch of failed comedians that didn't make it, all desperate to feel funny and valued, it comes across to me the viewer as just that, pure desperation, which makes it feel false and uncomfortable… therefore, awkward and unfunny.

    So just 96 hours after subscribing, I'm unsubscribing as I can't stand being spammed by this, (cough) content.

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