Comic Grief ft. Chonda Pierce & Ken Davis | Dinner Conversations

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  1. WOW, I was entertained, educated and humored, my heart was touched. Thank you! If this is the appetizer, I look forward to the meal and dessert. What a great format to deliver the message of Love, and what a great organization to be partnered with to help the most vulnerable before tragedy enslaves. So glad to hear of an organization like Project Beautiful that proactively seeks to address modern slavery, who knew you could have such an impact for so little. Thank you!

  2. I just enjoyed this SO much! My husband went home to be with the Lord on Feb. 13, 2016 so I’m still on the grief journey. Sunday the Lord gave me 2 special gifts! I had two conversations with ladies who blessed me in different ways but each took the time to talk with me which means SO much in this busy, busy world. One of them asked me about my husband’s death. It was so refreshing! A lot of people hesitate to ask I guess because they think it will bring you pain. Actually, the opposite is true, it is such a relief and brings comfort to talk about your loved one who’s gone, at least for me. I was able to encourage the other lady whose husband is going thru a long time physical problem. I can remember how difficult those times were for both my husband and me so God allowed me to try and encourage her. How great is our God! Keep being real and sharing God’s Word and the therapy that comedy brings!

  3. Very wonderful program. Maybe dinner isn't a proper title, but I truely enjoyed the openness of the heart. Love you all. Looking forward to the next session.

  4. Napkins, food, dinner plates, serving plates, drinks… Sure looks like dinner conversation to me. Awesome Sauce Mark & Andrew!

  5. To me – grief isn’t about the person that has left you – they are in heaven, no pain, no more sorrow and not worrying about you anymore. They don’t miss you – they are in heaven.
    Grief is about yourself. It’s selfish, yes. You are all alone. You don’t have your best friend/soulmate anymore. People think you should “get over it”. You never will.
    Does the knife twisting in your stomach go away? Yes. Does the being in a “fog” go away? Yes.
    But grief is always there at one time or another. You are sometimes alone in a sea of people.
    My favorite quote to explain it is…”Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”

  6. Thank you Ken & Chonda for sharing what you have learned. Thank you Mark and Andrew for starting this and sharing as well

  7. Thank you for this! Mark, your comment about not grieving reminded me of ME when mom died. She had been wheelchair bound for 15 years. My mom was finding out it's OK TO DANCE cause she's dancing on those streets of gold! Bet that shocked her Independent Baptist sensibilities to no end! I rejoiced at her funeral!

  8. Appreciate this so much! I liked the part when Ken made the carp joke and Chonda hit him with the hand towel. Now I know why he was beaten up when he was younger…His making jokes at people and them responding.😆 Looking forward to hearing more Dinner Conversations!

  9. Hearing Chonda and Ken talk about their regrets and feelings concerning the time missed with their families, I am reminded of one of my favorite verses:
    John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    To me this goes beyond the physical "laying down" of one's life. They, and others like them have sacrificed a lot to save the Spiritual lives of others.

  10. "This life does not hold all we are looking for." Amen!!
    "You can't tell the Lord a knock-knock joke!" ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

  11. I can't believe there are only 17 comments at the time I am writing this. This is a conversation STARTER…words on topics that we at church should be sharing and discussing….but we DON'T! We either try to be so saintly and perfect or we are the Christian Dramatist who always has the poor poor pitiful me life. In my life I have lost two best friends…one was 18 killed in a car accident and another in his 50s by suicide. This year I lost an unborn grandson and my mother who was 86 and for the last 8 years of her life didn't know that man in her house was her husband. This is one Ken who totally agrees with the other Ken…in my words…there is no cure for grief. Yes, life goes on and then one day when you least expect it, a song, a phrase, a scent or the way the sun shines through your windshield and like me you find your self at the wheel sobbing. Grief sneaks up on you. Humor diffuses the pain and again like Ken, where is humor in our world today? If you read the Scriptures enough times, you will see that God has a sense of humor…so laugh!!…at least snicker!! SO…whoever is producing these….keep em coming!

  12. Love the comment – (If someone ever shamed you for taking hormone or antidepressant medicine, tell them to take their glasses off and drive home)….
    We are all human and need help sometimes…our superpower is asking for the help! love you guys…i talk about my seasonal depression all the time to family and friends and makes it so much easier for them to come to me if they just needed a friend to talk to for I would be the first one to love on them…God doesn't make mistakes, he makes us his learning tools…

  13. Mark, I would
    To speak to you about how to get started as a comidenne. You opinion is one I will checrrish. If you write back the I can can give you email address. I'm very outgoing but seem to be spitting and spewing now, h aha thanks, Lori stewart

  14. I know for me, grief has been different depending on my age and journey. When I lost my dad, in 1978, at the age of 21, I was devastated. My dad's mom had just been buried on my 21st birthday just 2 months earlier. My dad was diagnosed with cancer the end of Feb. and passed away one week later, just a month shy of his 59th birthday and the birth of my son. My grief started a depression and caused such a pain that was a catalyst for many, many wrong decisions I made over the next 31 years. In Oct. of 2009, when I was at my lowest point, I was dragged to a GVB concert, where I rediscovered the music and comedy of Mark Lowry. For the first time in 31 years I laughed. In the weeks to follow I wanted to laugh again, so I watched everything I could find on the internet of Mark's (thank you YouTube), just to laugh some more. In part, the need to laugh was just a way to mask the pain, but in the watching of Mark's videos, God also lead me to Mark's blogs, his podcast and his music, which lead me back to the love of God. Kind of what Ken said in this conversation about no matter where we were or how weak or how many shortcomings we have, that God loves us anyway. In 2009 I needed to hear that because I didn't think it was possible for me to be loved by anyone, much less God. Laughter was just what God knew I needed to start the healing process. I said all that to say this, that now, at almost 61 years of age, like Mark, I don't grieve. Not that I haven't lost people I love since. My step-dad, my little sister, a relationship and handling my daughter being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, but in God I have a peace. Have I wanted to change places with my daughter in the last 3 years? Absolutely, but there is no fear or anger. I just pray that God gives me strength to be there for her, my grandsons and my son-in-law. 10 years ago I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to handle my grief because of my daughter's diagnoses. Love the podcasts, especially the format of conversations. I always love conversations because instead of answers, they always leave me with more questions, and I love questions.

  15. I have felt that way in my church that I'm that I'm out of place that can't use my talents God has given me I want to be used of God not to be seen but to give him all the praise and all the Glory with my singing

  16. Wow!!!!! I love this show! Pain is very real in our lives but when we have outlets and God given medication which is laughter that makes the difference! Time doesn't heal wounds but Jesus does!!!!!! Very relevant conversations! God Bless you all!! And Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I love these people! Thank you for bringing attention to Project Beautiful! I had never heard of it. What a wonderful organization! Bless you!!!

  18. Amazing video!
    I know grief, too well. I've lost a lot of family members in my life.
    Last April 10th, (2017), I lost my beautiful 17 year old Granddaughter, due to bleeding from the colon. She endured 4 surgeries and they never found out exactly where the blood was coming from.
    She became sick and was promoted to Heaven in just over one month.
    The grief comes surging in waves. She (Angela) and I were also very close friends.
    I know she is in a wonderful Place, and that gives me peace.
    Bit I miss her.
    My heart misses her.
    Thank you for this video.
    Much love. 🌹

  19. Andrew, what you said about the older generation sometimes not allowing the younger generation to relate is spot on!! All of us have something to learn and never arrive. The older we get the more we need to listen and NOT think we know more than we do.

  20. Love you Mark and Andrew. This is most refreshing and the best time to laugh and ask questions. Love you all.

  21. I cannot believe anyone would say a little girl is not pretty! How sad! Unfortunately there are people (Christian or otherwise)who feel better having conversations with others, that are mean and negative. I have ALWAYS thought Chonda was so cute! She is such a cute lady and always has been since I have known her! And her insides coming out make her even more attractive! We love you chonda! I pray that God makes that bad experience go so far back in your mind that it will never effect you negatively! Love you lady! Come have coffee with me… 😉

  22. I love Chonda. My bf in elementary school lived next door to Chonda & David. She came over and as we looked out over the river where she faced her fear, she encouraged me when I was in a crisis of faith vs fear.
    Anita Renfroe’s Mom used to wait on myself and my Mom at our favorite store many years ago and it was easy to see where Anita got her funny bone. Her Mom came to hear our family sing a few times. I am so blessed that God used them to minister to me, in my mess, in such a personal way. Such a loving God we have and such a perfect parent He is. They are the real deal. No telling how many lives they touch everyday. Directly and indirectly.

  23. I watched this on TV yesterday and it is truly great TV. Thank you. It is funny and fun, but authentic and deep and I need that so much right now. I'm always grieving myself – my old hopes and dreams – but I still like to laugh when I can.

  24. My favorite people all together. I so enjoy listening to all of you. Mark, I am pretty much like you on the whole grief & death. People thought I was terrible when my dad died. He had suffered for years before he died. And when I was told, I said "good". I heard them gasp so I had to explain. He is no longer in pain. He now knows where he is. He is in a much better place. He is with Jesus. Why should I want him to stay here the way he was.

    Let me tell you what happened when I was very young [less than 8 years old]. My favorite uncle died. Mom & Dad couldn't leave me at home on visitation night at the funeral home because Everyone was there that they might have left me with. While they were all distracted talking to each other, I went up to the casket, placed my hands on the edge, stood on my tiptoes, and peeked in at my uncle's body. His spirit sat up, placed it's hand on mine, and spoke to me. He told me that I should not cry for him because he was no longer in pain and it was beautiful where he was. Then his spirit laid back down. I was so freaked out that I ran from the funeral home to the car & stayed there till my dad came and got me. When I told them what happened, they thought they had made a mistake bringing me & that I had quite the imagination. But because of that experience, I do not cry for those saved souls. They are better off. I do, however, cry for the people left with the hole in their life, left by the person that has died. We all have to find a way to go on, until it is our turn to go be with Jesus.

    I hope you guys keep doing what you do. You all have been a bright spot in my days since I found all of you on YouTube. Thank you. Your works have blessed me. I ask God to bless you as well. P.S. Sorry so long.

  25. Mark you brought laughter back in my life after the death of my husband. This show was a help to when I saw it for the first time on WLMB.

  26. Grief isn't selfish. it shows a person cares about the other person and themselves. I agree, grief isn't a mental disorder. I stopped watching Chonda when she showed she wasn't for letting others have a different view than her on her pages online and not being able to afford to pay to watch her comedy online and her shows went from free on youtube to having to pay for them.

  27. I lost people I loved in my family as a child. I learned how to deal with grief decades ago. Thank God for my country Christian family that knew how to deal with grief in a mature way. my best friend cousin died at 4 when I was 8 years old. I saw him two days before he died.

  28. My comment went away that talked about Grief isn't selfish. Grief shows caring for the other person and one's self. That I agree, grief isn't a mental illness. That I had stopped watching Chonda due to couldn't afford to pay for her shows online when they weren't free anymore. That she didn't allow different views on her pages online. which is true. I grew up around alcoholics that were very controlling. I didn't enjoy walking on egg shells around them. I enjoyed people that allowed free will in discussions. Political correctness is immature. it's controls someone else's free will of what to say, think and do. Puts one view above another.

  29. I marched in D.C. in 2007 in a civil rights march with a sign that said Everyone Matters. Have picture proof. Now, it's every where. But, people there said my looking white that my sign didn't matter. I am part Native American. Chonda love yourself instead of wanting to be someone else. You were made for a reason to be the you that you are. I agree, we all have been taught to be offended by everything. those in power taught the seriousness to keep us all fighting to justify controlling us. history taught this at my school decades ago. I have known abusive people all my life.

  30. I didn't care what kids thought in high school due to my grand dad taught me to not care. still don't. they didn't know me. their view of me didn't matter.

  31. a little brain candy every day. "Let's just enjoy the moment"–yes, indeed. That's what the man 20 years my junior said to me when he asked me on a date. Clearly, he didn't know Christian women can't enjoy a moment.

  32. This is wonderful. I just love Chonda and Mark and sorry but i am just learning about Josh and Ken. Oops,! But I love you two guys too. In fact I was looking forward to the cruise with Chonda and Mark had only to find out it was already past. Oh well win some lose some.But I'm looking forward to the next one. Was that a hint? Why of course it were. Hahah. I lost my wonderful best friend and husband 3 years ago , sure God was going to heal him. God did , but not the healing I expected. I mean he had just retired and he had finally bought that certain motor home with the certain chassis and certain motor, which took two years to find. I had decorated my style not his which was a sleeping bed thrown over the bed. Not mine it had to had God bless this home and real sheets and matching comforter which matched the new tile I layed around the kitchen area. Haha We were going to travel and help with some church's as roamers. But God had him traveling in different ways. The pain is indicribable. I would cry ever night in our bed from the pain of losing him yet holding my arms up praising the Lord. Why if any one had seen me they would of had me in another home and not the motor home!! I knew if God had allowed this that he was going to give me a strength, and you know He did. A strength I never thought I had a strength only God can give cause at that low place you know you cant find anywhere else. It's the strength of all those years of loving the Lord and knowing somehow you and the Lord were going to get through this. It is nice to hear it with other people. Thanks for this table talk is it so great. Oh and thanks for this way of helping with getting these ones out and before they get into sex slavery. I wanted to find a place like this to donate too with my site. I was gonna give to something like this , the next sale, I keep, the next sale goes to my church, above my tithes, the next for me the next for the sex slavery rescue and so on. So know I will get on the ball and get going on this. Thanks so much again, Debbie

  33. To me- pain and grief is the part where is part of our lives. Even Jesus grief for Lazarus when He came to the grave. With our faith in God, we get comfort in our pain grief. I have lost my sister at the age of 9 years old. But I Look back I see that God was with me in every step of my life. Even now with health problems, I see Him wit me.

  34. Our EVERY words can touch a person’s heart for good, for love the way Jesus loves us, to heal. Then again, Our EVERY words can wound a person’s heart for evil, to hurt. PRAY FIRST BEFORE you speak, I am NOT saying to be part of the herd of Satan’s fearful, cowardly prisoners called “politically correct”, I AM saying to show, through Jesus, HIS love. A CLEAN sense of HUMOR😊, such as Mark Lowry, Chonda Pierce, Ken Davis, Michael Jr., Kevin Williams, Tim Hawkins for examples, DO help when you want to take a break from what the world is throwing at us constantly. Jesus HAS given these people the gifts, the blessings to make our hearts smile, not just our faces😊.wado,Ann Benson.

  35. There are all types of pain it can also be loss of physical abilities due to illness and also illness that is chronic pain. I learned that friends and family are willing to abandon illness. People don't want to be around sick people unless it is temporary and your getting better. Really how many people go to care facilities? It is so discouraging to be alone in chronic illness and young people don't have time for that. I remember we took turns sitting with a Family members sick in bed or house bound (Aunt, Uncles or who ever). We took care of them with meals or cleaning what ever, that doesn't happen much anymore they have pros to take care of our sick and elderly. This is a result of family disruption. Our children are to busy to come for dinner on Holidays or just any visit.We when to see my grandmother every-other Sunday. Not so likely today with the younger generation. Sad!

  36. Oh Ken i understand hated Jr High and most of High School i wish teenagers and teachers realize the kind of emotional trauma they do to one another

  37. AMEN about the ability to laugh at ourselves has gone out the window. unless it is cruel comedy, people just wont laugh

  38. Mark Lowry got it! Yes, it is ok to grieve. Jesus did (for Lazarus and for Jerusalem). But since the ending is extraordinary joy that God has appointed for us to experience for all eternity, we must never park, rest, dwell and live in grief. The joy of the LORD is our strength! It was spoken when the Israelites were grieving in repentance of their terrible sins against God. God does not want man to stay long grieving. That is why Jesus rose up on Sunday!

  39. 10:45 everyone is offended by everything! SO TRUE! Its been my life's goal to encourage others to laugh! I was BORN into hell so I think i was born funny too! My parents are really crappy parents but really funny people so I get all my humor from them!

  40. Help me here. The bible says 'the dead know not anything' and 'there is no praise of thee in the grave' so how do you say that the dead are in a better place.

  41. God right now I lift up everyone who is reading this and lord I pray in Jesus Name that if there is anyone who doesn’t know you or is troubled about their souls reading this then by all means please allow this comment to enlighten their path to draw them to yourself and gloriously be saved from that horrible eternal place called Hell lord that’s my prayer and that’s my hope! I pray that Satan will be completely banned from this comment right now in Jesus Name and Satan only by the authority of Jesus Christ and his word which I stand upon you are completely banned from this comment! I don’t care whether you like it or not I am praying for the lost to get saved and am seeking to completely set fire to your harvest Mr.! you are nothing but a Liar with a capital L the father of Lies!!!!! A cheater! A deceiver! A joker! A murderer! A thief! A stalker! A depressant! And most of all a father of lies low down yellow dog loooooooser! 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  42. I am grateful to say that I am a born again Christian and have been since I was 19…….I praise God for my dear precious and of course hilarious and nutty Mark Lowry!!!!!! and all the Gaither Vocal Band also just every man or woman sold out to Jesus in many ways!!!!!! I pray for their ministry and that God would fill all their hearts with much obedience and strength to much glorify the wonderful name of Jesus Christ in all they say and do!!!!! To God Be All The Glory!!!!! however folks if you don’t know Christ as your savior then it burdens my soul to think that you are headed for a terrible place called Hell where the Bible says the fire is never quenched and the worm dies not! Folks you are not promised tomorrow! 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He is God in human flesh and he came to this earth lived a perfect sinless life and even though he knew that we had sinned and because of our sins deserved to die miserably but he said no I don’t want to see them suffer so I will go and take their punishment for them! Even though he did absolutely nothing wrong still he chose to take the punishment for our sins so we can be set free from the power bondages and consequences of our disobedience to God! Romans 5:8 says For God commends his love toward us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us! 1 John 2:2 says he was made to be the propitiation for our sins! And not just for our sins but the sins of the whole world! 2 Corinthians 5:21 He who knew no sin became Sin for us that we would be made his righteousness! The truth is if you had to get to Heaven by your own effort then you cannot do it! Because Romans 3:10 says there is not one that does good! No Not One! Romans 3:23 says For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! Romans 6:23 says For the wages of sin is death! But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord! But the good news is Romans 10:9 If we confess with our mouth and believes in our hearts that Christ died for our sins then was raised from the dead we will be saved! V 10 For it’s with the heart we believe and it’s with the mouth confession is made unto salvation! God gave us 10 commandments to follow and we’ve broken every one of them! And because God is a good God he cannot allow our disobedience to him to go unpunished! Well then like I just mentioned above his son Jesus stepped forward and said no I don’t want to see them punished so I will take their punishment for them! And also like I said he died a terrible substitute criminal’s death for us on a cross so now all we have to do is accept that payment for our sins and we can escape the terrible wrath of God that is to fall on them who do not accept this atonement that was sacrificed for our sins! Praise the lord Romans 10:13 says Whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be saved! And 1 Peter 1:4 you’re an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you! Christ clearly said in John 14:6 I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the father but through me! Acts 4:12 clearly states that there is no other name given unto Heaven or earth by which we must be saved as there is salvation in no other! Jesus clearly states that there is clearly only one way to Salvation and it’s him that’s it! There is no other way! God Bless everyone who reads!

  43. I’m sorry I love all of you in this video but it would of been so amazing if it wasn’t for Chonda interrupting everyone they could say four words without a right or a yeah I know. Great stuff and love u all but that made it hard to listen and take in what others were saying

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