Como Hacer Decoraciones para Fiestas y Cumpleaños DIY *Party Decorations* Pintura Facil

Hi! Today we’re going to make party decorations using banners. Stay with me start making banners using a 21 x 30 cm piece of paper make a mark on the battom at the middle (15 cm) place the center on top and place the ruler coordinating the center of the paper and and 7,5 cm then make a mark on 0cm and in 15 cm now cut the paper from point 0cm to the bottom on the 15cm or the middle then from the 15cm on top to the 30cm on the bottom then cut on the opposite sides to obtain 3 banners from 1 cm from the big side make a fold the cur the leftover using a flower dye cut some flower from a white piece of paper glue the flower on the banner glue flowers till the edges to make it nicer then turn it and cut the leftover using the paper cuts and a simple dye make the flower centers glue the green dots in the center of each flower use some nice thread to attached the banner on the flap then glue the other banners using the paper cuts make double strips to dye small banners if you live the edge without cut you’ll get small banners ready to glue glue some banners to wooden sticks to decorate sandwiches and snacks glue some banners to some thread to make garlands for decorating your table I hope you liked this project! Mark as favorite and post a “Like” subscribe to our channel follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and click the following images to watch more videos See you soon bye!

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