Cómo hacer recipientes de plástico para fiestas. DIY Party ideas containers | Recetas para fiestas

Today we get a great idea for parties. They are plastic containers to put the nuts, sweets They are ideal for children’s parties because if they fall nothing happens. To make them we will use plastic bottles We have taken two-liter bottles Ideally, all bottles are similar These our are curved in the bottom will cut just beyond To cut, I do a small hole I with a knife-edge because my scissors does not have a very sharp point then I have to cut. First I cut big, fat and then I do thinner, smaller, where I want Thus I cut first six big size and then the small size to make all similar Short also the top of a bottle t will be the centerpiece of my stand sweets or nuts See? putting it in the center will be where the floor is set up I’ve cut a little because I was too high Do you see as I left at the end of short? but I like the height is not very fat now what I do is like I said
cut again to let them all evenly matched and make them a little more prettily because so high no one can take things as you wish let’s cut to leave all the same size I do so because the six bowls the
five below and above once just what I’ll do is make the cups We had the five bowls plus the above and then on the sides I have two glasses drinks such as
we will do as we do with the top of a bottle As the bottle is not very rigid will also cut a piece because otherwise it would be too soft We cut a piece and equate Before decorating everything we’ve done we will finish a little these cuts of plastic It is best to take a candle and the bottom, not the top with the blue, say, spend the plastic around, so there is no edge so it is a bit tucked inward not go near the candle much because what you do is burn It is made in the bottom of the candle because if done in the above plastic would remain black Once just we finish and we just have to decorate a way to decorate is to paint with acrylic paint on the outside, inside do not do it because it is toxic I have decorated the washi tape because I find it easier you know that the washi tape is placed, removed, do with it what we want and if you then want to decorate for another event we removed this and put another color We decorate the center, decorate the candleholders and now what we do is paste let’s stick with hot glue with care that is not too hot because the plastic melts we sticking to each other and all with the central part also Finally we paste the part of
up we have only to put a little hot glue on the cap and paste we will finish the cups as the base of the cup let’s use an old CD to decorate, as we want to use acrylic paint, let’s put washi the same washi tape or tape that we used to decorate our cuenquitos Once we just give the
and we cut back Once we do that
let’s stick our top of the bottle on the CD before pasting it also decorate a little bit with the same washi to look a little cuter. We stick with hot glue we hold until you’re stuck and this is
our joint It has been very cool, right? then decorate it as your needed for the party that you’re doing

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  1. que idea mas ecológica😀 ayudar al medio ambiente reutilizando las botellas, un me gusta por esta creatividad…

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  4. hola que buena idea, justo para el cumple de mi sobrino jjjaja,una pregunta ¿ no se despegan las botellas con la cilicona???

  5. Muchas gracias por la idea. Y con tapita para que los frutos secos no se aflojen como de haría?. ..saludos desde Tenerife-_España.

  6. súper genial, me ayudo mucho, gracias, pues se viene mi cumple, es en 03 días y no sabia como poner la mesa de dulces gracias..!!😄

  7. la que no le gustó es que tiene la cabeza llena de cucarachas y no le gustará reciclar sólo dañar el medio ambiente,

  8. Te ha quedado muy chulo.
    Una forma de cortar a medida y que salga derecho, es pegando un folio en todo el perímetro a la altura deseada.
    Una pregunta a las copas les dejas los tapones para que se sujeten mejor no?

  9. La cinta adhesiva donde se compra , ?
    Y tiene que pegarse con pegamento caliente , ?
    O puede ser de contacto , ?

  10. El centro le pondría una flor 💐 para un centro de mesa y los contenedores llenos del dulce 🍬 que desee pero son excelentes tus ideas y ya nosotras echamos a volar la imaginación 🤗🤗❣️❣️👍🏻

  11. Would make beautiful gifts filled with lollies,candy,chocolates love watching craft work helps to give me ideas first time on this video

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