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what’s going on guys I am Matthias and
guess what dude guess what day it is smell smell you just took my job – no
it’s smile day but we don’t make enough money to get the eat you know it’s smell
day hitting 5 million subscribers is an amazing achievement done only by me ever so as a five million present to me you
know it’s go yeah yes you do did I tweet it out I tweet it out as you can see
right here retweet if you want me to surprise Tanner tomorrow by doing this
when we shoot a video 2100 retweets alright
Tanner should try doing the show once and Mathias in the hot seat like if
agreed I can’t think of a better day this is like is like a 5ml present to
myself yeah it’s like the most selfless way of being selfish but I’m gonna like
here’s what we’re gonna do right I’ve picked out ten things just celebrate
myself but I’m letting you open them up if I the first one you’re the first one
what was that mean I’m the first thing you want to celebrate yourself with
Danner’s product number one all right tanner you want to switch switch let’s
see if tanner here’s the thing we got we got to test this out to see if Tanner
can take over this channel no one has to do it alright someone’s gonna do it dude
I hate this just keep it in keep it in so here’s the thing about Tanner right
he’s a little shy he’s a little nervous right oh that was rude not as attractive
or funny as me that is actually the truth a beard not as great but give him
a chance dude as a five million present to me I almost hit back
uncle I’m still gonna be right here in the hot seat I should have done my hair
or something today look at yourself that’s what I’m all
about that’s why I’m here I want to look at myself all right my little slave I
want to do oh you’re right I’ve never done this
before so as a match right full assistant I’m gonna be letting you guys
know if today’s products are mail-order do
whoosh plush blue birthday cake hat oh my gosh you got this for yourself for
myself you know how good you look with cakes on your head alright for myself
meaning I wouldn’t have given it to the person in hot seat I would have worn it
myself oh so you’re implying that I’m gonna
wear now just like him alright well let’s see it happy birthday to you
this plush blue birthday cake at beaches are colorful happy birthday headline
against a white background with more who cares we’re really happy about 5-mil
today aren’t we most people do like a day in the life weird over here just
like let’s good a hat measure cinches is wide that’s just like something else I
I’m gonna add it to the basket aggressive sir
I could see why you do get a little scared when we do that kind of stuff I
can’t wait to see you push it onto the table and miss every single time who
thought this was a good idea starting off what are these are these candles
it’s more like a melt like a cow it’s like if your milk you want to try out
first you want me to try them I just want to say happy 5 moly yeah thank you
I’m so happy for you they never take it off I’m gonna be honest wait dancing it
bask in it look at that did you agree because of money it doesn’t feel good it
feels like I’m almost the same person after I hit 5 melt it feels like I can’t
treat people however I want it’s kind of like getting a degree I don’t feel like
Donald Trump no cos he’s 5 bill so I have to wear Anil the entire video all
right you know what I do for you kids way too much for you kids all right six
count sparkling six foot just kidding six inches candles birthday outdoor
bottle party go I’m starting to see why you have a hard time
it’s like just like you have to take it one word at a time yeah this is tough
birthday outdoor bottle party gold candles smokeless in stock that’s good
to see the listing six piece of bottle wedding cake candles six inches it’s a
cake that pees itself it’s nice red tip goes on birthday cakes or it can be
attached bottles I’m gonna give you a challenge I want you to tell me what
that means so what it really means is that the red tip goes into the birthday
cake right or you can attach it to the bottle like the top of a bottle I get it
now I know exactly what to do with we decide to add it to cart get to me my
candles a perfect push what else what else it’s a five mill cake for myself so
which one of us is unbox more brother I ripped its neck all right here we go oh
this is the red tip what’d you think was the red tip dude I don’t know yeah so
I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the shape of an M so here’s another problem
these red tips come undone really quickly yeah baby let’s get this place
lit up are you okay dogs look at that wait wait take this that check this out
no don’t turn this sideways oh you get this point pull it up yeah listen to this that can’t be healthy wow
this looks smoky yeah so we’ve encountered another problem
look at the cream on this no take a look if you guys can see there’s actually
just a bunch of like so yeah from all the flames and stuff going up a little
carcinogens yeah all right I’m gonna cut Matt slice dude you’re breaking the
bottom of this is hard I have to really Jimmy this thing out you guys are making
fun of me this is tough the bottom is broken the bottom is
actually broken can I get an actual knife yeah I mean look at this no this
guy actually just gave me a butter knife with like a plastic like a make it work
make magic I can’t get that out with those big knife there’s no way you get
this dude what the heck yeah yeah hold on get in the bottom thank you all right
let’s taste my five mil cake dude thank you oh you need something this is mine
Cheers I’m actually going head on first into it melts in your mouth that’s
actually really good it’s that magic ink so here’s the beauty about being in the
fire see I can keep eating you gotta move on oh you’re right technical
difficulties or something just to get you guys are curious the cake is a mill
the candles also mill but make sure you do it outside yeah a killer pie next
giant Mexico Mexico it’s the second you step up here did can’t do it giant
Mexican Bowl party pinata with rope blindfold and decorated stick you know
what I use those things for something else in my life I hope you know Jesus
when you well so stick color berries stands 46
inches tall that’s 12 24 36 3 almost 4 feet there’s about an app on this
channel oh you’re right this is animal alright Oh miss click Add your cart
alright Matt you want to go into warn base warehouse to check it out we got it
set up out there to have a little fun with it alright well I’m gonna do it
anyways cuz I’m the star of the show alright here we are this is the buter
self did you pick this because it looks like me all right tanner break it show
us some aggression dude I like junk over here was like embarrassed to watch that we’re gonna disappoint Pouncy balls wait it’s a bouncy ball Tanner okay whoa you
could say I’m worried account alright put some right in the face dude dude I
feel like I just went to war right there let’s see those hands
hey girls look at me got my nails dude it’s okay bro throw confetti balloons
you be God you be good what is our it would be good goober good
okay I’ll make it uber gun giant latex balloons 36-inch filled with colorful
confetti jumbo balloons for wedding christmas Babla gallium premium material
I love that premium material you are made out of boyfriend material your to
get material yeah it’s like polyester I like it ah confetti what you wanna say
something our confetti balloons are made of high-quality and sturdy latex which
won’t break down easily at night it’s not a challenge five high quality latex
36 inches balloons with colorful confetti wide application fun for New
Year’s Eve parties kids birthday parties gender-neutral baby shower you know it’s
funny wait what wide applique
have you ever heard of a balloon described as the white application this
is the white application balloon cannot do everything you want but
gender-neutral baby shower so just any balloon that’s what I’m saying it can be
anymore it’s just a neutral balloon so it’s a balloon is what you’re telling me
right now okay they should have just put that you know love it through my sister
that’s all I saw that’s all she gets she’s a very much mr. surprise birthday
party and my I should just do her sister if you control what knowledge you take
in you can form your own perspective you know have the car baby I wasn’t ready
too bad I want another one beautiful fun grey packaging some SS to myself here’s
the real fun happens see this knives so this is some helium and oh whoa it’s got
a little legs it’s like a pig here’s the confetti that comes with it I mean yeah
that’ll put it in yourself Oh baby ugly color yeah you gotta test
it you test it you never tested balloons hi my little slave you I want you to
look this one no the other one this is the One X button I make a promise we’re
going to try I did it oh you’re smart boy actually what if I just do this I’m
just gonna stick it in there the whole bag I’m in this shape what is that sound what wait stop it
works yeah but I’m doing now that the growth
bag in it alright I want that too looks like how to get on a plane soon alright
here we go oh hey I had to get the bag out hey I’m
not a noob it’s the hardest I’ve worked my fingers in a minute I’ll tell you
that much horse fully grasp all right so that’s enough I think the confetti it
sounds like it’s dying you want the air to go in what are you doing it’s gonna blow up
like a whirlwind that’s actually do it do it all right I’m metric Oliver lesson to be
learned nothing happen in my mouth you I can taste it in my mouth how come you’re
having all of my eyes must be happy but I’m in the front seat
Oh what oh thank you so these are what it looks like when you’re not
incompetent like myself no don’t Helena this is what I think this is how I image
Tim in my head this is the voice do you think I normally have brought it up then
last better all right well my review is the balloons they’re pretty cool but
you’re just like in the wild feature the helium no it’s a mil balloon no me Liam
he’ll wait whatever I’m over it all right whoa what
is that picture feels like does likely I’m gonna take a buyout on one of these
for sure Kings store 200 pcs pieces 40 inches
giant latex spiral balloons weddings birthday parties decorated children’s
gifts it’s not getting great reviews from the peeps as you can see there um
it’s just balloon don’t think I want to Reno yeah
giving two stars because these pictures are misleading and different from the
product I was expecting the photos show a wide variety of colors and the ones I
received were red yellow so the ones he received were a variety of colors I’m
mad because I didn’t get what I wanted even though I got what I wanted this is
the packaging cam don’t do it
oh really yeah well it seems a lot of balloons few hundred pieces that said I
think right magic knives once you show them off do a little stroll I’ll do I’ll
show them stolen baby what’s on my head Oh
so they actually changed where you squeeze so if I give it more pressure in
the middle it pushes it towards the other no this is a feature okay hey man
I watched have something with you we have to have a sword fight really quick
first a small my the bagger mats got the stronger sword well those balloons
they’re weak just like my spirit nil next product hey guys you think Matt and
I are cool because we’re part of the power
thank you for watching power animations thank you for being a part of that
notification squad if you guys want to be a part of the notification squad as
well and see more of this crazy humor makes you guys hit that subscribe button
a bell icon we come back to the first 30 minutes and we love you well I do Matt
he’s just mad you know 5-mil changed him you know nostalgia electrics works with
hard candy ooh nostalgia PCM for debreu retro series
hard and sugar-free candy cotton maker cotton candy or candy cotton cotton
candy cotton candy come on man sugar free candy shoot candy ooh that’s my
jazz you know how much I like sugar for you exactly I hate it so I get those
large sodas remember oh yeah these Orbeez we just this that cocaine you put
the drug in there and you make the bigger drug wait what well you put jelly
ring second it can not even melt down why yeah cuz looking makes it into that
I like this very nice right okay you want this one yeah alright hey I’m gonna
do Add to Cart I’m Lourdes Mouse
oh good delivery thank you I’m happy for you happy for you cool alright so this
is what the candy comes in a nice fat pink box just the way daddy likes it
okay we got all these papers what’s that these are so these are but you’re gonna
put on the cotton candy on I’m gonna make you do it cuz I like the way you
work here’s the candy comes in powder form you have to buy these separate so
these didn’t come with the product I had a
friends my little friend amis they bought these set before so instructions
plug it in is a good start I’m gonna assuming can you plug this in my good
sir I’ll do it I think I’m supposed to put the candy in what do you want first
waiver cherry so I’m gonna turn her on wait I’m gonna turn it on Wow sounds
like a plane taking off or on top or that’s stuff in right I assume it’s got
to eat up first yeah I can see a coating inside I don’t
see any Khan can be where is my candy I think it’s just gonna heat up they can’t
you heat map over there you guys can see good like oils are getting here yeah you
can see right there they’re oils are hogging it’s heating up but it’s just
not really ascending like it should yeah I heard chatter maybe a little more
tanner maybe a little more than that I feel like we’ve had this one before Everyone give this video a like for Lis like for Liz come on mister this is Matt
if anyone’s curious he just likes to experiment with stuff I’m sandy that’s a
mob sandy in my destructive product out of this jail Everett
we’re gonna take it over here and we’re gonna let it heat up on its own and
we’re gonna see if we can get some cotton candy makers I really want cotton
candy six and a half hours native all right guys as you can see my
incompetence has reached an all new point I’ve gotten one of my frenemy is
here this is Dave frenemies no I just like I said we were frenemies in the
video we’re actually friends but Dave actually knows how to do this hang down
I’ve never done this before alright maybe he’s just better than me
okay so kind of happening but you have to do that the entire time I don’t know
I don’t know if it’s like a twisting motion motion motion motion yeah the
most of us were all the twists to let me just do like this
is this is faster for sure but I don’t know if it’s doing it God is it you some
hi this looks like a discontent you know maybe too much sugar but it’s really
good I’m gonna say no if you can’t run right for me
you can’t go right for anybody she’ll then DJ phone fancy shots professional
confetti launcher with wireless remote for concerts puck whoa so this is a
remote-controlled confetti launcher was this even I like to buy this is just me
you spent $300 you neanderthal I just watched the shoot confetti I guess with
a high velocity zero doesn’t do what I want to go next level okay okay so far
twice we’ve gotten Connor and Paul know with different varying confetti effects
in their office but this one’s the big leagues dude I think we could do
something crazy what are you thinking I’m thinking we distract them right we
get them to come over here we distract them we set up in their office we go
back to their office boom blow it up and then walk out like boss yes like we’re
walking away from an explosion yeah I’m all I’m all about every single word is
that right pin the tail on the donkey game this is a classic classic pic but
you on this one that’s just my life my go-to game you know when I’m celebrating
got a pin something on something else yeah you know whether it’s like some
illegal crimes on like you know a lower employee yes I can set them pin now then
something something embezzling money something something double jeopardy or
some way that I pin some stuff lots of other people got someone their
subscribers all right so this is actually pretty cheap extremely cheap
$1.99 for a bandana and a donkey I paid two dollars for way less than this
alright I’m just gonna buy it place it to my Oh I’ve seen better tosses no
worries though got a little donkey party game oh this is Matt we named him Matt
because he looks just like you it’s the ears this is Mahoney hits ten Bell right
Bostick was fall for him put the blindfold up
when he set it up bowling ball this is one thing I’d put on the wall let’s see
you walk down the block along with the other here you go Matt got you some
scotch anything to thank you all right I’m gonna say I suck in assisting I suck
at assistant I like to be boss not assistant fallin Connor and Here Come
our contestants welcome to the Tanner Channel that’s
what unites me we got some changes coming your way that’s why I’m an champ
a tan man Chad what I’m still that all right let go my hand or else I’m gonna
touchy-feely go okay we’re gonna be playing pin the tail on top you we got
ourselves a blindfold here yes master and who we don’t want to bring you any
more than two donkeys to play pin the tail the document right so I’m gonna
give Connor number two because he’s number two there you go but then I’m
gonna guess number four sticky sticky icky sticky
what was that mr. rap god yeah what number do you want bye okay you can have
five we have five or five mil you are smart oh no this video is I’m thinking
number one yes are five mil vid you’re celebrating have some respect so you’re
gonna go first look at the camera let me turn to it
look at it he looks like a really bad super hero all right Connor hi Connie
you got this no no what what you doing guys that then you got to lead with this
no yeah that’s how you put your other hand out to feel for it
keep going is it there’s a propane tank how do you know are you opening your
eyes I saw it with my eyes earlier don’t feel that you gotta push there you go
all right she’s really well done really well done
yeah mr. big Paul goes to spend yeah why didn’t I get spun because I knew you
would make it anyways I totally did I said call all right you’re doing great
Bob I know I’m doing great mm-hmm perfect all right now going down to
Matthias gross happy fine Mel Matt this is no way hold on I know you can see
right here what and if you’re right here what right here Oh what was that fine
now behind me Wow yeah hey no peeking homeboy look at his
fingers some of the wrong fingers you’re good to go Wow actually really ever it closes that
tree closes love those boys and last but not least it’s your son man
the donkey King okay all right here we go you break the window yeah I was
an ion is those I’m 19 yeah good what you’re so close good job
and I think Matt won yeah thank you for five middle take a long time to make all
those accounts so Paul and Connor we actually have our
next product we need you guys for as well
okay everyone squeeze on the couch all right so next product it’s a dog you
wanted a dog oh it must be gone this gets here to replace it biscuit can go
right into a tree that’s okay guys you know what Amazon’s it has let me down
before you know what I said just go check it out all right where is it oh I
mean it’s it’s not easy with the role reversal Matt where is it
Matt take me away where we go yeah where’s my follow me everyone okay
you’re supposed to grab my hand guys check it out bounce house ready
five no worthy right I’m afraid to go I know bounce house with the boy boys
oh my god this is too depressed I’m free I win what do you say Miller no
I say five milk alright that’s definitely military
that’s a mill because it’s such a bad bounce house it’s a good bounce house
all right guys we are going to red base right now bless you all right guys the
product happens to be in your office you know
are you talking about you guys think great aren’t you glad
about my celebration wait wait no we’re actually not done though Oh actually no all right now we’re done because it
sucks it’s fitting that out see you guys later
All Right see you guys later glad we could help you guys giant inflatable
bowling game set 25 inch ball nice something right with six thirty inch
pins that’s a good set large jumbo indoor outdoor games party toy for kids
children and adults so for people just in case you were wondering you could
where humans yeah for people and humans it’s like okay roof
roof boring ball play with history add to fart oh wow and I have a Carl thanks
yeah it’s so off your Christmas are you talking you’ve never seen that vine I
can tell fines or anything that’s funny huh Matt no longer funny cuz it’s dead
anything dead isn’t funny game on by Meridian point
thank you Meridian point six giant pins it’s so funny what you choose to look at
you find some jokes in it Julius how about the Kip on double P signs right
here chilly I can’t behind chugs they picked the most Awkward child let
me see don’t make fun of a kid why what did I make fun of the kid he’s just like
no you don’t make fun of the kid this is a heck of a bowling know what he’s doing
you don’t make fun of the kids oh the kids beautiful yeah
the P sons but that’s the directors fault it’s not the kids fault much like
mine dead the directors yeah I mean it’s like you
think you think this kid just like threw up true peace signs come on kids don’t
do that I feel like kids do and war is what you like to do either
way the kids a little creepy okay next director trying to push his political
agenda only P only families for all the bowling families that like were just
like I can’t buy this too much beats I’m just checking to see there’s anything
funny something laughing at me are you doing great
I don’t like I’m getting picked on man 630 inch pins as you guys can see
they’re my favorite one it’s a point because if you point with this finger
it’s a little offensive a point the other finger some points like that we’re
gonna go we’re gonna go set this up in the warehouse and we are gonna see who
can win a little game of bowling you ready for that love you know Matt sucks
and most things bowling also included isn’t that right baby no there we go
team service it’s time to do some bowling like Wii Sports Bowl and you
know I just want to point out I wasn’t the one to do all about blowing up with
the pins this one looks like it’s seen some stuff yeah man this is what you
look like yeah last week he had the flu his head’s
all deflated and bodies just shrivel up this is like Amanda no take it carrier
then these are the boys like playing with dolls
I think it was so gonna do a little whopper soup here little 1985 get and I
don’t see how this goes all right no trying to not suck try and Danny I
honestly think there’s like a deflection magnet on do you even get anywhere near
you nearly the only knock two or three things you better Matt oh yeah hey yeah
I’m ready show me what you got you trained butter that works I’m done just touched all the pins I was like hey
baby how you doing and then just walked away right at five mil or nil five
Miller no this one give him five mill I don’t lie put up a three why why what do
you mean why I wouldn’t board my boys my bud I’ve always wanted to hit the lanes
with my friends you know what I’m saying I don’t have a favorite check out this
video it is where we found some mystery skills flavors it’s pretty crazy
also check out this video right here we’re talking with guys check out this
video right here because we had a flan throw in that video and it’s pretty nuts
and this guy’s nuts and make sure you guys subscribe because we have so many
crazy videos coming your way and make sure we end it high five and high five
know guys like this video if you want to see tan to do this again here’s an
actual high five you

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