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  1. Ben and I absolutely love cooking and eating, so we thought we'd do them both in this video! What recipes would you like to see us cook next?

  2. Love the video! But is it just me or does Jenn’s voice sounds…. different? Like a bit higher than usual?? Idk maybe just me

  3. Please make more cooking videos in either of you guys' channel!!! Just seeing you both in one video made my day🌈 love you both!💛💛

  4. Well… hope you made a lot of money for doing this. Got excited when I saw you had a new video but the whole thing was an advertisement … oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do right?

  5. all the food from these subscription food things look so bland and boring. i don't think these are worth it

  6. I loved this video!!! Do more of these cooking videos, they are really fun to watch and you get inspiration. Love you two❤️

  7. I wont be buying a hello fresh dinner but I did however run out and buy these ingredients from my local grocery store to make. Sounds delicious! Thanks for the idea Jenn!

  8. this looks soo delicious !! I hope I can see more videos on you and ben cooking
    love from abudhabi xx

  9. I love you two and any type of video that features you both! You both are a beautiful couple, inside and out, and I love how you interact with each other. I'll confess to crying during your proposal video. That intense joy you felt was so obvious and wonderful to witness. As far as food, I'm a vegetarian so would love those types of recipes or how about desserts?, please!!

  10. Love the cooking video! It’s a bit of something different on your channel, and it inspires me to be healthy! Yay!

  11. I just realised that I have such a similar tattoo to Ben, in the same area now, and that really took me back man. Great video!

  12. Hope jenn can do some quick and healthy meals thats are suitable for busy people ❤️e.g. avocado baked egg 🍳 and salmon salad dressing

  13. I noticed that Jenn sounds different to her usual videos too 🙁 other people are saying that she sounds fake but maybe she’s was going through a hard time and still had to film this video for some reason.. like sometimes when she had to film a make-up video even when she wasn’t feeling the best(?)I don’t know :/ but I’m worried that she might be going through a hard time and getting a harder time from the comments😢

    TLDR: I don’t think Jenn’s being “fake” just because she’s talking differently in this video

  14. People, don’t get mad if Jenn’s video’s are Sponsored or Ads. This channel is not “Just for fun” this is her full time job and she needs to make enough for her expenses. Don’t judge her, if you don’t like the ads just skip those videos you don’t like and everyone is happy.

  15. I think it would be so interesting if you and Ben have a cooking completion and have your friends as the judges without knowing which is cooked by you and Ben. Better be some simple dishes like grilled cheese so that you can have a chance to win with your creativity😝

  16. I dunno if its just me but your voice sounds a little different in this vid…. 🤔

    잘했어… 수고하십니다 😘😘😘

  17. Love this cooking video idea!!! Looking for another! But i think the food process is just too basic, looking for the real cooking with many ingredients on it 🙂

  18. I love seeing videos with you guys together!! Kinda felt like a chatty vlog with more Ben!

    So hungry watching this 🤤

  19. Loved this guys! Please do more cooking videos, would love to see how the other recipes turn out too, and perhaps some of your favourite meals that are quick and easy too 💡

  20. you have to do more!!create a whole separate Chanel on it and I will definitely subscribe to that as well!😊😊😊🤗😍

  21. I would love to see a real-life, not over-produced, non-sponsored vlog of the two of you just hanging out and cooking.

  22. Im just wondering why people need a subscription that sends you fresh ingredients you can get at the store?

  23. why are there so many negative comments? I typically only watch Jenn's vlogs but randomly decided to watch this and I'm so surprised by the comment section..

  24. Yes! Ben, please show your regular cooking recipes, especially now that you've become pescatarian! Love all the work and content that you put out.

  25. if it's a real honey (no added sugar or other artificials) it goes well with ANYTHING. except if you're making chocolate chip cookies 😋 better stick to the OG recipe

  26. ok yall can stop complaining people will take what opportunities they can get to earn money she said in the beginning that it was sponsored either click out or stay

  27. I don't know why people complain about sponsored videos so much. It's the nature of the job and Jenn and Ben are cute in everything they do! No matter if it's sponsored or not. Show some support girls and boys!

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