Cooking With Karen ft. siblings | Thanksgiving Dinner & Speaking Cantonese for our Grandparents

你好,Andy,你在干什么啊? 今年我们三个会一起做感恩节的晚餐 妈妈现在在中国,所以我们三个要自己做饭 So today we are making Thanksgiving dinner Mom is not here this year, but the three of us are cooking together Hopefully, Grandma and Grandpa can watch this video of us cooking and celebrate with us Some of the things that are are making today aren’t exactly “traditional” American thanksgiving dishes But there are still some more “traditional” dishes for example the pasta and cheese How do you say “Mac & Cheese”? Then (our other grandma) made some duck Most Americans don’t eat duck, they eat turkey But we didn’t make turkey this year because… It’s too hard to make We don’t know how to season & prep it And mom isn’t here And it takes like 1-2 days to season & prep it And you have to put stuff inside of it Americans have weird food tastes Okay, Grandma and Grandpa, I know you don’t really like to eat American food, but watch how we make this food – yeAAaa 我觉得每一次我拍视频的时候,我的指甲都很丑怪 没事,没事~~ 我们今天还要做 通心粉 放进去 要把它盖好 现在你要把这些青椒些填满绞肉 So what is Thanksgiving and why do Americans celebrate this holiday? When they first arrived in America, they didn’t know how to plant or grow anything They didn’t have anything to eat But there were some really kind.. – Native people. How do you say Native Americans? (In Mandarin) Native people (in Cantonese) I don’t know how to say it (in Mandarin) They lived here for a long time They were really kind and brought some food over so they wouldn’t starve to death They also taught them how to grow these Native plants and vegetables and how to hunt Hunt?… Rob?… How to hunt with their guns To eat/hunt the animals To find/hunt animals to eat So they didn’t die This is the time where you harvest the food that you’ve grown all year This is the harvest season 没事。。没事 So we just wanted to show you guys the things that we are making Now things have changed into something… crazy Yeah it’s a bit crazy now — Because everyone.. Today is one of America’s busiest traveling times Many people travel back home today Everyone goes back home and everyone eats together Then after they eat, they usually go out together on Friday — Shopping to go buy things for Christmas Because on Friday, there are a lot of discounts Yes Yeah So a lot of people will.. How do you say “mall” It doesn’t matter They all go shopping. — “Store” (in Mandarin) How do you say the store? (in Mandarin) “Store…?” 我也不知道 无所谓,they go to the mall. Grandma and Grandpa know a mall is 他们整个暑假(和我在香港的时候)都要听我说英语 是的。我刚说了。Everyone goes shopping There are a lot of discounts tomorrow But now many Americans go out shopping tonight After they finish eating dinner, they run out to go shop (Thank you capitalism) Tonight, after dinner, we are also going shopping So we really are… Americans But the most important thing about this holiday revolves around family and thanksgiving “Thanksgiving” directly translated into Chinese means thanksgiving So this holiday is about thankfulness So I’m really grateful for you (in Mandarin) 我不 No。。。 不你 “No… 不你…? ” …不 knee 先在我要混一下这个鲜奶油 我真的很感激你们。感恩节快乐!

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