Couple of Mistakes S01E06 | Surprise Party Idea | Karan Veer Mehra Barkha Sengupta Habib Mithiborwal

Mummy how would i know why Sir called me so late! I really don’t know Ok Mummy, see Now I have reached I’ll call you when I am done Sir ya! Which flat is it?! Please open the door Sir I am here. Sir! Sir! You saw my picture? Was I looking smart? Shall I remove the shoe here? Shall I keep the laptop bag? Who will close the door? You’ll have something?
Beer I would but I am fasting Why didn’t you complete the 2nd slide? Right away! Mailing you Sir can I ask you 1 thing? Client meeting is 2 weeks later Why are we doing this now? No! We should do it Anyways we will check the spelling Let’s do it today. Why to wait for tomorrow I did not call you just for this presentation Sir, you are smart You look also good. Anyone would love you But me I am not that guy It’s nothing like that Sir! Do you have any virus? Don’t speak rubbish. Sit down Then Sir what is the confession? You said in the office that you are planning an anniversary party for Ruby? Yes Sir. Every year And even on birthdays you keep surprise party! Yes!
That’s my confession I couldn’t plan any surprise party for Meera And next week is her birthday That means the presentation was an excuse You need my help to plan a surprise party? Will you tell me how to do it? You could have told me in the office Sir! I would have told you there If you want to plan a surprise party then invite her best friend And plan with the. It’s simple.
It’s not that simple. I did it before You know what happened?
What? Meera called her and asked What are you doing?
She said shopping for your surprise party It flopped.
So Sir some other friend I tried everything One day I called both our parents for a play tickets But the ticket details went on her phone She came to know.
That surprise also flopped I planned with her office colleagues also But she kept the meeting for so long that her junior said Mam please finish the meeting We have to change and come back at your own surprise party Leave that! One day you know what happened? I found a superb new location I called everyone for the surprise We planned there I called everyone You know what happened?
Everyone was asking me for the location Because that place was not listed on google Meera came to know about it again Everytime it flopped That’s it? Superb Idea Why do you stand everytime? I have a perfect idea for Meera bhabhi surprise party What? 2 days before the birthday One client will harass you mentally.
Who? Khurana? Me Sir! Me And because of this client you on the birthday day leave for office early And you’ll forget bhabhi’s birthday I can’t forget her birthday!
Sir! Acting? And if Meera calls me in the office? You cut the call. Because you are busy with client Sir you are angry but smart Then you have to go home straight Have to decorate, call all friends And then wait for Meera bhabhi And when she comes the light, camera.. Action! Not a bad idea. Never thought about it I’ll plan her surprise birthday party at home itself Cake, Balloon, Confetti, Friends, everything I’ll hide here This is a perfect surprise party Sir can I get 2 days holiday? Holiday? Why? For what? You know the value of surprise in a relationship I have to go goa with Ruby. Please understand 2 days please. Only 2 days What are you doing! You only said you are not that type of a guy Understood everything sir? I’ll meet you after 2 days of vacation Don’t forget to call me on your party

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