Court Says Entire Republican Party In Arizona Discriminated Against Minorities

You know, there’s really a lot of evidence
out there to tell us that, yeah, the Republican party likes to discriminate against people. They discriminate against people of color. They discriminate against people with different
religions. I mean, we see that with the, the immigration
ban that’s trying to happen right now. The refugee ban, the Muslim ban, they discriminate
against poor people, which we’re seeing right now with the public charge. And of course, every policy they put out,
the Republican party discriminates against people. And now that’s no longer our opinion. That is the official opinion of a federal
court, this week. A federal court in Arizona ruled that the
entire Republican party in the state of Arizona intentionally discriminated against minorities
in the state four years ago when they passed a law that said, we can’t do mail in ballots
anymore because we can’t have third party groups picking them up, a practice called
ballot harvesting. And if you knew this, you’re going to be looking
at jail time. So basically they threatened people in the
state that if you try to mail in a ballot through a third party, which means not US
mail, you could go to jail. You don’t want that, do you? And the voters in the state said, no God,
no, we don’t want to risk jail time for just trying to vote. So I guess we just won’t vote. And the judge found, based on the evidence,
that evidence, that this did disproportionately target minorities, African-Americans, the
Hispanic population and the Native Americans in the state. And Arizona has a pretty decent population
of each one of those groups. And their voter turnout in the elections since
that law was passed four years ago, dropped significantly. And that was the plan, the judge says. That is what Republicans wanted to happen. So the judge struck down their law and then
again said you intentionally discriminated against these groups of people. So here’s what happens now. Obviously the Republicans in the state are
going to appeal this. Maybe the higher courts are gonna disagree. Maybe they’re going to agree, maybe it goes
to the Supreme Court or maybe it stays the way it is and this coming November, more people
get the opportunity to vote, which is very sad for this Republicans in the state of Arizona
because they’re already facing a very massive uphill battle. Right? They’ve got who Martha McSally as their Republican
governor appointed Senator who had already lost a Senate race and given the fact that
she’s pretty well hated outside of Arizona and starting to be more and more hated inside
Arizona, she is facing a very tough reelection. And if all these groups that her party had
discriminated against for four years can now vote, they’re probably not going to flock
to the party that been barring them from the polls for four years. But again, the cruelty is the point. The suppression is the point. That’s what Republicans want to do because
they can’t win elections on policy. They can only win when they suppress Democratic
voters, and at least for now in the state of Arizona, that’s not going to happen. We’ll have to wait and see if this stays in
place by the time the November election rolls around, but if it does, that is going to spell
certain doom for a lot of Arizona Republicans.

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  1. This election is going to demolish one of the parties, or hopefully both. We need a revolution and purging of government.

  2. They have never been able to win on policy. Cheat steal any thing illegal is their way of getting elected. That’s why we gotta get out and vote Nov 3rd 2020!! No matter who vote blue!!

  3. They will say yup we did it but so what we dont care we broke the law so what. Yet say hey ! we are the law and order guys!

  4. Trumpism Communism has taken hold of America. The GOP Communist Trump party and his pro Trump State Run network FOX, have all used Communistic tactics on their supporters to stay loyal to Kim Jong Trump. They silence and punish all those Americans, patriots, witnesses who have worked for the corrupted Trump administration regime, and programmed them to ignore, disbelieve any other news media source that doesn't favor Kim Jong Trump. That is Communism taking place already in the country. The GOP Communist Trump party are good little commies. Spread the message to Trump supporters and call them commies. If you call them Fascists, they like it, if you call them commies, they hate that word.

  5. The actions of false presidential leader Chump Trump, his corrupt cohorts and Administrative minions demonstrate their racism,, greed, self indulgence and tyranny against the very people elected officials are intended to serve. Greed corrupts everything it touches. Please everyone, in 2020, vote out all corrupt Republicans and Democrats and vote in only candidates who sincerely care for "The People" and act in benefit of all individuals in his/her charge. Lets clean the insidious sludge from the filthy swamp and make us great again!.

  6. Martha McSally couldnt even win her own district when she ran. She lost the race to Kyrsten Sinema and governer Douchbag, I mean Ducey, had to appoint her. And Mark Kelly is beating her now in the polls.

  7. And this is shocking? These people that follow Trump have zero couth and credibility. They are definitely Followers, not Leaders. Why is it that Republicans decide to pick a candidate that is an "Reality TV actor" and portrays himself to be a mountain when he's a mole hill. Reagan was another one with his Savings & Loan scam. I really don't comprehend it being that I'm Republican. Trump's garbage and he should've stayed in New York with the city rats. It's gotten to the point that I rather be Independent. Democrats and Republicans both are disgusting! A lot of brainwashing of the American public. 🇺🇸

  8. This is why many of us are disgusted. Democrats play by the rules, republicans proclaim to be the party of law but breaks the laws and rules and gets away with it. Either republucans stop cheating or democrats get muddy to even the playing field.

  9. As a hispanic man i really appreciate your channel and your kindness to minorities Farron!!! You're awesome! Keep up the good work!!! Bernie for President!!!

  10. I'm 56, a rural Alabamian, in AZ 2007-2009. Hatred for Native Americans shocked me; it was ugly as '70s G. Wallace bullshit. Chills.

  11. The whole situation in America is insane. I have never seen such a massive, permanent division of the population (apart from Brexit in the UK, which is just one single topic). But thanks to this madness, one can imagine much better what society in the German Reich must have been like 100 years ago, before the right-wing populist Nazis came to power. Today's Germany has learned impressively from the past. But why does America seem completely incapable of learning anything from the past?

  12. Exactly HOW are ANY AZ voters UNABLE to mail in their mail-in ballots, unless "contractors" come to the voters home & gather the mail-in ballot to be mailed in, INSTEAD of the mailman, the USPS worker, the person who gets all the other voter's mail to them, 5-6 days a week??? How many minority voters in AZ do NOT have access to USPS delivery service??? And how do they currently get their mail if NOT via USPS?? Or do the "contractors" also take care of these voters daily mail??? Mail-in Federal Ballots come conveniently equipped with PRE-PAID postage. Of course AZ GOP is engaged in voter suppression, but y'all are chasing after a shiny object they tossed in front of you. Has NO ONE on ROF staff ever voted by mail???

  13. Christian Republican should pay us for spreading spirit of fear the battles of fear to long go listen to Joyce Meyer battles of the mind n demons

  14. Republicans wanna make all of America republican. To them only republicans matter. That’s why they demonize Democrats and liberals. When God comes he’ll show republicans who’s side he’s really on. And it’s definitely not theirs. Just because you’re against abortion and homosexuals doesn’t mean Anything. It’s what’s in your heart that matters. God’s not for hate…

  15. Wow. I honestly can't believe it. If those Republicans could, they'd turn America into a white supremacist theocratic dictatorship.

  16. This is true but nothing will never chance unless fair minded people stand up, people of color stop making excuses about voting and do it and Democrats start becoming more tactical in their approach. Put the negative adds out like they do. Hell fight fire with fire. I seen this sticker on a pick up truck and was amused "ARMED LIBERIAL BUT DON'T PUSH ME."

  17. So much for the war against white people. Either white nationals and ethnostate believers are deluded or their war is against giving any power at all to anyone but white people, and anything done to ensure white power is acceptable because the ends justify the means. Fascism.

  18. I am a Minority I used to live in Arizona and I left because I feared for my life. Denied “due process” they stated courts don’t honor the Civil Right in Phx Az.👇🏽🖕🏿

  19. The reflukukkkins have always been racists. The state of f cking Arizona still hasn't allowed for MLK to have his BD celebrated as a federal holiday. WTF? Discriminate is not the word for Arizona and their bigots. Ask the Native Americans, about F cking sucking Arizona, ok? So go to hell Arizona, you don't stand for shit anyways. Never have and I'm just saying, the truth.

  20. Repukes have always been the party of deceit and deflect. Since Trumpy aka Russian/Traitor, Repubicants are the party of hate, racism, judgemental assholes, it's all about me me me, GREED!!! I've been living in it with my extended family and it's been a nightmare!!! 👻😡 They're the enemy and enjoy their multi millions living on the dark side. It's like they're all aliens!!!! 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  21. Waahhh…you lob/ dems can cry yourselves to sleep over this backfired impeachment fiasco …Trump beat you at your own game !!! Gonna beat you again at the polls in November ..not by "stealing " the election,.." Or " the Russians meddled in the election "… Or whatever other lame excuse dems will create in order to reason why they lost AGAIN in 2020 !!! Trump train coming through…either get on board or get run over !!

  22. Well duh! You hear that Princess Me-Again McCain? Your party discriminates against minorities! Has been doing it for YEARS!

  23. In America , you MUST
    1.have a car
    2.use fossil fuels
    3. have money for permits to do most things
    4.have a mailing address
    5. have at least a crappy education
    6. and be free at the same time!

  24. Martha McSally was the one who called everyone who believe in law and order, ethics, morals and Christian and family values "RINO's". Other blithering idiots in the GOP soon followed her example. I don't think they scored well with any of the principled Conservatives in the Never-Trump movement there, and that an awful lot of potential voters to alienate, for a party that needs every single vote.

  25. Please Farron, man s'plain me how the hell the minority voters got their mail-in ballot delivered to them in the first place ?? Pretty sure it's the USPS

  26. Republicans have been purging Dems from voter rolls in their states. Everyone needs to make sure they are registered to vote! The only way Republicans can win is by cheating.

  27. Their discrimination is mostly economic based, they know most of them will lean to Democrats and Progressives and that in effect will hurt their bank accounts eventually. Anyone hurt by our system of injustice usually will not vote Republican.

  28. It's kind of hypocritical to criticize the RNC if you are watching the New Hampshire Town Hall, which is part of the worst election rigging of 2020. The RNC can't touch our party (the DNC ) when it comes to election fraud.

  29. All a republican candidate needs to do, if they want votes, is adopt sound policy. (You don't need donald for that)

  30. It's time for Arizona to stand up And take back Justice rightfully owned for so many years oppressed by these cheating corrupted racist Republicans And don't forget Trump want to cut your Social Security we So rightfully pay into and encroach upon our Healthcare?

  31. What a big surprise!!! Republicans cheated in Arizona??? Against minorities for 4 years…barring them from voting with scare tactics and lies…

  32. Gee shock, good for the court, must still have liberals on the seat.
    This is how the Republic dies, they've been stacking ALL courts, including SC with their biased intense bigoted right-winged dingbats.

  33. Not surprised. True, Arizona has large population of Native American and Hispanic. It's possible that white is the minority in the state.

  34. all Republicans are criminals and deserves to be in jail bunches racist against Latinos and African Americans and muslims even people that pay taxes Republicans are evil and they need to be removed from seats

  35. They hate people that don't vote for them but they are too selfish and greedy to attract people with their policies. Probably not smart enough either.

  36. Some of you might enjoy this conservative hack being ripped in a new ad against her…
    Trump Hack DESTROYED By Brilliant Ad

  37. All US citizens need to handle this once and for all and that is to 🗳 Vote all those fools out of office once and for good.

  38. The entire Republican Party supports Russian and other countries meddling in our elections. Mcconell won't allow batches of bipartisan bills to secure our elections from even come to the floor for debate. Repugs are selling out our democracy. They can't win with democracy. "Russia if you're listening…". (Not discounting gerrymandering, poll tax, eliminating batches of the public from the voting rolls, and so on.)

  39. I'd love to subscribe, but you refused to interview the first and currently only climate focused presidential candidate; someone who worked for a Fed. Judge and will hold Senators (and Judge Roberts) accountable for what just happened. Progressive media: You gotta luv 'em for good hearts and great ideas now and then, but still completely clueless about what is actually required to dodge extinction.

  40. Republican's base: white, male, christian, undereducated poor and one tenth of one percent rich is such a small pool. The Democratic Party is trying to appeal to the same people. The DNC pitches its appeal to corporate, donor, elites who look down their noses at we the people.

  41. That's The Republican Party Way: Lie, Cheat, Discriminate, Bribes and Corruption at ot best. They know they can't win anything fair and square. Yet their claim is to bring some Morals bk to this Country. What a freaking Joke. They r going to live to regret this last Fiasco though, well some of them will. The really old ones will die fr illness or old age before this mess is over. The young MEGA Republicans will be the ones to pay for crimes against All Americans . Old Azz Fools. 😒

  42. I live in Arizona, the republican party deliberately tries to to disenfranchise voters that may vote anything but republican.

  43. Republicans….cheaters, liars, HYPOCRITES. Everyone of them.
    Let's kill off the entire party….vote them out.

  44. Think Arizona is the ONLY state the republicans have been busy rigging for themselves?? Now think of all the federal judgeships trump and Moscow Mitch have loaded the Federal Court system with. NOW, think about the RUSH, Moscow Mitch and trump shoved Kavacreep into the Supreme Court. The American people have just witnessed Moscow Mitch And trump make a complete fool out of Justice Roberts, making him look like just another “figure head” of Moscow Mitch and trump. To be manipulated any way they decide to. The toy figure head of a trial Moscow Mitch had already declared world be coordinated through the White House councils office. None of us should forget Senator after Senator after Senator SCREAMING how they had already made their decision to acquit trump. The WORTHLESS piece of paper signed by senators to listen to the evidence and be bipartisan and took an oath of doing so. The senate deliberately calling no witnesses. Trump’s councils DELIBERATE CALCULATION OF TEARING APART OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE TO LET TRUMP GET AWAY WITH TREASON. Trump’s councils NEVER CLEARD TRUMP. Trump’s own admission while he was in Switzerland, he WITHHELD EVIDENCE FROM THE HOUSE. MAKING ANOTHER CASE OF TRUMPS OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.
    Now the BLOATED EGO of trump will, NO DOUBT, will be more disastrous than ever before.
    One can not help to conclude, this total mockery and bogus trial and the injustice we have witnessed could be, in part, due to support by the international wealthy who supported Epstein and his fellow deviates. An investigation taken over by another trump lack, Barr, who never intended to ever start a proper investigation.

  45. You have to be very careful with how you label humans nowadays because using racist colonial binaries like white/brown and people
    /people of color is not just offensive to indigenous people, it IS going to be heard by computers and your words are going to be counted, compiled into entire corpus of all your lexicon and then compared with other people who use such language and typically it’s racists which use that binary and impose that on people – that’s just how it is so you should clean up your lexicon, peoples words say more than what they use them for.

    people/people of color” or white/brown isn’t just an axiological proximization strategy using a Fallacious racist binary, it’s using lexical presuppositional triggers that are the root of the dialectic of colonialist eliminationism so wtf are folks who use such horrible terminology thinking?

  46. Repugs cheat PERIOD! Cheating to win is the republicans best tool to win. They can't win on issues. But can choose rules that benefit their candidates.

  47. You NEED a policy to run on a policy!!!!! Republican snakes have only one policy and that's to give the rich all the breaks they can and make the rest of the American people cover costs they can't afford!!!!! Keeping the people down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Well, if republicans want to actually earn votes from non white non Christian voters, then maybe they should stop spreading hate and fear of minority groups and stop discriminating against them.

  49. They do that since many years, doing the best they can to prevent people to vote. How many people found closed voting places? How many people have been deleted from the register for wrong reasons? How often did they change the districts so they can get more out for them?
    They can't win with fair elections, so they cheat. Nothing new here.

  50. So a bill not meant to discriminate against anyone is somehow discriminatory? Good logic libtards. Fucking retards you guys are.

  51. A friend of mine from Europe said he rather liked how the 1st amendment protected hate speech.
    He said he liked that it made it easy to spot the racists. "You know exactly who they are!" He said.
    Having "Orange Julius Caesar" in the white house has had a similar effect.
    On the downside, it's emboldened the racists to come out of the closet.
    On the upside, it's emboldened the racists to come out of the closet.
    They're not couching their racism in polite terms, or hiding it in vague policy language, while claiming they're not racist and discriminatory.
    In this new tRumpian era, they've come right out in the open, with their middle fingers extended, proud of what they are.
    Daring anyone to do anything about it…..
    Well, let's give them their wish.
    There shouldn't be one, single person who seeks to oppose this at home on voting day.
    Beg, borrow, barter… whatever it takes to get to the polls.
    Remember you're not voting on one person…'re voting on all of them from the county, UP.
    Your vote is your voice, and your weapon.
    USE IT!
    And let's get rid of all of these bastards.

  52. I bet the GOP wont inform the voters in Arizona that they can once again mail their votes assuming any appeals fail.

  53. Republikkklans doing racist shit? I'm shock! Absolutely shocked! Said no sane person ever. Fuck you racists pieces of shit. Your trash with legs.

  54. In 1787 when the good ole' Constitution was written it read :
    We the white people it has never been for minorities ESPECIALLY
    BLACKS so let's move on ROF stop trying to make US believe it's about US IT NEVER WAS

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