Crabbing for Dinner!!

hey ya’ll so i’m standingn here in Corolla with Buddy Ponton he’s been fishing and crabbing on the Outer Banks for a good long while
and we’re getting ready to head out on the water today. Buddy do you think we’re in
getting crabs I think we’ll get a few. it’ll be dinner that’s
what we’re after is dinner yeah so join us kind of come see
what it looks like when you’re out there on the Currituck Sound trying to catch
dinner so if I had to ask right now buddy what is your favorite thing about
crabbing Eating Crab. and why why are blue crabs your favorite crab. I think the meat is sweeter. What do you think about
your first mate Dolly here Dolly is a pain in the. Dolly thinks everything is for her. But she’s a good dog. She’s just hard headed to say the least. Juney thinks shes the captain. Juney’s always very curious as to what he might be
catching cuz sometimes catch some fish we got a nice cooler full of crabs’ which means we’ll be eating very well tonight . excited
about that so basically the way you know what crabs you want to keep one is that
you always have to measure and figure out what the minimum requirements are
the way you measure a crab is from this point to this point on the top shell
it’s not from claw tip to claw tip and down here this needs to be 5 inches in
North Carolina in order to be able to keep the crab.
so you always want to take it to the measuring stick our cooler here so you
see if this is zero then this is up close to 6 so we know that this is a
keeper size crab a male crab will have a shape that I say is a little bit like
Currituck lighthouse it’s got blue claws best the name the crabs thus the name – Blue Crab. This a
nice healthy one female crabs have this Capitol dome shape on their bottom and
red claw tips that’s one of the ways you can tell easy way to remember this with
these red claw tips they say ladies like to paint their nails now Buddy prefers
to cook his crabs already cleaned so we were just outside cleaning the crabs
ahead of time which basically means you take the crab split it in half you’re
gonna take all the lungs and the guts out and you’re left with just the bodies
and the claws the reason he likes to do this when you sit down at the table you
don’t have to deal with all the mess of it you’re just ready to eat you can
really cover a lot of ground this way so we’re gonna put these bodies and claws
into a pot with of course some old bay in there cook them up and then we’ll be
ready to eat them MMMMM my mouth is already starting to drool
that’s a big ol pot of crabs

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