Crackovia – The celebration of the double [ENGLISH SUBS]

>>GUARDIOLA: And now I will speak… no I will speak to you like I was you, the spectators. >>And I will speak about the players, they, you are they! You brought happiness to us, which is to you! >>I’m yours now. An we’re with you… Do… do you understand?>>Can I say “ziga-zaga” now?>>INIESTA: Visca el Barça! (Visca!) Visca Catalunya! (Visca!) and Visca Fuentealbilla. >>Wow… I seem to be good at speaking on the microphone… Now I know what my job will be once I quit from football: >>2.. 34.. 45.. 57.. 22.. Bingo? Has anyone said bingo?>>MESSI: Milito couldn’t come because.. he’s a “boludo” (jerk).>>And Piqué’s crazy! What? Are you laughing to whatever I say?>>Let’s try… This morning, Florentino phoned me! That’s what I thought… I was joking!>>PIQUÉ: And when I say “three” I want you to do the wave! One.. two.. three! >>Camp Nou’s wave was cool.. those Crackòvia stands are crap! And now..I want you to jump!>>MESSI: Give it to me! You’re a “microphone hog” (from “ball hog”).>>PIQUÉ: Look who’s talking!>>PUYOL: Now we have two titles! The Cup.. La Liga.. and now we’ll try to win the Champions! >>Wow, the final is in two days.. and I still have to harvest the beans!

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