Cramblin Family Dinner – Detroiters

[upbeat, funky music] ♪ ♪ – This is delicious,
Mrs. Cramblin. – I know it’s terrible, honey,
but thank you. – No, he said it was delicious. – Oh, Trevor, do you wanna
join us for Sunday dinner? – [sucks teeth] No can do. – Trevor, your mother
invited you to sit down. Sit down.
– Hey, uh, Jerry, why don’t–why don’t you
eat my ass? – Rude. – What is he still doing
in the house? I thought he moved
into the house with, like, 15 of his friends. – It didn’t work out. They turned out all
to be backstabbers and liars. All 15 of them. They were nasty to him. – Boy needs a job.
– Jerry. – He got fired from Le Shish?
– My dad got him that job. – It wasn’t his fault. They were nasty to him. They wouldn’t let him choose
what time he came in. – So he just didn’t show up,
is what you’re saying? – Honestly, he has to sleep in
or he’ll lose his voice. Besides, he doesn’t have time
for a job. He’s very busy with Rochu. – What is Rochu? – Rochu is an Ultra Beast
Trevor created. Look at the beautiful
pictures he makes. – Mom, don’t put that
on the fridge! – The details are fantastic,
Chrissy. Now, Rochu is the king
of the Banglo people. And he defeated Malgor
in the Battle of Light. – Oh.
– He’s a Lich Priest. Uh–is that how
you say it, Jerry? Am I–Lich–Lich Priest? – I don’t freakin’ know. It’s a bunch of cartoons
with their dicks out. – Jerry!
– They are, Sue. Some artist.
Asked him to draw a picture of his mother and me
in Wings jerseys, he gives me a freakin’
drippin’ hog. – Chrissy, you should see
the details on that hog. It’s as if he’s seen it. Down…to…the…veins. – ♪ Next time ♪

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  1. Now that's funny, "they were being mean to him..they wouldn't let him choose what time he could come in"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. comedy central is shit unless it is key and peele… everyone else needs another hobby because their humor is shit

  3. The is soo good in this scene. She makes me belive she REALLY is into the same shit her son is.

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