okay I don’t see the problem officer
did you have anything to drink no we didn’t drink anything I’m off to come
inside I mean we don’t need any visitors Hello my beautiful Youtubing Beeaches
what’s up! what’s up the sky well anyway what is going on I’m in Cincinnati Ohio
for those of you who know but I have to run down to Columbus Ohio because an
emergency sprung up but you guys know I I can’t just not post a YouTube video
for a couple weeks so guess this is my first vlog
I haven’t been back in a month but time waits for no one
let’s jump on over there just like that we are in Columbus Ohio I jump far but
as you can see it’s currently nothing special and it’s raining here as we
speak I’m a house trash so I’m gonna catch up with all my friends and I’m so
excited because you guys are gonna get to meet them too Sophie it’s on oh
thanks with bacon what are three facts about you it’s all the people they want
to know I’m Asian I like not Mikado’s okay and if you touch or look at my
boyfriend Trey Johnson I’ll beat your ass I’m crazy too why did I call you Jersey how’d you get
that name I don’t know I mean one was drunk one night are you drunk right now
so not sure how great that would mean we’ll feedbacks about you I won’t be a
first grade teacher there’s only one fact though you got two more I love
watching basketball I love kids she got excited when she said that do
you might be trying to make some kids shoe where are we going y’all happy
birthday mama babe everybody this is the birthday girl
moment I used to live in Sicily where is Sicily for the people who don’t know and
I like you know how there’s the boot and there’s like a little ball looks like
it’s kicking it that ball Sicily Hey San Diego I’m vegan Hey I mean her boyfriend
age still be supplying her with that meat though if you’re unwrapping what
I’m serving you know I’m just saying I’m just saying you excited for today yeah
it’s really good we’re gonna make we’re gonna maybe the best birthday promise
you know it’s been so long since I’ve seen you
tell them feedbacks about you tell the people what they want to know same you
say okay what is wrong with you love that ain’t true love that’s just nasty little nasty look at how beautiful this
is we’re about to have an amazing amazing birthday dinner we’re
celebrating mama Paige’s birthday so let’s jump on over besten black man Hobbs right there boy nope I can edit you out now I know a lot of lightweights but I
have never met one who throws up literally the second that alcohol
touches her tongue that’s a heavy light wait right there wait in that case a
heavy light weight does that just make her a weight
no no there is no way that that could work out are you okay then she started
crying good god literally I don’t even know if those were tears of joy or if
the champagne went so far up her nose it started coming out of her eyeballs you
know tell the people what you want to tell them look at my hot boyfriend
that’s good you ready to take this Ellen avocados you uh look look at this cars
y’all look you spit all over my camera with your doodoo breath like a damn
spring that’s cuz I got that me and I’ll be giving it to your mom’s
krisi if you’re watching this cat show them your sleeve trace the part of that
tiny meat game well who’s that in the top right corner you swerve it again yeah don’t drink and drive kids mario
karts included Oh get over it Mario they can play whatever they sober up calm
down but after that we started to play cards against humanity’ for those of you
who have never played someone reads a phrase and you put down a card that
finishes that phrase in a funny or sensible way but it’s fairly simple keep
watching and you’ll catch on just make sure that you activate your sense of
humors out there and don’t take any of these jokes too seriously beautiful viewers he said a chair ding
Abe the car said a child being grandma bacon bread is cold ok now how are you
gonna pick at all after a nonchalant reaction like that at all peer pressure is a biatch he tried to
pull the baby card – you’re a sly sly man Abe but I respected that I respect
that’s me but yeah nice try Abe let’s go not on my watch homie oh geez I’m not
wearing a watch if you want something done right kids you got to do it
yourself no my watch homie move and we got to
slip into dog all right so what are my parents hiding
from me getting pregnant again white privilege huh but a good sniff
what am i brown people penis envy I got to go around people who ever put brown
baby that was funny hmm I chose brown people I chose brown
people racism is never funny though unless you’re playing cards against
humanity’ our first chimpanzee president that’s racist as hell but it’s funny
okay you look ominous on the camera you look like that one girl for than none right like she can’t listen you and I
have a problem I think she’ll like this give me that
can you imagine Batman we’re anal be so guilty that my camera died so I had to
start recording off of my iPhone and had better video quality but the audio was
worse there’s pros and cons everything guys y’all are laughing though what do
you mean it’s not funny no it’s an inside joke is that what you
mean who are you eight we got three cards y’all if you didn’t
suck the helium out of the balloons was it even a party a little kid let me get
some wait let me give now it’s time to get to the main event of this vlog you
guys saw the title and thumbnail as you guys know I am in Columbus Ohio
literally nobody knows that I am here right now my friend group is getting
together to have a house party but what they don’t know is that the one person
missing from the friend group me is in town today so I’m gonna pull prank on
them what I’m gonna do is dress up in a police officer outfit boy I change fast
and I’m gonna bang on their door really loud and say that they’re making a noise
disturbance now I put two of my dudes in on this prank Trey and Abe and Metreon
Abe are gonna get in a huge heated argument and I’m gonna try and get into
the house to search everything and see what’s going on in the house and that’s
what’s gonna scare the absolute with Jesus out of the three girls Sophie
Paige and grace but you can ex already know the mission boys rule girls drool
let’s prank these girls okay guys lights camera action the
birthday girl Paige and her boyfriend Abe actually had to leave but we’re
still gonna try and do the prank against Sophie and grace guys literally it is
the most perfect day for this – it’s like so cloudy and so foggy okay here we
go hey this is good Hanna police we got
some noise complaints over here are you guys doing something tonight
Thanks just let me know so what’s going on what you guys got going on is it down what’s going on today nothing really was
just chilling I don’t see the problem officer
nothing I don’t see the problem did you have anything to drink no we didn’t
drink anything I’m off to come inside I mean we don’t need any visitors like you
guys yeah jirô ended because she was too because the light camera lights a square
if it was a cop he’d have actually what were you thinking I was thinking it was
really a cop so who cares what was grace doing would you just drop is that hot
steaming ladies I hope that’s how you like it’s
hot in the bedroom but that is the end of this vlog make sure that you guys
like share subscribe yeah what he said but if we can give this walk to over 100
likes I’ll maybe think about vlogging more
often but oh yeah and I’ll see you guys on the next video stay nasty my
beautiful youtubing biatches

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  1. I was in school when this happend. Lol my real name is Gregory im Paulette Woods " Grandson " and call my mom " CC " and in like 9 years old DONT HACK ME OR MY ID!!!!!!!.

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