Okay, I’m ready. Let’s get back a little bit. Just a little bit. Alright are you ready? Set go. Okay I’m going to a bridal shower for Maddie, and I’m super excited. You want to hear something that I was gonna do that was like really inappropriate? Because I always like to give inappropriate gifts. No I was gonna… This one’s not so bad. I was gonna give her diapers and wipes. For her bridal shower then I decided not to because I was like well… I don’t know how well she would take it plus I don’t want anybody like wait Are you trying to tell us something? And like maybe starting rumors that they’re pregnant or something. Which they’re not, so I just decided not to do that. But wouldn’t that be funny? We’re at the bridal shower. Look like I have horns. That’s pretty cool. Look at the food they have. We’ll be watching a lot of movies. Good. Now it’s time to see who can go the most high pitched. My turn? Yes Okay Jessica your turn. I can’t… Go as low as you can. Okay as low as you can. Is that a whale’s mating code? Hey I do that good. Okay Shinoahe your turn. Do like a Louie Armstrong. Okay let’s see. I love that we all have to go… Oh my gosh a dropper are eve’s apples somehow. She’s just going at it. It’s fun, it’s too good. It does taste from home. You guys eating popsicles? Yeah, is that yummy? These actually aren’t ice popsicle. They’re pedia like popsicles. Yeah because mom put like pea used in it. And the put them in the freezer and that froze. Yup and we’re eating it now. And this is froze. Yes it is. I have blue. This spoon is frozen. Wow popcorn maker. So I’m here at Stephen’s bachelor party. There’s just music and video games and stuff and we’re all just hanging out having a good time. I’ve been playing Super Smash Brothers, and I’ve been winning a lot, so I’m very happy about that. Alright Stephen tell us what you’re doing right now bro. All right, we’re gonna be down in some root beer and pixy sticks. So I guess you throw the Pixy stick into your mouth. And then you chug you can dump it into the bottle and then start chugging to the bottle and then chug it. And try to hold it into your mouth. Alright don’t dump it in yet coz it’s gonna start fizzing. Try not to spill any. You should probably get down here, so you’re not above us. Alright yeah we should stand back to back. Okay I’m ready Let’s get back a little bit. Just a little bit. Alright are you ready? Set go. This is what you do in Utah at bachelors party because we don’t drink. Are you sure? It is always safer I swear. That was bland taste like grapes. And back to super smash brothers. I think Mitch won. Yeah I think so. He did the best. He didn’t puke at all actually. The dancers are here. Andrew and Ryan. Charlie’s falling asleep in the bouncer.

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