Crazy Dinner | 난리였던 저녁식사

One Evening, Teddy’s family are having a big dinner. “Mmm, it tastes good!” said Teddy’s younger sister. Teddy kicks his younger brother under the table. “Ouch!” cries Teddy’s younger brother. Teddy’s brother’s round bun goes flying through the air. “Splash!” The round bun lands in Father Bear’s soup. Father Bear’s soup goes flying through the air… …onto Mother Bear’s clothes! “Aaaah!” Mother Bear stands up quickly. The table moves when she stood up. Grandpa and Grandma Bear drop their coffee cups. Coffee spills all over the pet cat! “MeeOOW!” screams the cat. Everybody looks at each other and laughs. What a mess! Grandpa (Hal-a-buh-ji) Grandma (Hal-muh-ni) Family (Ga-jok) Mum/Mother (Um-ma) Younger Brother (Nam-dong-seng) Dad/Father (Ah-ppa) Younger Sister (Yoh-dong-seng)

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