Crazy Fun Ride on a Scooter to Grilled Fish Shop | Steckerlfisch & Friends | Getting Personal Series

My friend Willi who has a E-scooter touring business in Graz Austria took us on a fun ride to the South of the city to this awesome Steckerlfisch shop or in other words the grilled fish shop with fish grilling on a stick I was like Austrians eat grilled fish with bones and everything and on a stick I gotta see this so off we went So we traveled about 8 kilometers South along the Mur River to this Steckerlfisch shop and I must say it’s a hidden gem Amongst the break in a small forest area we find this a fish shop on a nice little beach where cyclists can hang out and eat grilled fish and drink beer and I was also surprised at the various amounts of other seafood items that they have mixed seafood soup grilled calamari grilled shrimp steckerlfisch All in all it was an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon here in Austria We filled our bellies with grilled seafood and beer and enjoyed the nice spring weather Could not have planned a more perfect day until of course later you see we didn’t want the fun to stop so at home we continued and then this happens Thanks for watching stay tuned got another crazy scooter story in episode 4

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